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  1. Is this OTA still available?
  2. As its quickly disappearing from my viewing location I thought id have 1 last go tonight until winters back again. its about an hour of data in very LP skies above Carlisle Cumbria. Cheers Stu
  3. Yeah I recalibrated a couple of times turning off and back on etc. Ive had this issue a couple of times with it not guiding on M42 but the odd thing is its always when its near the Meridian. Probs just total coincidence.
  4. I got 2 hours of 12 minute subs on this tonight and I think through all the light pollution in Carlisle its come out pretty good. Guiding was really good again. 1 strange thing though, after Meridian flip when I was finished for tonight on this subject I switched to M42 to grab a few shots before packing up and I could not for the life of me get the thing to guide. even restarting PHD2 and recalibrating it was hopeless, checked pole alignment too when I was taking kit down and it was still pretty much on the ball so im not sure unless being very close to the Meridian causes such mayhem? Anyway...……….. ok so its 10 x 720 second subs, lights, flats darks etc Stacked in DSS Processed in Photoshop. Id still like a lot more data but im happy that ive started seeing the results ive been longing for. Comments very welcome. Cheers Stu.
  5. I took the little data I captured last night and reprocessed it and think ive got it a little better. If its clear tonight ill try to get a lot more data. Fingers crossed Clear Skies
  6. Either way I look forward to your image. I tried it last night and didn't get very far before clouds
  7. Ok it did not go to plan. It never does! I had guiding and everything set nearly perfect. I got 3 x 15 min subs then everything going wrong, then realised CLOUDS..... GGRRR Anyway heres the 3 stacked with Darks Bias Flats and ALOT of Light pollution.
  8. I managed to grab 6 x 10 min subs of this tonight before I got just about frozen solid lol The main thing was to test everything is still working after a painful night 2 days ago when nothing would work at all. Anyway here goes. 6 x 10 min subs Darks, Flats, Bias etc stacked in DSS played with (Not Very well might I add in PS) but it is only 1 hours worth Clear skies Stu
  9. My QHY8L was 2nd hand and had very very similar blotches from dust. It had to go back to the factory for another fault (Yeah quality buy) but up on return from Hong Kong it's been fine.
  10. I was experimenting with different exposure times as M42 is pretty bright and easy to mess up. So with everything else going wrong I had a mixture of frames with poor data and quite a few that were a total mess.
  11. QHY8L don't very often use the DSLR
  12. Tonight was the 1st clear night for a long time but nothing seemed to go to plan. Took forever to get polar alignment and even then it wasn't brilliant. Managed a few of M42 but don't think my focus was brilliant either. I took around 60 x 60 second subs and they were not the best. After chucking most of them heres 4 stacked with darks and bias frames. Like I say not the best but better than clouds...... Clear skies
  13. I tried again. I Think this versions better. Turns out my day wasn't wasted waiting for a delivery that's not coming, ive learned something Stu
  14. Brilliant data Olly. Ive never ever tried using Mono Data before as ive only had my QHY8L for a year so not even thought about the move to mono until now. Had a play anyway and this is what ive got. Not sure if ive done things properly or not? Happy New Year Clear Skies. Stu
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