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  1. TSRobot

    The Eagle has Landed!

    I like the colour, but i've no idea what it is.
  2. TSRobot

    How has technology changed Astronomy for you

    Treasure humble books. They're relatively modern technology. I'd rather not be without them. I don't have to log-in to read them or have an account. I can drop them and they don't break. And i can borrow and lend them unlike e-books. (i know how good real books are because i have a kindle)
  3. Neil English book about refractors is amazing. It taught me the value of all types and what all the glass is really for
  4. After being cleaned out (financially) with 2 previous relationships where we had joints accounts I will never ever ever ever have a joint account again. I've been very happy with separate accounts for 13 years with my lovely lady. So long as all the bills get paid and there is food in the cupboard, she will never need to be concerned where the rest gets spent. If she ever asks me for money she will be welcome to it.
  5. TSRobot

    Forum Speed Issues

    Just found in the last few days that sgl is working much quicker on my mobile phone and tablet on 4g and wifi. Love it, whatever's been secretly done to speed it up.
  6. The spec on the web page for the 14 inch has 2 different optical tube weights that are quite different. A typo? Or depends where in space you use it?
  7. TSRobot


    Just sold a whole load of astro kit to Steve at ENS this afternoon. Very pleasant and knowledgeable chap. Paid me a good price when you consider how long it would have taken me to sell everything myself. PayPalled me right then and there. ENS is an amazing place. Astro kit on shelf after shelf in every direction you look. I can't imagine anything Steve doesn't have! Cheers Steve
  8. TSRobot

    Is the market slow...? Or just Xmas?

    Everything i sell on ebay sells for a lots less than it's worth. In appeals ebay always sides with the buyer and i mean always. So i use ENS optical quite often to sell as they are so pleasant. Yes i get less, but in a cordial manner. And ENS are close to me. ABS and SGL are good, but i have to be patient.
  9. TSRobot

    Unistella evscope

    Not sure yet about the total cost. $1749 came to £1377 on my card. I think I have to add 20% VAT and maybe 2.5% import duty too when it arrives in the uk. Looking forward to it though. I still got the big C so the good lady never minds what i splash out on now. Not getting a Porsche though
  10. TSRobot

    Unistella evscope

    Oops. Just ordered the Evscope. Have to wait till June 2019 tut.
  11. Binos are home and safe now without the double star images thanks to FLO and Opticron who took care of the recollimation for free. Really chuffed I am
  12. New mobile site too......so much change. Getting all wobbly
  13. TSRobot

    Stunning NASA Lunar Movie

    I'm going. Starting my space ship in the morning. Sure i've got enough bits in my shed.....
  14. These are not available. Tut.
  15. TSRobot

    127Mak or 150P

    The heritage 130 is ace. I've owned so many telescopes now. Still have a few. The heritage 130 can be put on a table, a chair, the ground or even as I do, on an azgti. It's so light that my back never complains and so cheap my missus never complains. Uber portable too. I live in light polluted Coventry, but saw m31, m13 and others last night. The moon was fab. Easy to take to a dark site.

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