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  1. I've been on the lookout for an Atik 314L+ and I've been offered one at a good price but I've been thrown a curveball. I've also been offered an Atik 450M, which is a bit more but still a good price. Thanks to both sellers, if they're reading this. My scopes are Orion ED80 (used most often) and Meade LX90 8" (used @f/6.3 when imaging). The Astronomy Tools CCD Suitability Calculator puts the 314L+ (6.45µm pixels) as slightly under sampled on the ED80 but right on target on the LX90 (both binned 1x1). The 450M (3.45µm pixels) places the ED80 right on target and on the LX90, with 2x2 binni
  2. Hi, I'm looking for an Atik 314L+ Mono, if anyone has one gathering dust (instead of photons)? I usually see these going for £400-£500, which is pretty much the budget at the moment. I might be interested in other similar cameras (especially by Atik and Starlight Xpress) but it'll be used on an 80mm refractor and a 200mm SCT so ~6µ pixels seem like a good balance to me. Thanks for looking. Jon
  3. Good work. Is the camera modified?
  4. I’ve also recently got my Mintron (the 1/3” version) and an ancient laptop going, mainly for auto guiding at the moment. I used to image with it using: https://www.coaa.co.uk/astrovideo.htm I hope this helps. Jon
  5. Thanks Linton. It was more of a test to see what I could get away with unguided. The wind was very strong at times, so it wasn't exactly a fair test, and the target was a globular cluster which demands really good tracking. I'm happy to say that through a 600mm refractor, 2 minute subs were completely sharp and the majority of the 3 minute subs were good too. Based on that, I think I could go for longer exposures of easier targets under better conditions, especially when I get around to PEC training. Cheers, Jon
  6. That's almost poetic... To be honest, I'm not sure. I had a GPDX years ago and the weights were a lot smaller, so I had no problem balancing a small refractor or even just an SLR. My current weight (which is on the mount right now, as I'm imaging) has a diameter of roughly 130mm and height of around 70mm. I'll try to weigh it later.
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a small counter weight for a Vixen GPDX, preferably in the greenish colour. My current weight is huge and I can't quite balance my OTA. Thanks for looking. Jon
  8. After a long break, I'm getting back into Astrophotography and finding that I'm missing my old Vixen GPDX mount. I'm quite interested to hear if anyone has anything similar for sale. I'd prefer a mount with GOTO but I'd definitely consider something with drives and a guide port. Thanks for looking.
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