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  1. Your top drawing is best - the second is wrong ie rain piddling down across the gap will cause leakage into interior. Natural ventilation works when windy but when calm dew can occur internally and needs forced ventilation via a fan to mitigate. A small thermostatic greenhouse heater under scope a further aid against dew on electronics in winter. BTW using a dehumidifier really needs a sealed obsy [unlikely !]otherwise it will try and dry the whole planet's atmosphere drawn in through air gaps around doors and roof Nytecam - architect
  2. Tried AC in the past. For health issues I've not used or entered my obsy since last Sept but during the recent 'heatwave' did so to find the anti-condensation domestic fan still running and doing its job. Fired-up SCT and all was well Nytecam
  3. Excellent and informative as always -well done Nytecam
  4. Brick and blockwork can act as heatstore but may be need for security or fire protection reasons. Protct sunfacing sides with shade, vegitation, climbers, white paint if practical. I prefer to use timber framing and thin metal sheet for roof/dome which have low mass and cool quickly after dusk. See my dome build link below ;-) Nytecam
  5. No need for such complexity - a simple "octagonal" dome with the minimum panels as Ron Johnson's as below with permission http://home.freeuk.com/m.gavin/rondome.htm Nytecam - 6 domes / zero ROR
  6. the blurred 'comet' head is due to camera shake to double its true width ie high 'plane and contrail. Nytecam
  7. Had a great evening with late Bill Bradfield in Adelaide OZ along time back. He could almost discover a comet to order such were his skills. He made a point of searching the parts of the sky NOT easily visible from Japan with great success :-)) Nytecam
  8. Here in SW London LP is horrendous and still orange mainly from lp sodium on main roads with broadband fluorescent in residential roads to lesser extent but then I gave up eyeballing years ago in favour of brief exposure imaging to laptop in near realtime so I'm happy :-) Nytecam
  9. This seems a copycat of another announced fully automated scope plus small CMOS OSC sensor to appeal to the smart phone generation so no EP neaded or even expected. Probably a five-minute wonder for the rich with no previous interest in astro. An 80mm ED f/5 frac I find is a toy scope - its smaller than the central obstruction in my SCT - sorry :-) Nytecam
  10. The classic hemispherical dome has some issues when of modest amateur size primarily because the covering gores, if from flat sheet material, can only be curved as part of a cylinder. The problem is reduced if the gore are very narrow. An alternative is to have an octagonal dome and base-ring and use cylindrical wall panels throughout with minimal cutting of sheets. When seen in profile the dome still retains the desired hemispherical form - see Ron Johnson's 2.4m ply painted dome below. . Nytecam
  11. Sad news on Tom Bopp-RIP. He gave us a great comet that I saw on a couple of early mornings from the comfort of my pillow! Even got a lo-res spectrum of HB and lucky to serve as BAA pres during the passages of both HB and Hyakutake - a great comet duo :-) Nytecam
  12. It's an all-in-one-package similar to what I've been doing for a decade using regular equipment. It's really quite small in aperture and can't apparently view, for example, the central star in the Ring Nebula M57 - to me a minimum requirement. It has some strange design features, like on open tubes Newt-like scope [instead of a sealed optical window], a three-vane spider giving 6 diffraction spikes and potentally wobbly tripod connection. The latter is quoted as ok as solved by guidance system [!] but not IMO with the eye bumping the electronic EP as it will. Direct wireless to pho
  13. Yep - high priority for early obsy so no stuff in the house to cause dissent. If I do leave something out inadvertently I just say I've had it ages and it's never queried Nytecam
  14. Hale-Bopp was amazing - could even see it from the pillow - wife one night awoke me with "its there again !" Hyakutake was pretty good too - had both comets whilst BAA pres Nytecam
  15. Yes that would seem correct - the name has changed over time ! Nytecam
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