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  1. Hi guys Not wanting to appear flippant but is ‘Sky at night’ worth watching these days?. Watched one shortly after Patrick passed away ,wasn’t impressed and that was the last time I watched it. cheers Steve
  2. Backyard EOS vs APT

    Speaking as a Nikon owner and having both BYN (the Nikon equivalent of Backyard Eos) and also APT I can wholeheartedly recommend APT, the plate solving alone is the best I’ve tried and it works flawlessly with my Atik 314l ccd also. Steve
  3. Hi peeps Seen it all now!! Just watching Look North to hear people extolling the virtues of some lazer art display which is presently lighting up the sky over Barnsley!. “We want to make the Dearne valley more visible” they say so sod the beauty of the night sky as long as five lazers can point upwards then all’s well then 😧😧 Sorry for our Astro friends over that neck of the woods, just beggars belief grrrrrrrr!. Steve
  4. You really need the star and the spectrum in the same image . They both need to be on the chip to get the calibration , the star is at position zero on the x axis as you’ve shown. Might have to move the SA nearer the chip and yes better to start with an A type star like Vega which has very clear emission lines! HTH Steve
  5. AstroArt 6

    Just a thought but have you tried that slider on the extreme right hand side of the screen ? Steve
  6. Time to say goodbye :(

    Hi folks Have to say I’ve been quite touched by Jim’s plight and the warm and sympathetic replies he has received , makes me feel glad to be part of such a thoughtful and pleasant community. Really hope all goes well with the obs recovery Jim . cheers Steve
  7. Correct me if I’m wrong Stu but I think you’re supposed to suggest a price? Steve
  8. Farewell to Green Witch

    Oh that is sad news,I’ve bought a few things from Lee at their shop up’North and always enjoyed the visit 😊!. I assume Lee won’t be carrying on the Birstall shop on his own?. cheers guys and good luck for the future Steve
  9. Win 10 Creators update

    Have to say Alan the never ending updates seem to have gone since doing the creator update 😀 Steve
  10. Hi peeps Hows it going at Kelling? any bargains to be had . Hoping to get there Friday or Saturday morning! Steve
  11. PHD vs PHD2

    Hi guys An interesting thing I tried a few weeks ago was to use PHD2 under Linux and it worked flawlessly running alongside Kstars/Ekos, got great graphs and tracked easily for 15/20mins. Fast forward a few nights later I tried running PHD2 under Windows 10 using the exact same settings and the calibration kept failing saying the star hadn`t moved enough, had a right carry on trying to get it to work so not quite sure whats happening there??. Steve
  12. Altair Astro anyone recently?

    Thanks Dave never heard of Rupert's company will check it out. Steve
  13. Altair Astro anyone recently?

    My sentiments entirely 😊 Thanks Steve