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  1. I am using Tracer 12v lithium batteries for my Kendrick dew heaters, one after the other. These give me around four hours of power and aren’t hugely reliable. Kendrick have told me most people use car batteries for this. What are people here using? This is other than a direct power source from the mains of course, so I’m asking about when you are out in the field. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks. Enjoyed watching that. Looks like a great location.
  3. Yes. Some possibilities there but tricky to find ones open in winter.
  4. Mostly I'm tackling south London's Bortle 8 light pollution to capture images and happy doing that. However... say there's a couple of long clear nights on the horizon and I want to find a dark site in the south of England which I can book up at short notice (given the unreliability of longer term weather forecasts). Could be a clamping pod in a field with power to recharge batteries. Could be an astrophotographer-friendly B&B in the middle of nowhere where I can drive to with my ever increasing boxes of kit. And suggestions?
  5. Have been using Atik Artemis software for a while with no issues. Tried it with a new ESW 2.2 filter wheel last night and it seemed fine at first, but then the filter wheel widow and exposure settings window would not open. Tried re-downloading the software but same issue. Has anyone else experienced this? Tried without he filter wheel and the exposures window still won't open. Baffling.
  6. Thanks Olly. I’m using Deep Sky Stacker for this. Will try the ‘groups’ function and allocate darks/flats to each group and of course maximise my lights. I don’t know where that leaves me with the algorithm.
  7. Just checked this out in Deep Sky Stacker. Makes complete sense now. Hadn’t used that ‘groups’ function before.
  8. Thanks. Don’t the darks get rid of hot pixels though? Might these not be in different places on subsequent nights?
  9. Thanks. This is really useful. I use DSS so will try this. Need to look at the software to figure out that last bit though. So do you put respective dark frames in with each group and you need an unticked frame for it to know that there the different dark frames apply to different groups?
  10. I've got two sets of Ha subs of the same DSO from different nights. Ignoring how closely they are matched in framing terms for the purposes of this question, which of the following would be correct? 1 The best result would come from stacking the first and second days's subs separately and then combining them. 2. Best result is to stack all the subs from both nights in one go. 3 Doesn't make any difference. My (beginner) feeling is that it is best to treat them as two sets and stack separately so that each can benefit from its own dark flats to eradicate hot pixels which might
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