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  1. hi all I've just fitted the rowan belt mod to my NEQ6PRO mount. Eventually everything seems so operate properly but the rain and cloud up here means no proper testing. Anyone done this mod? What improvements can I expect? Will it guide better too? Cheers Stu
  2. Yeah thats what I thought too
  3. Tonight I tried 1 hour 40 mins on M82, good starting point but a lot more data required I think.
  4. OK so far so good. I understand that much. Cheers
  5. If it stays clear I've got crystal clear skies and for the 1st time I'm going to try m82 on its own with 2xBarlow to fill up the frame. A) will I achieve much? B do I need to double exposure times? OR should I stick with normal setup and take a hell of alot of subs? Cheers Stu
  6. Everytime I get a clear night everything seems to go wrong but heres 42 mins of data. 7 x 6 mins Darks bias etc
  7. Think your version was better tho lol
  8. that looks good. ive tried to do it again and get rid of the green. see what happens here..... Stuie
  9. Think ill have a tweak around in PS after work.
  10. It seems like focus is a little out too. Maybe just me. I'm tired.
  11. Nowhere near as good as I wanted it but I lost quite a lot of frames due to satelites and meteors. only about 35 mins of data in all with flats darks bias etc, tried my best in Photoshop. Stu
  12. This is all ive managed to achieve over a few months of rain and cloud and wind. Put it all together and this was the result. Nowhere near as good as last years attempt. Clear skies and hope everyone gets through this bad time with the epidemic. Stu
  13. Do you still have? where are you based and what is the absolute bottom price? Cheers Stuie
  14. I used the big brother 200 too with a 650d. Some good images but as said above anything off centre by much you need a cc. I never got one but moved onto QHY8L and need 1 for that now.
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