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  1. Evscope. Hardly used. As new. Does what it says on the tin. I'm looking to buy a new bike now. I have the box so i can post. My Hermes reckons just under £25 for postage in the uk. I live in Coventry. Includes everything it came with. You control it via the app. £1550. ONO OTA Tripod Charger Bhatinov mask Instructions and small tool kit.
  2. 1 pic of comet atlas y4 c/2019 about 10 mins and 1 pic of hercules cluster about 10 mins. Still need to collimate better. Bortle 6. Time for bed.
  3. I don't think black and white is an option. I could do black and white and negative on the pc though I haven't done image editing since a long time. I haven't had chance to use it since the last update. Hopefully going to have a go tonight after pizza. No greasy fingers mind you for optical kit. It's a little warmer today again. Stars and wine maybe. Scope is all charged up to try longer exposure.
  4. Does increasing the exposure time reduce all the coloured pixels? I tried a longer exposure of several minutes to no avail. Might be my bortle number.
  5. First try out last night. Aligned it OK. I live in Coventry. Bortle 6. Need to try fiddling with gain/exposure etc. Would much prefer to use my tablet rather than on a little phone screen but unistellar haven't written the app for tablets yet. Very easy to use after 10 minutes learning curve. Looking through the eyepiece is pointless as the picture is clearer on my phone screen. Very happy.
  6. Scope just arrived yesterday. We'll packed an all. Battery needed juicing up and it connects to the app OK. Switched off notifications for the app else it spends hours r telling me its searching for the evscope. Too many clouds to test it out in any meaningful way. I'm cautiously excited though.
  7. Mine was sent on the 20th of Feb. Now it's stuck in Europe. I'm sat home now anyhow. No dramas.
  8. Have just heard that my scope is on the way too. Looking forward to be able to finally show my 6yr old son and family what astronomy is all about rather than just nipping out into the garden and having nothing to show them other than the moon over and over again. Fingers crossed it does what it says on the tin
  9. Thanks for taking time to review Buzzard75. Your review makes me feel much better about choosing to take a chance on the evscope. Mine should be with by the end of February they say. I'm still nervous. I think I still have to pay around £250 in taxes just to get it home. Yikes!
  10. I'm looking forward to it too. Seems like they're working hard. Shame the dispatch dates keep changing to later and later. Never mind eh. New stuff needs a lot of careful thought ?
  11. Latest email from Unistella came a week ago. Sounds like they try hard to get it spot on. Unistellar April 7 2019 Update Dear backers, Today we want to give you a quick update on our eVscope beta test. But before we do that, we want to say thanks to you all—we’ve been overwhelmed by your support, your willingness to be part of this journey, and your great community spirit. Thank you—it’s really great to have you onboard ! OK … on to the beta test. A limited number of our backers will soon receive invitations to join our beta-testing program. We’ve chosen these backer
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