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  1. Nice. I got one 10 min exposure of M33 last week then the clouds came straight in.
  2. Took me a long time to get anything near that also with lots of advice from Carole and tooth doctor along the way. Very impressed
  3. Is this the type with aftermarket motors on the external with the clutches? If so I had to strip mine a few times over the years I had it. Especially if it was not being used for 6 months or more. Another problem I encountered at least twice was the clutches slipping. Again after sitting for months. The way around this was take them apart and very light abrasive paper on the mating surfaces to if u like rough them up so they gripped one another again. Hth
  4. Yeah that would defo be in the same category as bahtinov mask and/or lens cap still on lol. I'll download and have a try with it over next month or so before I venture. Saying that........ clear skys. Stu
  5. Hi all. At home I use astrometry.net to platesolve and everything is great. However sometime in next month or so I'm going to chuck everything in campervan and head to kielder for some dark sky/mobile imaging tryouts. Up there is no internet whatsoever so what program if any can I use to upload an image and tell my mount/cartes du ciel where its pointing. Cheers for any help. Stu
  6. Got all set up tonight, finally got inside, ran PHD2 guiding, all going well then the clouds came. I managed 1 x 10 min sub of M33, ah well always tomorrow. Clear Skies Stu
  7. Like I say. 1st go this year properly as the nights draw in. Isn't it funny how you forget how to use all the available features in photoshop over the summer months. I've recently got a camper/mobile home so hoping in next few weeks to grab a new powertank and head over kielder way whenever I think it's going to be clear. Found some good free parking so it's on the do very soon list. Also only live about 50 miles from that area so happy days or nights
  8. This is my first major attempt this year so last night took around 2 hours of data and unfortunately it seems slightly out of focus, I must of knocked the focuser on my way past Its there tho……..
  9. keep pressing the same buttons lol, looks ok to me. just taken several shots of thid little wonder tonight. ill post up when I get a chance to look through them
  10. I have a QHY8L imaging camera and its guided too. I took this image the other night with 3 x 10 min subs stacked.(I'd obviously want a lot more time and subs but was just checking gear still worked after 6 months in a box) It's just to give you some idea with more time spent and stretching etc. I took some great shots of the veil last year and was up to a few hours of data but unfortunately have lost it. Keep going
  11. Took 1 x 10min sub of M31 and 3 x10 min of veil the other night to check my gear still works.
  12. I've got QHY8L too. What length exposures are you using? Nice image
  13. I had the guiding on hot pixel issue for a few runs last year before I figured it out. Mines an Orion autoguider and a darks library sorted this out.
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