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  1. For anyone else wondering, I heard back from Astronomik support, who said: For deep sky imaging with an apochromatic refractor the Deep-Sky RGB set is recomended. The L-RGB set gives you the best color rendering of all availiable RGB filtersets. The main benefit of this is in planetary imaging.
  2. Same question please: how does one book to attend your talk. Do we not need a meeting ID and password? @steppenwolf
  3. As per the title, I'm struggling to discern the difference between the 2 flavours of RGB filter sets produced by Astronomik (other than one has a luminance as well!) The technical spec's don't give an obvious contrast. Deep-Sky RGB Color Filters L-RGB Typ 2c Color Filters Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Julian. I assumed the former because all of my William Optics parts seem to be. Perhaps a better question is: do you know the default thread for other big brands eg Takahashi?
  5. Am I correct in saying that M6.0 (x 1.0 pitch) is the default thread for astro fixings - clam shell OTA rings, dovetail plates, etc?
  6. Lars I want to thank you for such a generally useful and thorough website. It's great to have the mathematical/physics rigour for many topics. I can see me spending many cloudy evenings trawling through all of these scholarly endeavours!!
  7. Ok thanks for the info. Actually not long after posting this, I gave mine one last attempt, and 50 thou allen key did undo both grubs. Sensible RE allen bolts - I shall do the same. What thread is the female tapping (assuming you didn't re-tap your holes obviously)?
  8. Sorry to resurrect this thread Dave. I am just unboxing my s/h EFW2, and have the same question. Yes they are definitely intended as rotator locking grubs. However mine lacked allen keys, and I'm blowed if I can get any from my allen key set to fit it just right. What size allen key did you get to fit, although having stripped the head maybe it's not that size anyway..! How did the drilling out go by the way?
  9. I seek an LRGB set 1.25" filters (already own narrowband) from a premium brand {Astronomik, Astrodon, Baader} for CCD imaging. Please PM me if you can sort me out(!)
  10. For some reason I wasn’t emailed to notify me of your post, which is odd. Will PM you tomorrow for details/prices. Thanks.
  11. THANK YOU Marcus. I was getting very frustrated at there not being a straight forward calculation. This is even better
  12. Can you elaborate please? Why is arctan needed if we're only concerned with the hypotenuse in the same plane? I also thought there must be increments to allow for edge effects from the filter frame etc
  13. I bought a mono CCD a little while ago, and am researching filters to go with it. The filter wheel I bought S/H has a 2" carousel. I s there a reference for knowing which filter size (1.25", 2", 36mm etc) can serve what sensor, without vignetting? If I'm going to stick with a small sensor for a while, then there's no need to buy the bigger filters, when the smaller/cheaper behave identically. Thanks.
  14. After some reliable service, I am selling my trusty Advanced VX to fund an upgrade. Generally in very good condition. (In case you’re a newcomer to astrophotography: this is recognised as a good bang for buck & reliable performer, for a new/improver imager). I upgraded the stock dovetail with the much better dual Vixen/Losmandy ADM sprung clamp - the grip is rock solid & doesn’t damage the scope like the stock version. Stock dovetail is included anyway. Everything present, including 12V power cord (replaced the clunky male cigar connector with a male phono - the connec
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