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  1. Large Vixen/Losmondy saddle £60

    Price now added....silly me
  2. Hi. I have for sale a very large Vixen/Losmondy clamp which came with a mount i bought. I love this clamp and was thinking of buying another so that i have a matching pair. When i found this clamp at 365astronomy (£92 plus postage) i was surprised to find that it holds around 40kgs so really my 130 newt does not need this. It weighs 870grams and is 144mm long. It has one cap missing from the top of one screw clamp, but this is of no consequence. See this link for more details https://www.365astronomy.com/LARGE-Universal-Deluxe-Mounting-Platform-Clamp-Vixen-Losmandy-Compatible-Red-Orange.html £60 including uk postage 1st class Price includes postage to the uk only. Will be securely bubble wrappedPaypal add 3.4% or paypal gift has no fees or bank transfer.
  3. I too love my binos (9x63) and often forget about them. When I return to them i feel so happy. Observing is so simple again suddenly. To just enjoy the whole sky is amazing and I can feel child like again. When I came back from holiday in the Swiss Alps, Coventry sky looked quite bland at first, but the binos help reintroduce me to my polluted home skies 😀
  4. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Cardboard box with foam for now
  5. Have you seen

    Hi. I've nearly finished watching 'Cosmonauts: How Russia won the space race' on the iPlayer and I think it's a great story and very worth a watch. It says you can watch it for another 27days, but it's only an hour long
  6. Film or herschel

    Me neither though to non astro friends i sound like the astro guru, then in SGL i bow to other's knowledge. Like this link for a Solar finder scope https://10minuteastronomy.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/dollar-store-mustard-bottle-sun-finder/ i find things all over the place i'd never have thought of in million years.
  7. Film or herschel

    Ah so high mags aren't essential to enjoy the sun! What magnification to you begin to see surface detail?
  8. Film or herschel

    I'm getting the impression that higher magnification scopes are better for the sun and its surface detail. Both of my scopes are a little short for the higher magnifications needed it seems so maybe the film is best lest I invest in a longer all metal refractor which would breach my two scope allowance
  9. Film or herschel

    Thanks once again all. I do have the SW UHC filter 1.25. So maybe the baader film might be the cheapest way, but I guess if I get the lunt wedge then nothing else will be needed. I do have a 130pds which is clearly no go for the lunt wedge, but might show more detail with baader film due to greater aperture?
  10. Film or herschel

    Thanks for all the helpful comments. If I were to just use the film, which filter will show much surface detail?
  11. Hi. What gives better visual? Baader film to cover your entire aperture or a Lunt herschel wedge? I have a Revelation 80mm F6 achro made from all aluminium with a single speed crayford which i love for it's portability, but will it be better with the baader film or herschel wedge for solar? I'm a bit lost at quite what the visual difference is though the price difference is clear.
  12. Great seeing evidence of something new actually going on out there. This is real "as it happened" hot off the press, space news. Want more!
  13. October 29th Moon, Lawrence, KS, USA

    Bloomin nice to see.
  14. The Crux

    Totally the right way to treat that bothersome tech tangle. Make those cables do YOUR bidding for a change
  15. ES Twilight I

    Hi. I tried mounting my C8 on the ESTL in daylight and immediately found that the slow motion controls were no use no matter how I tightened the tensioners so posted it back that afternoon.