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  1. Think you might be right Sara but it seems a pretty good application and thought I`d give it a try!. cheers Steve
  2. Right guys can`t access the manual or the forum at the moment as the server is down so thought I`d plod on and try and figure the workflow out for myself but I appear to have hit a snag. I`ve set the working directory ok and all my lights,darks,flats and bias files all seem to have done their thing but Im going through what I assume is a step by step process following the 1-6 buttons at top left but I can`t get past no3 `ANALYSE STARS` button as it says `no lights are available`. Now I think what the problem may be is that my images are not the normal astro shots that maybe this software was designed for, a typical spectrum I take is like this - so as you see not much of a star to analyse (ignore the hot pixels) so until I can access the APP forum could anyone advise if that is the case please?. thanks Steve
  3. Guess I was just being impatient, got the email now thanks Steve
  4. I keep trying to load AstroPixel processor but it asks for login/licence details I haven`t been given yet?. I assume the author has to sanction its use first as its a beta? cheers Steve
  5. Ah yes good old XP I remember it well,the best OS they produced I think but MS seem to be cocking things up now at least that's my experience.You can select 'metered connection' which apparently stops the auto updates but then makes you vulnerable to stuff like the ransomware attacks. Something to be said for just a scope and an eyepiece but alas spectroscopy would be no more! 😊. Best Steve
  6. Thanks Robin I'm away from the obs laptop at the moment so will post that response curve later. The main thing I was concerned with was the actual quality of the fits files. After yet another Windows 10 update screwed up my PC again I'm trying to get away from Windows by using Linux and this was an evening using nothing but Kubuntu 17.04 Linux\Ekos for all the imaging,guiding and scppe control and as I hadn't had a problem using ISIS before under Windows and wondered if the image files were OK!. Not sure if I have the oomph to go down the IRAF road but we'll see 😵. Regards Steve
  7. Thanks Andrew yes this was the target star I was processing before using it for the response curve for a bunch of other stars in Cygnus. Maybe the flats need more exposure but I`ve usually been ok with about 33000ADU`s before now. It just seemd so unlike an A type profile when using the flats. As you say the flat must be impressing some defect iin the blue part. cheers Steve
  8. Hi guys Seem to be having bother with my flats when using both BASS and Isis I get a weird shaped profile. this is the masterflat I`ve been using - which gives me this uncalibrated proflie but if I remove the masterflat I get a more recognisable profile (its of HD192640 an A2V type star) Any ideas what might be wrong with the flats please?. Using a Halogen lamp, 4 sec exposure with white plastic diffuser screen giving an ADU count about 33000. thanks Steve
  9. Thanks guys,the thought of cropping a hundred fits files individually makes me cringe, I guess a new library is best. Cheers Steve
  10. Hi folks I have a library of bias and dark fits files all size 1391 x 1039 pixels taken using Windows software. Last night I used a new version of Ekos with my Linux laptop and all the flats and lights have come out at 1392 x 1040 pixels and my spectroscopy software has spit its dummy out and doesn`t like the size differences, is there anyway of resizing either the darks and bias or the flats and lights to the same size please?. Failing that I`ll have to make another library of darks/bias using Ekos. cheers Steve
  11. Thanks for the reminder about Skytechx btb 😀. I had no luck with it some time ago but it seems much more stable now and it can access my already downloaded UCAC4 files. Will try it at the scope next clear night!. Cheers Steve
  12. Hi Jack Sorry just noticed your reply. A screen grab of the fits and saved as a .png or .jpg file would be fine on the forum if poss?. Cheers Steve
  13. You sure you have the ascom filter wheel driver? here about half way down Steve
  14. Yes they have here and yes it is 😁. Free for non members to read the posts but members only to post. Steve
  15. Been a member for 25+ years and enjoyed every minute ,you can be as active (or inactive☺) as you please and there is always someone to offer advice or help should you ever need it whichever astro interest you pursue. Most of the meetings do tend to be in London but I've attended quite a few outside London the last one was the Spectroscopy meeting last October. Just my 2cents worth Steve