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  1. Imaging Challenge #7 - Lunar

    My entry. 100 frames stacked. Taken with Canon 650d stacked in registax and very slight brightness contrast adjusted in PS.
  2. Brief M31

    Thanks. Think somethings gone right for a change lol
  3. Brief M31

    After getting the scope collimated with the new laser collimating tool I managed 2 x 1 min snaps of M31 last night before the clouds came :-( however I think collimation is ok.
  4. Autoguiding - in which way

    The Neq6pro once you've polar aligned and done a 3 star alignment works very well on its own. However longer subs do require that little extra push over the cliff. Guiding is a must.
  5. Skywatcher Startravel 80 OTA

    Dont suppose this is still for sale?
  6. Autoguiding - in which way

    Ive over the last year upgraded to neq6pro mount for my sw200p it carries my canon 650d dslr and just got orion starshoot guidescope finder outfit. So far working well. :-)
  7. Another go at processing the Dumbell Nebula however I think focus and/or collimation slightly out. Ive ordered a laser collimator but a focus issue would be down to yours truly. Comments welcome on pic collimation focus etc please? Stuie
  8. Guiding help

    Thanks for your help
  9. Guiding help

    Quick question. When setting up for imaging should i run the calibration on the guide camera in the area of sky i am going to be imaging? The reason why I ask is the other night guiding was great on the dumbbell nebula but when i moved over to M81 it wouldnt guide for more than 30 seconds.
  10. Dumbbell Neb

    Cheers ill try it
  11. Dumbbell Neb

    Interesting comments from all and cheers. Im just starting out down this guided and imaging route so bare with me.........
  12. Dumbbell Neb

    200p skywatcher with NEQ6pro mount orion starshoot as guide and canon 650d dslr. Use DSS and Photoshop.
  13. Dumbbell Neb

    Last nights attempt with 21 x 5min subs
  14. Dumbbell Neb

    My first go at Dumbbell Nebula trying out my new guide cam setup. The image is only 6 x 5min subs and 5 darks but as far as I can work out the guiding seems to be working.