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  1. I used the big brother 200 too with a 650d. Some good images but as said above anything off centre by much you need a cc. I never got one but moved onto QHY8L and need 1 for that now.
  2. As alot of people advised me too to go with cable and bin the hand controller so to speak. I did and as you say nervously worked my way through another learning curve and once you've got used to it you'll never look for your hand controller again.
  3. And heres about 30 mins of veil neb (Eastern) to try plate soving too.
  4. Continuing my learning curve with APT and the plate solving tools here is 30 mins of 6 x 5 mins subs of NGC185. Bang in the middle...… whoop whoop.
  5. I've still got the DSLR just don't seem to use it anymore. Yeah I realise the Ha difference in alot of imaging. I don't have any filters at the moment. So nothing I can do for now
  6. I always use the QHY8L now. Haven't DSLR for a year or so.
  7. In that case I think I'll stay on m33 tonight for more data grab and have my first ever go at dithering. I'll post any result much later lol
  8. Tooth dr. I'm using a OSC QHY8L as you probably remember. If I do alot more 10 min subs of M33 do you think in going to bring more out? Ie colour etc? If not I think I'll go for something new tonight. I'll be imaging from approx 7 till 930 tonight in north england. Any ideas what good targets to try. Nebula or galaxies.... Cheers Clear skies Stu
  9. Yes. That's why I've started using it combined with all sky plate solver. Plus obviously it controls my imaging and guide cameras too. Excellent bit of software when all figured out. I'm gonna try dithering next session too I think. Stu
  10. So this is my attempt at putting together around 2.5 hours of data over 3 nights in my new venture of learning to use APT. Comments very welcome.
  11. So we finally got a clear night up here in the North of England. Ive had Astrophotography Tool installed for about a year but didn't have a clue how to use it. I watched numerous YouTube vids and finally got to have a go tonight. Along with Cartes du Ciel, PHD2, All Sky Platesolver, and EQMod, I think ive kinda worked it out to a basic level anyway. Got my camera cooling fantastically thru the APT and when worked out the way to use the plate solving I was landing in the middle everytime. So far very happy, looks like I may get some good results this winter. Depending on the northern skies of course. Heres tonights attempts with the new software. 1 Hour of M82 1 Hour of M33 and just to see if it landed on it 8 mins of M31 Cheers Stu
  12. Nice. I got one 10 min exposure of M33 last week then the clouds came straight in.
  13. Took me a long time to get anything near that also with lots of advice from Carole and tooth doctor along the way. Very impressed
  14. Is this the type with aftermarket motors on the external with the clutches? If so I had to strip mine a few times over the years I had it. Especially if it was not being used for 6 months or more. Another problem I encountered at least twice was the clutches slipping. Again after sitting for months. The way around this was take them apart and very light abrasive paper on the mating surfaces to if u like rough them up so they gripped one another again. Hth
  15. Yeah that would defo be in the same category as bahtinov mask and/or lens cap still on lol. I'll download and have a try with it over next month or so before I venture. Saying that........ clear skys. Stu
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