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  1. Thanks for the reply. Will try that with fingers crossed. Seems like it's an issue all round.
  2. Good evening all, When using the focuser, it seems that I can only move it 19635 steps. I have tried to change the maximum steps to 85000, but always reverts to the above number. The only way around it is to reset the zero point (not to mention I still cannot seem to find focus with my ST120 and crayford dual speed). Has anyone got a clue as to how to reset the maximum steps in the software (and how I can focus an image. Really frustrated now). Thank you all in advance. Rob
  3. Thank you for the reply. I think you are right about the extentions. Just got to find the right ones now
  4. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I will look to add some extention tubing in the next few days, and see how that goes. Rob
  5. Good evening all, I am in the process of getting my equipment together for some DSO imaging. Currently have ST120 with Crayford style dual speed focuser, EAF, zwo 224 mc (i think, colour camera) asi120mm guide camera with 120mm zwo guide scope. eq5 goto pro controlled by stellarium, sharpcap pro, eqmod and ascom. I am using a startech starlink from the mount to the computer. I think I have everything covered to start imaging, apart from experience and knowledge (but trying). I am struggling to find focus using the 224 as the main camera. Is there a calculation I can use, o
  6. Good morning. As a rough estimate, how much would postage be? Thanks, Rob
  7. Hi Paulastro, I've been looking but cannot find the stated weight for the ota. Do you have a rough estimate please? Thanks, Rob
  8. Hi, where abouts in the world are you? Rough area is close enough. Thanks, Rob
  9. Thanks for the thoughts. I tried again last night after removing everything installed from the system and the same error came up. Really at a loss now as have a good camera I cannot use
  10. Good evening, I finally received my above camera ttoday from FLO (great service and team) and tried to install the drivers from ZWO website. Unfortunately, this did not work. Windows is saying there is a problem with the driver. Have tried to email ZWO, but just curious if anyone else is having problems and may have a solution? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Rob
  11. Hi Gary, In that case then, I will take it. Same payment details as before? Rob
  12. Hi Gary, Will this complement the ST120? Not been able to use it yet due to rubbish weather and shift work. Interested if you think it's a good match. Rob
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