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  1. Many moons ago when I got my Pulsar dome I did wonder about the aperture of the dome slit. At the time I had an 8" Celestron and a 80mm scope piggy backed on top and very occasionally I did seem to struggle getting both visible through the slit. They were mounted on an EQ6. I`m not sure without measuring mine but you might be ok with a 14" but might struggle with a finder scope especially with the contortions you (or at least I did) end up in!. Steve
  2. Need to get shears out near mine Nigella . Great observatories though, I fitted mine about 14yrs ago and that was second hand. Good luck with the obs!. Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Alan I had Affinity photo before it went on the MS store and all of us who had it were asked to beta test Affinity designer before it was released and afterwards they let us all keep a copy. Excellent company never had a problem with upgrades but I have had the odd hiccup with other apps on the MS store especially updating them! Steve
  4. II have some windows could do with a good clean, do you happen to travel Northwards?
  5. Would restoring Windows back to before you installed the PI updates help?. I'm not 100% but I understand it reverts the registry back too!
  6. Looks very Palomarish !
  7. If I remember correctly it’s all down to the magnitude of the object, if you set the limit to say mag 15 then a mag 16 object shouldn’t show, its also down to Cdc field of view as you zoom out it only shows brighter objects otherwise fully zoomed out you would have nearly a white screen with everything brighter than 15 shown. Steve
  8. I actually had some success using a disposable camera circuit from Asda using the info from a site like this one http://www.marcellocucchi.altervista.org/html/neonlamp.html Can't seem to find the English version!
  9. I have this idea for a new type of scope which (in my head at least if it worked) could be useful even with a variable focal length and one day I might get round to making it ! Steve
  10. One interesting thing I found out regarding the starter bulbs. While Shelyak were developing the Alpy 600 software 'Demetra' I sent a few spectra I had taken to François which threw up a discrepancy with no Hydrogen lines showing in the reference spectrum. It turned out that the Hydrogen in my Relco bulb had all but disappeared maybe with use or leakage??? Which reminds me I need to change it! Steve
  11. Hi louise Just realised I ordered some Relco starters quite a while back I'd be happy to send you a few if you like? Steve
  12. If I remember correctly a hollow under either end for fingers, best to have look yourself to see if its suitable!
  13. Nice one Andrew, do these flares have periods or just occur anytime? Steve
  14. I know it's a pain Adam but Flo will sort it. Been enjoying my Flo bought Espirit 120 for years now without a scrap of bother!. Steve
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