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  1. Gasman

    D3400 for AP

    Also try ControlmyNikon ! Should have a list of compatible dslr`s. and +1 for APT https://www.tetherscript.com/controlmynikon-home/ Steve
  2. Gasman

    Now available : WinStars ·

    Hi Francky Just giving Winstars a try and have a couple of questions please. How/where do I input observers location (Lat/long)? Searching for a star with Henry Draper number such as HD47174 or HD:47174 or HD 47174 or hd47174 has no effect in the `Find an object` option!. regards Steve
  3. Gasman

    Renting Photo-Shop

    If they did that it would be `Linux come on downnnnn.` Steve
  4. Gasman


    Tried Astro Linux 18.04 on my little Asus 10" notebook and runs fine except it flatly refuses to detect both the on board wireless and also the WiFi dongle I tried so can only connect via cable which is a pain so maybe not for me just yet! Steve
  5. Thanks for that Ian, I had to reinstall SpectrumLab as it froze when I installed the MetScat_Comprehensive_v7.USR file? I had to ctrl alt delete to stop it. Not sure what's going on with Spectrumlab yet but I'll keep at it Regards Steve
  6. Nice one Tobias You have got much further than I did . Andy pm'd me back in August hence no posts here. I was struggling with getting the star on the slit if I remember correctly but it was the same time as the Alpy 600 was launched and I got side tracked with that with the intention of going back to the surplus spectroscope. Your work might inspire me to give it another go . Regards Steve
  7. Hi Ian I can`t seem to find the `Tune to Graves` or `Tune toTest Beacon` buttons as you suggest if changing the install directory which I did. I actually installed Spectrum Lab to my D drive. I am getting a good signal using the default Sky at Night files and using a Funcube Dongle plus. cheers Steve
  8. Great so now when I do something wrong I can just blame it on my entangled self !. I always hoped Quantum physics could be used for something useful . Steve
  9. Gasman

    3D Printers

    Noticed on the news today that a father of a child who had lost an arm had made 9 different artificial limbs for his son with his 3d printer, how cool is that !!. Can there be a more useful 3d project . Steve
  10. Sorry for late reply!. Not decided yet ,the plan is for camping with the grandkids maybe not a full Spectro outfit but perhaps a goto alt/az mount with my ed80 scope ,Nikon DSLR with star analyser so obviously sticking with the brighter stars and maybe with the Star analyser the guiding not that essential?. Regards Steve
  11. Cheers for that Ken! Nice to hear from you again! Steve
  12. Hi peeps Had a thought the other day about having a portable mount for spectro but with my imaging head on dismissed the idea of an alt/az mount because of the field rotation but the more I thought about it the more that seemed irrelevant at least from a spectroscopy point of view as it’s purely the light from the star (ie a point light source) going through the spectroscope so maybe the angle at which it enters the slit is not important or is it?. So can I suggest an alt/az mount would be ok for spectro long exposures or anyone care to counter this please? cheers Steve (Early happy new year to everyone !)
  13. Thanks Ken I managed to install the Spectro plugin ok but a bit confusing how to proceed with it. Imagej simply says once the fits is calibrated then it’s easy to process the spectrum but no info on how to calibrate the fits to start with. Must be some help files somewhere in the mist I’ll delve further . Steve
  14. Hi Vlaiv I was trying out Astroimagej last night and came across the Spectroscopy plugin but can’t seem to find how to use it?. The help file says Its easy to plot a spectrum from a fits file once the file is calibrated using the Astro tools but doesn’t say how to do this would you have any idea please?. thanks Steve
  15. Gasman

    Espirit 120

    Love my Espirit 120 , can't believe I've had it over 5yrs now, bought it from FLO (I did one of the reviews) never regretted it once and also never used the flattener I bought the same time, still in its box. Have to say I've been delighted with all my Skywatcher gear. I nearly got the Espirit 80 to piggyback on the 120 but as I just wanted it for a guidescope went for the ED80 instead. Steve

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