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  1. Point taken Robin 😉 I suppose it's when you say "the relationship between wavelength and index being defined separately" the confusion arises ( or my confusion at least 😀) cheers Steve
  2. Hi guys Must admit to having a slight problem with the term '1D profile. To me this implies a movement on only one axis on a graph either x or y when actually a spectrum is plotted in both x (wavelength) and y (intensity) directions so surely it should be referred to as a '2D profile' ?. Regards Steve
  3. Hi guys Found a forum for SkySafari which has recently been set up for users! Cheers Steve
  4. Hi peeps Lovin SkySafari 5 pro !. Still half price last time I looked, highly recommended. Thanks again for the heads up Steve
  5. Excellent cheers for that 'K' 😀 Steve
  6. I use the Henry Draper catalogue a lot but can`t see if Skysafari includes it, been on the web site but no specific catalogue info. anyone confirm it does include this please?. thanks Steve
  7. I'm using pulse with my Neq6 and thought if using PHD then everything would be configured through that so Eqmod can still affect the guiding?. Thanks Steve
  8. Hi guys When using PHD2 for guiding do I need to do anything with the settings in Eqmod at all please?. I notice in Eqmod there is a section on guiding with a couple of settings that can be changed!. Thanks Steve
  9. Hi Guys Took a spectrum of Jupiter the other night and thought it would be interesting to overlay a G2V reference spectrum (like our Sun`s) which I suppose goes some way to showing the planet shines by reflected light from the sun. Balmer lines clearly seen. A few differences can be seen I think such as the Methane absorption line around 6200 angst. Not quite sure what the three strong absorption lines at the blue end are ?. cheers Steve
  10. Nice charts which software did you use for those please? Steve
  11. Cheers Dave, downloading now!. Steve
  12. Hi vlaiv Excellent many thanks for the advice. I've watched a few YouTube's on PHD but none of them mention the adjustments you suggest 😊. Really helpful. Thanks again Steve
  13. Hi guys I usually manually guide for taking spectra through my scope/spectroscope but thought I would have a try with PHD last night and would be grateful if any of you PHD experts could have a glance at this screen grab to see if any of those settings can be tweaked to get a better plot on the graph. I`m using the latest PHD2 version 2.6.3 with Eqmod to guide my permanently mounted NEQ6 in my observatory with a Lodestar ccd attached to my guide module, in the screen grab view top left is through the Lodestar with the graph plot at the bottom, window top right is the spectrum taken with APT through my Atik 314 on a Espirit 120mm scope. The graph plot seems a bit dodgy to me although PHD did seem to keep the star on the spectroscope slit for 4-5mins. Full moon in the sky last night so maybe not the best conditions to experiment with. One thing I`m wondering about is if PHD does its NSEW calibration successfully why does it still need user input for some of the variables such as Hysterisis, Calibration step, aggressiveness etc etc??. Maybe some future version will no longer need this user input!. cheers Steve