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  1. My QHY8L was 2nd hand and had very very similar blotches from dust. It had to go back to the factory for another fault (Yeah quality buy) but up on return from Hong Kong it's been fine.
  2. Stu Wilson

    1st clear night

    I was experimenting with different exposure times as M42 is pretty bright and easy to mess up. So with everything else going wrong I had a mixture of frames with poor data and quite a few that were a total mess.
  3. Stu Wilson

    1st clear night

    QHY8L don't very often use the DSLR
  4. Stu Wilson

    1st clear night

    Tonight was the 1st clear night for a long time but nothing seemed to go to plan. Took forever to get polar alignment and even then it wasn't brilliant. Managed a few of M42 but don't think my focus was brilliant either. I took around 60 x 60 second subs and they were not the best. After chucking most of them heres 4 stacked with darks and bias frames. Like I say not the best but better than clouds...... Clear skies
  5. Stu Wilson

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    I tried again. I Think this versions better. Turns out my day wasn't wasted waiting for a delivery that's not coming, ive learned something Stu
  6. Stu Wilson

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    Brilliant data Olly. Ive never ever tried using Mono Data before as ive only had my QHY8L for a year so not even thought about the move to mono until now. Had a play anyway and this is what ive got. Not sure if ive done things properly or not? Happy New Year Clear Skies. Stu
  7. That's round about 3 hours of 10 min subs. with darks, flats, bias etc. I keep meaning to add to it but I get side tracked to other targets and the clouds wont stay away.
  8. This is what I got from M45 after jumping from a Canon 650D unmodded to a QHY8L CCD Enjoy Stu
  9. Had a go tonight. Forcast was clear all night which it certainly wasn't. Also had major problems with my guiding, I couldn't for love nor money get my guider to work anywhere near Orion, it was trying to catch up with itself all the time. I never bothered checking as id had enough at that point but could of been a not tightened enough RA lock bolt. Anyway id set the Ezcap software to take 60 x 1min with the QHY8L I managed to use 27 of the frames as the rest were all for the recycle bin, stacked in DSS with darks, flats, Bias and a play with it in Photoshop. Im actually quite pleased with the result. Clear Skies
  10. Stu Wilson

    M45 Around 3 hours

    I tried reprocessing this tonight while the weather is soooo wonderful. I don't know if ive achieved anything more. I Ran DSS without the dark flats this time and also tried putting in a touch of GradientXterminator. Dunno? Or actually made it worse lol Please let me know.
  11. Stu Wilson

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Got to admit I missed out the neq5 and grabbed a bargain neq6pro about 18 months ago. It broke the bank for a while but what a mount. After going to EQMOD too I don't think you'd get much more without doubling or trebling your budget.
  12. Stu Wilson

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Im gonna have a shot at that with my QHY8L on SW200P next clear night. Love the colours
  13. Stu Wilson


    What filter would you guys recommend for light pollution for my QHY8L ccd camera? Cheers Stu
  14. Stu Wilson

    Hello from Newbie in Cumbria

    I've just clicked on your link. In there you've quoted they're 15 x 4.4 second frames? I'm a bit confused how you can get such results in this time span? Stu

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