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  1. Best present ever!

    Do I detect Corona Borealis on the front cover 😀. Lovely job. Steve
  2. RIP Melvyn Taylor!

    Very sad to receive an email from Guy Hurst informing of the passing of Melvyn Taylor today. Melvyn was an excellent binocular variable star observer and always willing to offer help and advice to anyone who asked. Condolences to his family. Steve
  3. Sky-watcher 150 Esprit

    Sorry to hear about your Espirit 150, I can only say I've been delighted with my Espirit 120 bought from FLO, never had a problem in what must be 2yrs now maybe longer as I bought it when they first came out. Steve
  4. 35mm Nikon die-hard upgrading

    I'm a happy D5500 owner, no probs with software for Nikon's, BYN back yard Nikon,ControlMyNikon and another one that's a freebie digicamcontrol also a few others and yes it does have updated firmware!. Steve
  5. APT and All sky plate solver

    Its a while since I used the plate solving in APT but I found it excellent and 3 to 4 second solves were the norm. Steve
  6. Utter Disaster

    I think you should write a novel 😁 Steve
  7. Not quite sure what your x-axis is showing as that large H alpha peak should read 6562 angstroms but yours reads about 950 something? Steve
  8. Yes it does a bit doesn't it, When Isis does its thing I'm often amazed what pops out its so powerful. For the calibration I simply give it a 120sec fits of an Argon/Neon lamp spectrum (from a fluorescent starter) and Isis automatically calculates the wavelength's,clever stuff ☺. Steve
  9. Just uploaded the calibrated fits and also .dat file to that same dropbox address. This is a grab of the calibrated PCyg profile after running it through ISIS. cheers Steve
  10. Will do will have to find it on my other laptop😀. I am running latest Kubuntu 17.04 and usually use ISIS under Wine for all the spectrum processing which seems to work ok but Rowland's app looks very useful. Cheers Steve
  11. Nice one Rowland thanks,the bright spots are actually emission lines the one on the right is actually H alpha. Looks worth pursuing 😀. Cheers Steve
  12. Thanks Rowland. Would be great if you could have a look at these - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uvybqquqbbf825a/AAAFGf_uTRkNwg905tbLGVPna?dl=0 I`ve uploaded 2 each of flats,darks,bias and also 2 fits of spectra from PCyg. regards Steve
  13. Hi Rowland I use mainly my Atik 314l CCD in fits format but occasionally use my Nikon D5500 dslr with NEF raw's! Regards Steve
  14. Hi Rowland Can I use darks, bias,flats and lights in .fits format in Asterism or is it just for Raw`s please?. Thanks Steve
  15. Looks just the thing I`ve been looking for Rowland!. I`m wondering if the stacking tool requires multiple stars as I mainly do spectroscopy with usually a single spectrum in the fits. Other apps I`ve tried require a minimum number of stars to proceed whereas I just have the spectrum and nothing else. I`ve just come across your post so I`ll have a browse of the manual and see. cheers Steve