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  1. Looks very Palomarish !
  2. If I remember correctly it’s all down to the magnitude of the object, if you set the limit to say mag 15 then a mag 16 object shouldn’t show, its also down to Cdc field of view as you zoom out it only shows brighter objects otherwise fully zoomed out you would have nearly a white screen with everything brighter than 15 shown. Steve
  3. I actually had some success using a disposable camera circuit from Asda using the info from a site like this one http://www.marcellocucchi.altervista.org/html/neonlamp.html Can't seem to find the English version!
  4. I have this idea for a new type of scope which (in my head at least if it worked) could be useful even with a variable focal length and one day I might get round to making it ! Steve
  5. One interesting thing I found out regarding the starter bulbs. While Shelyak were developing the Alpy 600 software 'Demetra' I sent a few spectra I had taken to François which threw up a discrepancy with no Hydrogen lines showing in the reference spectrum. It turned out that the Hydrogen in my Relco bulb had all but disappeared maybe with use or leakage??? Which reminds me I need to change it! Steve
  6. Hi louise Just realised I ordered some Relco starters quite a while back I'd be happy to send you a few if you like? Steve
  7. If I remember correctly a hollow under either end for fingers, best to have look yourself to see if its suitable!
  8. Nice one Andrew, do these flares have periods or just occur anytime? Steve
  9. I know it's a pain Adam but Flo will sort it. Been enjoying my Flo bought Espirit 120 for years now without a scrap of bother!. Steve
  10. Will have to dig around for those, not sure I ever took some of the box. I think it was very similar to this one. https://www.diy.com/departments/black-grey-189l-plastic-storage-box/255195_BQ.prd But I would double check the sizes!
  11. Got a great little box for my C8 from B&Q some time back. Made some plywood cradles for it with some felt in. It's hard plastic with a matching lid and size was perfect! Sold the C8 some time back though now a refractor chap
  12. Only just found out that our very own Robin Leadbeater is the new recipient of the Merlin medal from the BAA . Well done Robin and very well deserved!!!. Steve
  13. Maybe I'm a charlatan but wouldn't it make a refreshing change to watch a program with actual amateurs doing their thing?. Imagine a fly on the wall doing the rounds to each of our houses watching the setting ups, the cockups, the look of amazement when stuff works etc. I'd watch those definitely Steve
  14. Hi folks Just watched an interesting episode on BBC1 where a chap and his son brought an old homemade reflector made by his late father to see if the guys could repair it and make it workable again. Amazing build from old parts found around Portsmouth area, mirror fomerly a porthole various other bits and bob's to make an equatorial mount. They got the mirror recoated and made a great job of the restoration. Took me back a few years having made my own reflector and mirror . Should be on catchup! Steve
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