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  1. You all may already know this.... The latest version of Magic Lantern for Canon Eos Cameras has a menu option to turn the screen display red... Menu/display/advanced settings/colour scheme. Dark red. Hope this helps
  2. It's been a while...  

    Thought I'd nip back for a look.

    I now have a star adventurer mount to play with under my camera, unfortunately I also have a broken leg atm so I'm stuck inside reading.. 


  3. it's been a while but Hello again Folks:) just brought a new toy and after a few hours i couldn't resist a quick selfie with it... any opinions/advice on using a sigma 10-20mm f3.5 stuck to an eos60d would be welcome and better still, any astro selfies?? (if i missed another link this summer then sorry) then feel free to post below. my other pic is the quick 'camera on a towel,on a table with remote and thats sometimes how easy it is innit;)' pic...(feel free to note the 'easy to see in low light,yellow string tag' on the ir remote peeps) enjoy the up coming season of dark, and soon to be, cri
  4. so some of you were sober enough to see the iss then lol
  5. it's been a while but here i am again... who knows for how long tho?

  6. with all the rubbish weather, new longer working hours and a dose of never ending cold since xmas, i have to say i have almost forgotten how to set my scope up:( ihave had the bins out once or twice tho and we did all line up in the garden on xmas day to watch the xmas star fly over. i really need to get out more... and right on cue, the clouds roll in again:(
  7. winter and its frosty nights are here, there will be many more;)
  8. i've been quiet/lost here for a WHile...(too much family guy in between;) ) BUT!!!! for a few nights, i've been out and looking up, my camera is prep'ed and almost ready, my scope is still in the kitchen(single guy seeks fussy woman with a "does that really have to live there?" attitude) by the back door and ready to go, AND..... TONIGHT(after many clear pints) .... PUB ASTRO is BACK!! well, ok! i pointed the landlord into my bins at Orion, Andromeda and 7 sisters... BUT!!!!!!!! I FEEL GOOD THINGS ARE COMING:) (as a foot note, my camera has become one of my best buys(eos60d) and my sigma 18-20
  9. take a look at safety edge beams as used by us lift engineer types. http://www.shorts-lifts.co.uk/lift-components/lift-safety-edges/strack-lift-automation-lift-safety-edges/ http://www.memco-global.com/products/light-curtains/ http://www.motion29.com/products/se/default.htm or just mount a "parked" switch on your scope mount somewhere maybe?
  10. for the playbook you can get 'stellarium' now and also 'whats up'. on my z10 i have 'whats up','planets' and 'star tracker' which do all the point and see whats in front stuff. there might be a few android apps to side load on the z/pb as well. and i dont care what you all say.... I LIKE MY BLACKBERRY Z10
  11. the wood was a pack od finest B&Q planed pine, cheap n cheerful but stronger and longer than the ally legs on an skywatcher mount. (do dodododoo doodo doo doo doo dooo do,God bless you please Mr.(Heath) Robinson,Heaven holds a place for those who play, with knotted string.....)
  12. The finished Tripod Project.... maybe;)
  13. nickdud

    tripod mods

    3legs,loads more bolts n nuts
  14. so who else has taken their scope to their local? there were more eyes to the ep than my photo shows and with Jupiter over the moon there were plenty of impressed people.. try it sometime;)
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