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  1. I know its awkward Annie but you are supposed to give a wanted price or it could turn into an auction which is not allowed on SGL!
  2. Have you considered ControlMyNikon Kev?. might be worth a try it seems the D300 is supported https://www.tetherscript.com/controlmynikon-download/ Steve
  3. Nice one Mark ,they will prove very useful especially for beginner's. Good of you to provide them. Cheers Steve
  4. Interesting thread and something I might add although slightly off topic I think still relevant. Some time ago I used to be on a fairly active astro forum I think based near Manchester (I won`t mention the name) and became quite friendly with all on there and was informed that they will be going to a star party soon held in the Peaks (I forget the location now) and it happened to be fairly near to where my wife and I were staying. If I went to the star party I was invited to call to pitch whatever it was to meet up with the organiser lets call him `D` for a brew and a chat. I did go to the star party some 10mins drive from where I was staying and found D who was chatting with a few others. I like to think I`m a friendly sociable type and quietly introduced myself and that was about as far as I got as it was like a scene from one of those old western films where the piano stops playing and the pool balls stop rolling, quite funny now I think back as I had obviously invaded their little clique and needless to say I felt as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit . I made a quick excuse to leave and it goes without saying never went back both to the pitch or the forum . It did make me think that this friendly little part of cyberspace we inhabit does not always transfer to face to face at least for me on this one occasion. Steve
  5. Supposed to give a price Marty, forum rules or it can become an auction!
  6. Weird of MS as I thought that's the whole point of anti piracy otherwise I could install my licenced copy onto 5,10 15+ PC's? Steve
  7. Have to say I'm confused now Dave (not hard). How can you install a copy of Win 10 (which I assume is linked to a specific pc you already own) onto a different pc ( ie your new one? ). I always thought a specific copy of Windows 10 is linked to a particular pc so if say the drive goes caput you can I install that copy of Win 10 on the new drive (same motherboard)??. Steve
  8. Can sometimes be the 'del' key also!
  9. Bit misleading isn't it, I would have bought that on the understanding it had Win 10 Installed although can't see where it says they will give you the licence code though??. Steve
  10. I wouldn't bank on that if I were you Been retired 3yrs now and still not managed that all nighter I promised myself. Steve
  11. Yes you need a price George or it could become an auction!
  12. Thanks James I ended up trying `tar xf ccdciel-0.9.60-1754-linux_386.tar.xz` which unzipped it to the directory `ccdciel` and in the bin sub directory there was a ccdciel exe file and it runs fine. Only problem is it actually unzips version 0.9.59 which doesn`t have the Dslr option which is what I wanted so not sure whats happening there?? looks like an email to the Ccdiel site in order. thanks again Steve
  13. Hi Peeps Been using Kubuntu for a while on an old laptop and thought I'd add a linux distro onto my newish Windows 10 laptop and decided on Manjaro. Installed fine but I'd like to install the latest Ccdciel on it but struggling to get to grips with the install features of Manjaro. Using Ubuntu distros it was a simple 'sudo apt-get install pkgname' and bobs yer dads brother,not so with Manjaro if anyone can suggest a similar way to install such as tar.xz files it would be great?. Thanks Steve
  14. I have been looking at maybe buying this mount and for now have the Explore app on my iPad and I notice in the menu/settings that there is under the ‘RA direction’ tab a forward or reverse option could that be the answer?. It also gives this option for Dec too. Steve
  15. Sorted thanks guys, just needed battery charging and set to 'Manual'. Steve
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