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  1. TSRobot

    Mag 1 Portaball 10 inch F5 £1350

    Take another £50 off if you like it . Now £1350.
  2. Great account of observing with fellow astronomers. Always wish I could do the same. I live 5 minutes from the monthly meet of CovAstro but my work shifts have always stopped me going along. If only.
  3. TSRobot

    Mag 1 Portaball 10 inch F5 £1350

    Still, still, still for sale
  4. TSRobot

    Mag 1 Portaball 10 inch F5 £1350

    Still, still for sale
  5. TSRobot

    First light optics

    Loads of good advice via email. Do FLO do WhatsApp? That's even quicker. FLO still offer advice on here. Astro advice that is.
  6. I like the Popular Astronomy magazine that comes with membership. It just has NO hype what so ever and is best for kids too.
  7. TSRobot

    AOKswiss AYO II Alt-Az Mount Red

    Not surprised. You have to wait weeks and weeks to get one then this one turns up at a reduced price. What great luck for for somebody!
  8. Although I have nothing to contribute technically to this thread I must say that this is one of the most interesting threads I've read for some time
  9. TSRobot

    Orion Optics UK ODK12

    Because it's OOUK keep a good record of all communication and correspondence to hand in case you're not completely happy which is slightly possible, but probably unlikely. As long as you have this you'll be ok if you have an issue. I didn't and it cost me £21 to return something that I hadn't even ordered. Best of luck.
  10. Hi. I'm looking for a 2 inch dialectric SCT fitting diagonal to screw onto my WO ZS70 which has an SCT threaded focus tube. #FOUND VIA ABS# Thank you
  11. It'll fit onto many photo tripods if you have one. The thread on the base of the mount is strictly a 3/8 unc 16 photo thread and NOT a metric M10 so may not fit all astro tripods unless you buy an adaptor too. I ordered a 3/8 bolt to fit it to my Vixen Porta 2 tripod which is a bit more solid than my photo tripod. This is highly subjective however. My photo tripod is all i need for visual work. It's an old solid Manfrotto under 2kg.
  12. I've use my baader mk 3 zoom with no probs on mine which weighs a bit. I am thinking of building a sturdier upper tube assembly and fitting a moonlight cr1/2 one day or a kinoptics helical crayford to the existing upper tube assembly.
  13. TSRobot

    Which cam

    Hi once again. I finally got stacking to work last night a bit till the clouds came in at mid night. Thanks for the settings info. Gain at max and exposure at about 8 seconds with Vega in the middle of the view. Focussed on the moon to begin with. Lots of blue, red and green pixels showing. Still lots to learn, but thanks very much. Finished off visually on Jupiter then off to bed. Not a bad night though
  14. TSRobot

    Which cam

    Thanks for the detailed settings to try. I'll write them all down on note paper in a bit. The help files in Sharpcap are good too once someone here suggests what to try
  15. TSRobot

    Which cam

    Is the "star threshold" the maximum number of stars used to make the alignment? This setting has a value of 10 or 15? I've found the noise reduction tool now under the alignment tab. At least this isn't boring. Only 12 hrs till it goes dark

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