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  1. Hi. I'm quite close to buying one of these dinky mounts. As it says it can run on voltages from 7.5 to 14, does this suggest it will happily run on AA rechargeable batteries? They would add up to 9.6V. A while back I had a nexstar se mount which didn't like rechargeables one bit ofcourse.
  2. Imaging Laptop

    It's usually quite easy to fit a second ssd/hdd into many laptops now to increase your storage. This doesn't void your warranty.
  3. Have found a box so i can now post this for £10. Thanks.
  4. Looks very complicated. Do they come assembled? 😀
  5. Skywatcher ST120 £130

    Now £130
  6. Which cam

    Many apologies for resurrecting this thread. Chemo's done now for this round. Since i managed to source a reasonably priced GPcam1 color and a discounted WO ZS70ED. How would the AZGTI be to give me a stab at VA and some pretty pictures? Still only back yard in Coventry though. LP is quite high, but later i could travel to darkness. Thanks Tim
  7. 10" dob

    I've had a few telescopes now. My 8 inch dob was fine to lift, but had no handles. Handles make such a difference. They don't all come with them and just making something more lift-able (think moving and handling training at work) makes it more possible to grab it more often. I fitted a handle to my 8 inch SCT so i could mount it with one hand. My 10 inch portaball weighs 20kgs (OMG) and doesn't come into 2 pieces like a dobsonian. BUT it has 2 handles in just the right spot so getting it out is easy. HANDLES makes all the difference. FIY all the OOUK dobsonians are much lighter than SW types.
  8. I guess both the 72 and 80 will be fine-diddly-fine weight-wise (ED80 listed at 2.5kg). What my ZS70 lacks (which i could easily fit) is a longer dovetail bar. This would allow much better balancing. Both the 72 and 80 have a longer dovetail. So no problemo. If it was me i would go for the 72, but i like compact things.
  9. The scope is a Williams optics ZS70ED at about 2.4kg. The mount should be fine if used within it's weight ranges i guess. My previous OTA was 2.8kgs and that was fine too. High magnification takes longer to settle with my tripod, but that's ok by me. I tried my counterweight bar, but it wasn't needed at all. It just gave me a handle to use. Balancing means sliding it back and forth on the dovetail bar (mine has no rings) and/or adjusting the altitude tension very slightly. It takes a moment, but i'm still getting used to it. If i change eyepieces i adjust the tension.
  10. Hi. I've too just got got this TS mount head. Works well. Balancing is important though, but it's easy enough to adjust the tensions on both axis. Fits on my old manfrotto (somethingorother) tripod perfectly. Extremely portable and can be lifted with one hand. I also have a counterweight bar which fits if needed. The big bonus was that it matches my OTA......uber happy!
  11. OOh OO UK might be a lot lighter, but bigger £££££ though may not come with clouds
  12. Skywatcher ST120 £130

    Reduced a little