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Stu Wilson

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  1. Stu Wilson

    IC4603 1st Attempt

    Good shot though. Considering very poor skies at the moment. Yet another DSO for me to aim the QHY8L at now it's repaired. In the last couple of weeks I've had it back the skies been so poor it doesn't justify setting up all my gear
  2. Stu Wilson

    IC4603 1st Attempt

    What camera how many exposures etc?
  3. Stu Wilson

    Veil Nebula

    I didn't think so either to be fair. Imho it would just over work the electrics. Be interesting to ramp it up in winter and try huge exposures of real dso though?
  4. Stu Wilson

    Veil Nebula

    Ambient was 13 degs. Was switched on auto. Power was around 60 percent. The guy in Hong Kong did a good job
  5. Stu Wilson

    Veil Nebula

    PS A bit of feint cloud moving in and out of the subs upsetting the guiding too...….
  6. Stu Wilson

    Veil Nebula

    Heres a quick go at the Veil with camera Fixed. Not very good skies. 3 x 600 sec subs at -35 49 bias Stcaked in DSS slight curves and levels in PSP SW 200P, NEQ6Pro, Orion Starshoot Autoguider, QHY8L CCD camera. Thanks for looking and comments very welcome. Clear Skies Stu
  7. Stu Wilson

    Quick Camera Test

    Severe stretching. C'mon 3 x 3 mins unless you've got a nice dark sky your going to be stretching to the max
  8. Stu Wilson

    Quick Camera Test

    Like I say.theyre just tests to see if camera is fixed and it seems good to go Clear skies Stu
  9. Stu Wilson

    Quick Camera Test

    Ok so I got my QHY8L back from HongKong. All I managed tonight were a quick 20ms shot of Deneb Then 3 x 3mins of the Veil Nebula. Then as usual huge cloud over the entire sky. At least I know its repaired and working though. Stu
  10. Stu Wilson

    The Weather

    If your on the south coast very probably the same.
  11. Stu Wilson

    The Weather

    I actually lived on Tenerife for 5 years. The dust you saw is from the Sahara desert. It's called a calima (probs spelt wrong) and yes will block out your view and last about a week
  12. Stu Wilson

    The Weather

    I have to laugh, That is otherwise id cry. I like all you others on here long for endless clear skies so I can image, observe, or whatever in our universe. I send my camera to HongKong for repairs. Ive got a cracking sun tan from the last 3 weeks its been away. Its finally arrived safe, sound, and very much repaired back with me. Now im not talking E=MC2 here but why is it living in the UK with all my gear returned to me the heatwave (In Carlisle Anyway) seems to of come to a halt and E=No Images M=Pouring Rain and C=Cloudy as Hell Skies? oh and add the 2 or square of the sum and that's just because its an added extra when you live in cumbria to get it several times worse lol. Anyway Clear Skies guys Stu
  13. Stu Wilson

    Bahtinov mask "Banana" spikes

    Hey had to flick back and forth to find this post again. Was setting up my QHY8L last night and for the 1st time ever saw the banana things like you posted then they disappeared. Then came back and then disappeared. OK...…… They came into my life... when slightly out of focus with very thin layers of high clouds with very muggy/warm temperatures. Dissapeared quick too, but that's what I put it down to, just kinda strange it happened after youd seen them. Hope you got sorted? Stu
  14. As White Dwarf just said and I got confused about all this too in the beginning these cameras go whatever degrees it is below ambient temp. (Ambient being its surroundings) I just received my QHY8L back today for a different fault but while it was back at the factory the guy fixing it reported that it was not cooling fast enough which I had also realised but was not 100 percent sure as I bought it 2nd hand. Anyway the cure for this part of my problems was them putting some special silicone grease under or around the sensor (This was obviously done in the repair Lab and they placed the camera into some kind of drying out machine for a week). Im now sitting next to it in my home taking a dark library and its happily sitting at -22 degrees whereas the room is about 19 degrees so something has definatly changed as before repairs I would of struggled to get to -10 degrees in the house. I know they are different cameras but its food for thought. Could be down the same path of something wanting resealed etc. Is it new? is it under warranty? Mine cost £16 to ship to HongKong £59 for repairs including shipping back. HTH
  15. Stu Wilson

    QHY8L is waiting at home.

    Yeah was getting very nervous as my Chinglish aint very good (IE The Emails I was swapping with them.) Anyway straight out of the postage bag and cable clip added before I started. Gain and offset done came out at Gain=7 Offset=104 Don't know if this is an average readout or not but its what I got so far. Done a load of Bias frames, Doing some Darks as I type (I know your not meant to need them with these cameras but hey every little helps) Trying some Flats now and then some Dark Flats. See what happens. Anyway the main thing upon setup that made me smile is that I can now achieve the 65525 in setup instead of the 3000 or so that was the maximum before. Clear skies Clear skies Clear skies....lol.... Fingers crossed.

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