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  1. Thats what I'd thought too Olly. Certainly won't hurt it. Whats hurting is pouring rain and coma corrector still hasn't arrived. Ups charged me 58 pounds import duty today to release the coma corrector. I paid but I was gob smacked. I got in touch with TS Optics and they said because of that I shouldn't of paid German vat etc and refunded me 38 pounds. Still a 20 pound hidden fee I suppose but better than original. Just be nice to have everything here and set spacing etc ready for camera. Stu
  2. I thought that. But wait till I've got coma corrector and camera on with clear sky to check.
  3. And forgot to say. Obviously haven't tested anything properly yet but the focuser appears to be pretty good quality.
  4. Will I benefit anything actually using the fan? Its minus 3 in carlisle tonight. Clouds here so can't try out but new coma corrector failed to arrive. Trusty UPS. Only second time I've ever had anything delivered by them and that was a nightmare. Anyway after the evenings modifying I've just come out to garage to recheck collimation status and its still in there. I realise its a check and adjust every time with these things but hey its a 2 min job.
  5. Ok heres all done and collimated but clouds everywhere so can't test any further
  6. Had many thoughts like all of those along the way. Its a huge learning curve. However if some point in the middle of that curve you can grab a photo like this just under the moons glare then surely its worth the effort???? Taken tonight with possibly my last go with 20 year old scope before new one arrives tomorrow. Clear Skies Stu
  7. Ok I must of misunderstood your friends info. So if I make my bolts the same size as originals it will keep everything in correct place but alot more sturdy with a) 6 springs and b)them being longer giving more compressive force to stop movement?
  8. Figured out that apart from strengthened springs the idea is to get that mirror 10mm up tube too so if I measure bolts that come with it and add 10mm to them I should be good to go. Got all cutter disks etc at home so a 2 min job. What I was going to ask you was am assuming correctly that moving it up tube 10mm theoretically makes it f3.95?
  9. Update...... Scope and new superflat coma corrector definitely arriving tomorrow. The springs should arrive tomorrow too. I've made the new thumbscrews ready to cut threads to size and hopefully I'll get a length of aluminium tomorrow at work. The dovetail I use at the moment is 535mm so ill use that if the supplied one is of smaller size. I followed your friend's idea to make the bolts with shear nuts. When all this is done and dusted ive got all the parts twice over if anyone wants to buy them to do the modification. I had to buy everything twice due to minimum quantity.
  10. Cheers and yeah never thought about aluminium........ Back to drawing board (stores lol)
  11. Ordered springs today. Took some doing. I presume from brexit people have gone nuts lol. Any I found abroad the delivery charges were up to 115 quid lol. Found some in redditch which I've bought but again....... minimum order of 12 plus 6 quid delivery and vat lol Unreal but they'll do the job and I've got 6 to sell to anyone else doing the mod. Can't wait for new scope to come. Think if I've got all the bits I'm gonna do the mods before I even try use it. I've got my eye on some 40mm x 8mm flat bar at work to make the top brace for the tube rings too.
  12. I'm getting all the bits ordered up for when new scope arrives hopefully this week. Question. How much thread have you got out of knobs? 25mm? Cheers Stu
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