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  1. Thanks Ken I managed to install the Spectro plugin ok but a bit confusing how to proceed with it. Imagej simply says once the fits is calibrated then it’s easy to process the spectrum but no info on how to calibrate the fits to start with. Must be some help files somewhere in the mist I’ll delve further . Steve
  2. Hi Vlaiv I was trying out Astroimagej last night and came across the Spectroscopy plugin but can’t seem to find how to use it?. The help file says Its easy to plot a spectrum from a fits file once the file is calibrated using the Astro tools but doesn’t say how to do this would you have any idea please?. thanks Steve
  3. Gasman

    Espirit 120

    Love my Espirit 120 , can't believe I've had it over 5yrs now, bought it from FLO (I did one of the reviews) never regretted it once and also never used the flattener I bought the same time, still in its box. Have to say I've been delighted with all my Skywatcher gear. I nearly got the Espirit 80 to piggyback on the 120 but as I just wanted it for a guidescope went for the ED80 instead. Steve
  4. Gasman

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    Just voted for Patrick too. Must admit I’m not a lover of all these Acronyms really, SPM ?? Yes I know what it means . FWIW Lol GM
  5. Gasman

    Win 10 Fall Update

    Haven't really checked much but it seems to have added a few bits and bobs such as some photo tools and something to send/receive texts from mobile to pc, they seem to big on targeting ads to users too! Steve
  6. Gasman

    Win 10 Fall Update

    Yes think I jumped the gun a bit getting 1809, fingers crossed all's ok!. Steve
  7. Gasman

    Win 10 Fall Update

    Both my laptop and desktop still working fine, don't seem to have lost anything. Steve
  8. Gasman

    For those using Win 10....

    Just updated my i7 desktop, took about 20 mins no probs . Steve
  9. Gasman

    For those using Win 10....

    Finished....phew so far so good can`t be ar$ed to try the new stuff like getting texts from your phone etc also a few photo processing tools as far as I can see. At least my i5 laptop is still going, will wait for another night to do my i7 desktop. They (MS) seem to make a big thing about tailoring ads for you??. A bit weird when it says my virus and firewall are turned off but when checking Mcafee everythings turned on?. Steve
  10. Gasman

    For those using Win 10....

    Still updating.................dumdedumdedum.............................................................................
  11. Gasman

    For those using Win 10....

    My laptop is just updating itself to win 10 version 1809 is this the update referred to by the OP?. Thought it wasn`t due until the 10th?. Steve
  12. Gasman

    migration windows to linux

    Hi Guys Been reading most of these replies and having a few smiles along the way as I think I have the `t shirt` with all the problems encountered by folk dipping their foot into the Linux pond. Been a Linux user on and off for years sometimes loving it when everything works then you update something and it all goes t!?s up. Burnt the midnight oil on many a night trying to get hardware to be recognised and my laptop has nearly been turned into a frisbie more than once in the observatory . My obs laptop has Kubuntu and Windows 10 on it. Kubuntu is a Linux OS with a KDE desktop which feels and looks more like a Windows screen and also is the OS of choice by the Kstars/Indi writer (his name escapes me at the mo!) Having said all that my desktop is running Windows 10 which I use for photography and other stuff, Yes Linux has post processing software but I`m more familiar with the Windows apps and to be fair apart from the infernal Windows 10 updating fiasco I get on pretty well with it. If I was asked how to get into Linux I would suggest (Indeed the way I learnt Linux) using an old laptop/desktop preferably with nothing on the hard drive , get one of the monthly Linux mags which contain dvd`s already for installing so you don`t have to prepare a disc (which really isn`t hard when you`ve done it a few times) pop the disc in the pc and just go for it so it matters not if the pc breaks/packs up whatever and if you get it wrong, reformat and reinstall again and so on. Strange as it may seem but the more things go wrong (and it will!) the more you actually learn. When Linux is working fine there is nothing to compare it but as a born twiddler I often stop a perfectly good system by altering or needlessly updating files but Linux doesn`t take over your system for updating like Windows so its just down to choice. Don`t know if that helps anyone but it worked for me . cheers Steve
  13. Gasman

    3D printed Foucault tester - V2

    Ah right yes sorry Chris I remember you giving me that info on another thread and I made a note to check that software which I'll do now . Thanks again Steve
  14. Gasman

    3D printed Foucault tester - V2

    Thanks for the additional pics Chris, can I ask what software you use to design and print these with please. All part of my 3d education . Cheers Steve
  15. Gasman

    3D printed Foucault tester - V2

    Nice one Chris. Will you be releasing the plans ? Would be interested to see them having made my own mirrors many moons ago and relied on a razor blade on a stick for the focault test . Also would give me more ammo to get myself a 3d printer. Regards Steve

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