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Stu Wilson

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  1. Stu Wilson

    COMPLETED - SOLD _ Sky-Watcher ST80

    Are you open to offers?
  2. I got the skywatcher dual speed crayford one with a built in extendable draw tube with made the difference required for my camera
  3. I had similar issues but with a QHY8L camera. It was extension tube issue. Needed to be about 50mm further out of the tube to achieve focus. Luckily my focuser has an inbuilt extension so once I learned of this it was easy to focus. After that I had lots of other learning curves but alot of people on here and in a certain factory in Hong Kong helped tremendously. Clear skies And hope you resolve asap
  4. Stu Wilson


    And finally tonight my 1st ever image of M13 Only 30 mins of subs but quite pleased with the result.
  5. Stu Wilson

    Veil tonight

    This is tonights try at the Veil. Its 10 x 12 min subs with Bias. TIF file added if anyone wants to try process too. I think ive over done my attempt. Autosave001.tif
  6. Stu Wilson

    USB 3.0 Active Cable Length

    I've been using a 20m usb repeater cable for about 4 months. It runs from laptop in house to powered hub sitting on mount. Connected to it are NEQ6PRO Orion Autoguider and QHY8L. No problems. And I hope just typing that hasn't jinxed me. I've lost the link but the cable was from Amazon. It's outer is a clear plastic and cost around 20 quid. Hth
  7. Stu Wilson

    QHY183C showcase

    We've had serious lack of them until now but like you say the moon seems to be there to enjoy the scarse ones too lol. Clear skies
  8. Stu Wilson

    Eastern Veil a bit out of frame

    SW 200P QHY8L Orion auto guider
  9. This was last nights go at the Eastern part of the Veil Nebula. It went a bit wrong as the top part is out of frame. However im quite pleased with the colours for 3 x 10 min subs as a trial. DSS with darks, flats bias etc. Tweak in PS Hopefully next time ill realise framing isn't great.
  10. Stu Wilson

    QHY183C showcase

    Some nice images. I've had my QHY8L about the same time span. Serious lack of clear night's but I look forward to putting up a little showcase too.
  11. Stu Wilson

    Tonights Veil TIFF files

    Finally got round to trying to process my file and this is my attempt...…….
  12. Stu Wilson


    Just checked and website seems to be working again so hopefully clear tonight and get some imaging done clear skies.
  13. Stu Wilson


    I use the astrometry .net website to plate solve when setting up. Last night was one of those night's where everything went wrong then when tried the usual plate solve the astrometry site is down. Does anyone know why? Or if it will be back on? It's the only plate solve software I've successfully used.
  14. Stu Wilson

    Had enough

    I was really like that 8 months ago. Spent a fortune going down 2nd hand ccd route and camera turned out to be knackered..... after sending it to Hong Kong for repairs everything is brilliant. At the time I was so disheartened but bear with it. Work out what's wrong and it'll come together
  15. Stu Wilson

    Tonights Veil TIFF files

    Sorry just realised what you'd typed. It is early and I'm at work lol

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