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  1. I live in a Bortle 4 sky and could add next year. Defintely worth trying Adrian
  2. What is needed is a telescope with a fast Focal Ratio, a camera with high QE and a dark sky. I suspect that even a short FL scope like a RASA would pick it up. Adrian
  3. Yes, you defintely captured it. I tried inverting and stretching my version, but no luck. This would make a good challenge as to who can capture it with as much detail as possible, Gabany excluded Maybe I can add data next year Adrian
  4. Thank you for the kind comments. Wim, Jay Gabany images from a very dark site hidden in the mountains in western US and uses an arc filter Like you, he imaged for about 10 hours, so I have no chance!
  5. A lesser know edge on galaxy in Draco similar to NGC891 Taken with an SW Esprit 150mm and ASI 183. LRGB: :200:90:90:90 mins. The galaxy has a perculair arc structure: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NGC_5907#/media/File:Ngc5907_stellar_stream.jpg Not a hint of it in my image though despite significant stretching, obviously needs much longer exposures and a dark sky Adrian
  6. Never really used so in excellent condition £60 Adrian
  7. Starlight Instruments Handy Stepper Motors with one feathertouch Focus Boss II control unit and hand paddle for sale: Everything is in full working order, having just checked and in good condition First, the main control unit is: FB-II-KIT 1---FOCUSER BOSS II ELECTRONIC FOCUSING CONTROL WITH Hand Controller, picture 4 NOW SOLD Price: £250 Two Handy Stepper Motors with built in temperature sensor and manual focus overide: HSM20 For Takahashi FSQ 4 inch focuser - NOW SOLD HSM30 Fits the 2.0" Feather Touch Rack/Pi
  8. In good condition Price: £25
  9. In good condition Price: £50
  10. This is the Mini version with 4x power outputs, 2 Dew Heater Outputs and a temperature sensor Excellent condition and fully working Price £120 Adrian
  11. The ASI 1600MM Cool is the version before the Pro. It doesnt have the Dew Heater, but I have never suffered from dew on the glass in a CCD camera of this size, it usually occurs on larger format camera's and then it doesnt have the buffer, so download times are a little slower, but still fast. It does have USB 3 and the USB hub on the rear. The Filter wheel and ZWO 1.25 inch filters are in as new condition, hardly used. Price for the package is: £750 Adrian
  12. Thank you for the kind comments, appreciated Adrian
  13. To me, it makes a refreshing change to image something that isnt gas or spirals M13 taken with an Esprit 150mm and ASI 183 with 190 mins of LRGB exposure. Adrian
  14. Thank you GeekLee and Adrian, Adrian - absolutely, not many of us around! BTW I also have a Redcat and the Samyang 135, although have only rarely used them, may be when nebula season comes along in late summer
  15. This was taken during the recent spell of good weather and I have a couple more images in the works. A total integration time of around 8 hours, LRGB taken through a 150mm Espirt and ASI 1600 camera from semi-rural Bedfordshire Do expand image to have a closer look and dont miss NGC4312 at the top of the frame. Adrian
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