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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong Stu but I think you’re supposed to suggest a price? Steve
  2. Farewell to Green Witch

    Oh that is sad news,I’ve bought a few things from Lee at their shop up’North and always enjoyed the visit 😊!. I assume Lee won’t be carrying on the Birstall shop on his own?. cheers guys and good luck for the future Steve
  3. Win 10 Creators update

    Have to say Alan the never ending updates seem to have gone since doing the creator update 😀 Steve
  4. Kelling Heath best time to visit?

    I guess not !
  5. Kelling Heath best time to visit?

    Hi peeps Hows it going at Kelling? any bargains to be had . Hoping to get there Friday or Saturday morning! Steve
  6. PHD vs PHD2

    Hi guys An interesting thing I tried a few weeks ago was to use PHD2 under Linux and it worked flawlessly running alongside Kstars/Ekos, got great graphs and tracked easily for 15/20mins. Fast forward a few nights later I tried running PHD2 under Windows 10 using the exact same settings and the calibration kept failing saying the star hadn`t moved enough, had a right carry on trying to get it to work so not quite sure whats happening there??. Steve
  7. Altair Astro anyone recently?

    Thanks Dave never heard of Rupert's company will check it out. Steve
  8. Altair Astro anyone recently?

    My sentiments entirely 😊 Thanks Steve
  9. Altair Astro anyone recently?

    Thanks peeps and also thanks for the info Ian, I've also since found that Teleskop from Germany sell them, bought from them before and found them very good! Off to Kelling next week so will suss AA out. Steve
  10. Anyone observed at Sutton Bank?

    York astro soc have occasional star parties up there, might be worth an email! Steve
  11. Hi guys Thinking of buying a scope from Altair Astro but after reading their `supplier reviews` on SGL which was stopped around end of 2015 I`m wondering how their communications are now as customers reported comms problems back then?. A phone call I made to them this week was answered no problems!. (FLO don`t sell the scope I want - an open truss RC250 !!) thanks Steve
  12. Dovetail Mount on a Celestar C8

    Hi k I no longer have the scope as I flogged it to a mate a few years back in its original fork config. I think it was a Revelation focuser but I used the Celestron focal reducer . It was a lovely scope but had a bit of mirror flop which became a pain. I have a 120mm Espirit refractor now which I use for spectroscopy ☺. Cheers Steve
  13. Dovetail Mount on a Celestar C8

    Hi again Had a look and not much help though. Looking on an old pic I had it looks like there was some curved shaped pieces between the tube and the bar. I seem to think the tube was connected to the bar by two screws either end but not 100% sorry, don`t know if the pics help or not ;-). a shot from the bar on my refractor cheers Steve
  14. Dovetail Mount on a Celestar C8

    Good idea of Phil's to have the jubilee clips as an added safeguard 😉 Steve