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  1. I been looking at binoculars and never used them much for astronomy. What would be the best for under 300.00 in the US?
  2. I need to find someone in the USA, I'm afraid shipping from outside would be too much.
  3. I been trying to find a 10~12" Newt OTA but it look like less being made, I like the Explore Scientific 210mm f3.8 Phono Newt w/ Carbon tube but not sure if it is duel purpose for visual as well as photo.
  4. That would be a problem with everyone's scope playing war of the wifi..lol. I like the idea and in the market for a scope before cold weather gets here.
  5. I am looking at the Celestrons new nexstar evolution scopes. I downloaded the app and it uses another app ( think is was Skysafari ) but that was where I started thinking that its not "its own" and uses someone else's software. Than what if the other persons software go's away? That is what worries me most is buying something that works now, but not supported later. I bought back yard years ago and found when trying to install it one my windows 8.1 it never loaded, after contacting tech support was told it only worked through XP and was not supported in later versions... Not happy with that at all.. but I did get it to run, running it in XP Compatibility mode.
  6. I like the idea but kind of afraid to try something new.
  7. Is anyone making a 10" Newt on a German Eq mount or would I need to buy them separate?
  8. I must have used the link wrong, but when I punched in the FL & Ap from the spec's of both scope the SCT had the largest image.
  9. That is a big difference, using the spec's from both scopes the FOV of the SCT is so much larger.
  10. Something I've started to look at, and try to decide about is "Focal Length" ? For general viewing would a Newt with 1000mm be better than a SCT with 2032mm of the same aperture?
  11. No, I've never looked at a steel tank but if I had a way to cut and weld it I probably would. I always found it funny, anytime I was out driving and see a grain silo or a TV satellite dish I though "That would make a great dome".
  12. I will need to check, I have looked at the pickup truck tanks and it was 1/4" (6.35mm) thick but if the larger tanks are that thin it would be a problem. Another choice I had was a custom metal building that is about the same price.
  13. That is a possibility, I haven't looked at one up close. Where I retired from they used 55 gal drums with the tops cut off for trash cans and they were pretty rigid. I like spaceboys idea as well.
  14. I had thought about different ways, there are lots of options and even tanks with open tops more like a tub. You could do any configuration you wanted, for a few hundred you could get a tub type and a smaller dome tank and use both, or even the large dome tank and a smaller (less volume) tank with the same dimensions for parts make the shutter. Make the top rotate, then half the dome (shutter half) rotate on top.
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