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  1. TSRobot

    Unistella evscope

    Not sure yet about the total cost. $1749 came to £1377 on my card. I think I have to add 20% VAT and maybe 2.5% import duty too when it arrives in the uk. Looking forward to it though. I still got the big C so the good lady never minds what i splash out on now. Not getting a Porsche though
  2. TSRobot

    Unistella evscope

    Oops. Just ordered the Evscope. Have to wait till June 2019 tut.
  3. Binos are home and safe now without the double star images thanks to FLO and Opticron who took care of the recollimation for free. Really chuffed I am
  4. TSRobot

    First Light Optics

    I returned my Opticron Adventure 8 x 42 T WP binoculars to FLO for re-collimation. As things turned out I had dropped or banged them at some point so FLO offered to send them to Opticron for repair and re-collimation for an agreed fee of £25 plus any other costs that may arise. Well today i received my binoculars back in good order and re-collimated by Opticron for NO CHARGE. FLO didn't even charge me for next day postage . This is just marvelous! I just can't say how happy i am! Thank you FLO and Opticron!
  5. New mobile site too......so much change. Getting all wobbly
  6. TSRobot

    Stunning NASA Lunar Movie

    I'm going. Starting my space ship in the morning. Sure i've got enough bits in my shed.....
  7. These are not available. Tut.
  8. TSRobot

    127Mak or 150P

    The heritage 130 is ace. I've owned so many telescopes now. Still have a few. The heritage 130 can be put on a table, a chair, the ground or even as I do, on an azgti. It's so light that my back never complains and so cheap my missus never complains. Uber portable too. I live in light polluted Coventry, but saw m31, m13 and others last night. The moon was fab. Easy to take to a dark site.
  9. Have posted these to FLO for recollimation by Opticron. Today I received an email from FLO to confirm with a photo as proof that they do indeed have a crack in the casing. So......OMG I must have dropped them at some time. When posted back to FLO I bubble wrapped them to within an inch of their life so in all honesty it can only be me who dropped them sometime. Maybe I had 'chemo brain' as they call it at the time as I was still being pickled by cytotoxics. Hey ho. Cant argue with the evidence. Still ill get an oem repair which should be worth it. Look forward to it. Thanks FLO.
  10. TSRobot

    IAS 2018

    I just thought that the milk might have been a bit sour or something.
  11. TSRobot

    How's your weather.

    20 degrees, windy and dry in Coventry. Great for washing
  12. TSRobot

    IAS 2018

    Opticron and Astromedia weren't there. I was going to get a few kids pressies from Astromedia as they sell great educational science projects that can get kids exited and involved in. Never mind eh. Got the filter I wanted, the astronomik UHC E 1.25.
  13. TSRobot

    IAS 2018

    Absolutely it's a bit small this year. Some of the listed stands weren't there. Wanted to speak to Opticron, but no sign. Maybe it's the weather. Rother Valley were just so fabulously helpful. Did anyone notice that the coffee (a latte) tasted a bit off?
  14. TSRobot

    IAS 2018

    Back from IAS now. Had a good chat with the Coventry Astro society so think i'll go along for a meet tonight. Found the filter i wanted at a good price from Rother Valley too. Phew the weather is blowy today.
  15. HI FLO. Have sent you an email this arvo. Don't panic. Enjoy the Star Party. Been to the IAS today. Was going to ask Opticron about my binos but they weren't there....sniff sniff...

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