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  1. Eqmod info

    Thanks so far for comments. Certainly gives me something to do in these cloudy skies.
  2. Eqmod info

    Ok so I'm expecting my eqdir cable to arrive today. I've got ascom driver etc cartes du ciel installed. Phd2 already installed for guide camera. Ezcap installed for QHY8L image camera. How do I forget about the handset and get everything running through cartes du ciel etc? Cheers for any replies/help Stu
  3. Ready to give up.

    Thanks for your input. I've now cheered up knowing how far off target it's been. I don't think I'd of been too cheerful with my gear out near any youths either. Yeah I need the eqmod cable. Any idea where to get one online for a sensible price?
  4. Ready to give up.

    I've just done the plate solve thing on the net. Wow that is a clever tool. An even bigger wow is how far I am off target. I'm very confused at mount now as the goto was pretty good for my dslr. Anyway instead of M51 I'm point at NGC4346
  5. Ready to give up.

    I'm using NEQ6PRO mount
  6. Ready to give up.

    Just goto at moment. I haven't a clue about plate solving. To do plate solving am I correct in thinking I'd need eqmod for my neq6
  7. Ready to give up.

    Well I've sat outside all night with clear skies. My newly purchased QHY8L on board my SW200P and what have I imaged. Absolutely nothing! You know when you wish you hadn't wasted a fortune and stuck with your DSLR. If anyone knows how to work one of these things it's nearly free to a good home before I smash it up. Honestly never been so disappointed in all my life. I get images of stars and yep.... That's it. No galaxies no nebs....... nothing. On a nice note. Was great skies tonight for a change.
  8. Help help help

    Alignment I thought was good. I'll upload you a sub soon when I get home
  9. Help help help

    I know. Like I say. Very confused. Start from scratch tonight I think.
  10. Help help help

    How do I stretch in Ezcap? The 2 sliders at the bottom of screen I presume?
  11. Help help help

    By stretch the linear image do you mean in fitsliberator (which I'm not familiar with) or the view of the captured image in Ezcap? Cheers
  12. Help help help

    I'll try it tonight and see what happens
  13. Help help help

    Thanks for comments. It put a smile on my miserable face lol
  14. Help help help

    Yes plenty of stars. I'm beginning to think way off target too :-(
  15. Help help help

    Hi Michael Scope is SW 200P I'll download that later for trial 2 tonight. What changes will fiddling with gain and offset make? Cheers