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  1. Obviously you've tightened it all up so some folk hang a weight beneath the tripod to let gravity do the work. The weight a tripod can take dead centre is huge. It's when the weight goes off to one side that the limits have to be regarded. A tripod only gets stronger as you weight it dead centre. Call it 'pyramid power'. Bet someone here can do the maths. My two lightweight aluminium tripods can take my body weight directly on top 😀
  2. 90 v 102 mak

    Ta once again for the opinions. Think I'll get a 90/102mm Mak from somewhere or other. Will shop around a bit as nothing seems to be turning up second hand as they're much too loved to part with and that's a good indication of how useful they are. Not like the top £££££ apos that keep coming up for sale all the time. Mind you ages ago when i got my (now gone) 127 Mak there were 3 for sale on Astrobuysell at the same time. Bit like buses i guess. Having bought quite a few used scopes happily i have no problem with buying them second hand.
  3. 90 v 102 mak

    Maybe the 90mm will do the job then. Has anybody tried the 0.5x 1.25 focal reducer with a Mak? Or used it for solar with the baader film or similar?
  4. 90 v 102 mak

    Thanks all. I used to have the 127 Mak and did a swap for a widefield 80mm f6 and fell in love with wide field views after having it along side a C8 (now sold). Now I've been through a number of scopes I miss the chance of a higher mag view, but as I will never have another light bucket in my urban backyard I just make the best of the sky I have so a small Mak seems like a good idea again. I'll keep looking for a used 90/102 Mak then, but the new price isn't beyond me. The best thing I like about buying used is that you can tinker and modify without having to worry about affecting the warranty.
  5. Hi. I have a wide field scope, the ST120 f5 and would like a few higher mags for the solar system. At £43 difference is the SW mak 102 really going to make much improvement over the SW mak 90. The focal lengths are very close too so maximum magnifications are quite close too. Both are very portable for holidays and nature spotting and can mount on one side of my Giro 3 or a photo ball head. The price seems quite good though i have a wanted ad to find one 2nd hand in any case. I've seen the bresser versions with flip mirrors, but would prefer to use my own diagonals. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Skytee-2 spare parts sellers?

    Sad to hear your misfortune. Hope you get a set up you like soon. I bought my Skytee to accommodate my C8 then sold the Skytee after selling my C8 and then stumbled across a used Giro 3 mount which is so simple it's hard to see anything going wrong and it's 2kg lighter than the skytee. Glad to hear you got a refund though! Happy engineering. Some of the best mounts started out in a home work shop like the Ayo Swiss mounts and built so well that slow motions are NOT needed. Having said this, my Skytee served me very well.
  7. Wanted 90/102mm mak

    Hi. I'm looking for a 90/102mm Mak to sit along side my widefield OTA for some higher mags and to take on holiday. Will pay a good price and post and packaging by your chosen payment means. Tim
  8. Heads up "Astro TV Night" Tomorrow

    If 95% is invisible, have a night out, but leave the lens cover on and only see 5% less
  9. Skytee-2 spare parts sellers?

    Some of the screws are steel into an aluminium thread. You only get to overtighten once then it's all over for that thread. Be very careful 😁
  10. I recently upgraded my phone from an Xperia Z1 to Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 and found Skysafari 5 plus to be hugely inaccurate on my new phone. I calibrated the compass and checked all my sensors with the "check my android" app but found no issues. Then on searching the web I found that my new A3 phone has no Gyro sensor whereas my Z1 does and this seems to be the issue. Has anybody found a way round this? Tim
  11. Not really sure, but is £120 including postage a reasonable price?
  12. SOLD SOLD Hi. For sale is my 4 month old SW130PDS bought from Rothervalley. It's as new, boxed and ready to post. Includes the finder and LET 28mm EP. Selling because I am terminally ill. Payment by paypal. £120 including postage.
  13. Dovetail clamp FOUND

    £50 posted? PayPal gifty
  14. Dovetail clamp FOUND

    I have this https://www.365astronomy.com/LARGE-Universal-Deluxe-Mounting-Platform-Clamp-Vixen-Losmandy-Compatible-Red-Orange.html if you want it. Nice colours. Has a layer of dust on it. Quite bling. All NEAR perfect COSMETICALLY. All perfect MECHANICALLY. No attachment screws with. It's a hefty lump.
  15. Telescope service

    Astrobaby has helped me to NOT do a lot of damage