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  1. For some reason I wasn’t emailed to notify me of your post, which is odd. Will PM you tomorrow for details/prices. Thanks.
  2. THANK YOU Marcus. I was getting very frustrated at there not being a straight forward calculation. This is even better
  3. Can you elaborate please? Why is arctan needed if we're only concerned with the hypotenuse in the same plane? I also thought there must be increments to allow for edge effects from the filter frame etc
  4. I bought a mono CCD a little while ago, and am researching filters to go with it. The filter wheel I bought S/H has a 2" carousel. I s there a reference for knowing which filter size (1.25", 2", 36mm etc) can serve what sensor, without vignetting? If I'm going to stick with a small sensor for a while, then there's no need to buy the bigger filters, when the smaller/cheaper behave identically. Thanks.
  5. After some reliable service, I am selling my trusty Advanced VX to fund an upgrade. Generally in very good condition. (In case you’re a newcomer to astrophotography: this is recognised as a good bang for buck & reliable performer, for a new/improver imager). I upgraded the stock dovetail with the much better dual Vixen/Losmandy ADM sprung clamp - the grip is rock solid & doesn’t damage the scope like the stock version. Stock dovetail is included anyway. Everything present, including 12V power cord (replaced the clunky male cigar connector with a male phono - the connection used for dew heaters etc), manual, serial-USB adapter with handset cable for PC control I'd much rather collection from Yeovil, Somerset. Though if that's a big problem, courier can be looked at. £400 (all together ~ £850 so grab a bargain!)
  6. Looking to upgrade to a Takahashi refractor *doublet* (or possibly a FSQ Quadruplet depending on price). Specifically: very good/mint condition with all orginal fittings and documentation. Will pay decent money accordingly.
  7. After a decent brand (Astrodon, Astronomik, Baader etc) CCD grade filter set for my first step into mono CCD imaging. LRGB and or narrowband. Size isn't a big deal, 2" mounted is ideal. Thanks.
  8. Lesson learnt Actually the triplet element seems to be mostly condensation - it's steadfily shrunk since been in teh house. Though some faint hazing beoynd teh shrink codesation, this could well be mould traces still. Can anyone recommed Orion Optics servicing? https://www.orionoptics.co.uk/telescopeservica.html They're obvs a top drawer optical manufacturer, so it they can't service a refractor, I don't know who can!
  9. It's not good. The WO GTF aluminium lens cap was jammed on. Took a lot of twisting to remove. Nice big mould colony on one of the inner surfaces of the triplet objective - looks like a petri dish! I'm annoyed with the Telegizmos cover. Will be contacting FLO (suppliers) to find out about support. Gortex manage to make fabric breathable yet waterproof... I want to warn other British owners of Telegizmos 365 covers of this effect. Looking into refractor servicing.
  10. Unsurprisingly some light mould patches have formed on my William optics scope, untouched, under a Telegizmos 365 cover since late August. I suppose the water-tightness of the cover means that the typically damp autumn/winter in Britain means mould is inevitable for long periods outside? I will now get in the habit of opening up to check more regularly now I’m back home. Main question: how should I go about cleaning it off? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I'm happy to meet with a few others during the autumn to do our own star party thing one night or so. I will miss a semi-rural location! The Cardiff society looks pretty established?
  12. Having read up that link you helpfully gave, it seems they're INDI based, and with that very limited support of beginner friendly programs I'd us elike Backyard EOS or Sequence Generator Pro. So I'll rule out the Asiair. Exactly Sven: *only* hardware control. I plan to subsequent processing on another beefy desktop. As I've put above, I think it has to be ASCOM for foreseeable future and therefore by extension Win 10. Can you therefore make any recommendations?
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