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  1. It fitted on mine ok. But as I've now sold it I can't check it's the same as yours. Pretty sure it was tho. Stu
  2. Great image as usual. Loads of little fuzzies too
  3. Ts optics instead of skywatcher.
  4. If I'm honest..... I'm not sure. But I'd seriously recommend the cc in question. Which ota do you have? Maybe you should consider the mods I did also. Ie springs and collimation bolts. Stu
  5. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p6706_TS-Optics-NEWTON-Coma-Corrector-1-0x-GPU-Superflat---4-element---2--connection.html This is the coma corrector in question. It's quite expensive but I took the plunge and have it on my tsoptics f4 8inch astrograph and the results are very rewarding. Alacant helped me to fine tune some design issues on mine which turned out brilliant too. Added pic is latest result. Stu
  6. Grabbed more data on this last night, so now total is 3 hours. Was going to move onto something else but love this galaxy so much had to give it another session. Enjoy. Comments welcome. Clear Skies Stu
  7. I took Alacants advice and ditched the filter for this trial. This is 1 hour of data with the f4 Newt with no quadband filter this time. Stu
  8. Yeah gonna try some different variants.
  9. Think ill reprocess that tomorrow. Very red looking.........
  10. Last night when my plate solving was not playing ball all was not lost as here is 6 x 12 min subs with darks, flats, and bias added. Dont know if i should be using my Altair Quadband filter on it tho but light pollution is bad around here, and it seems to take care of it quite well. Clears skies Stu
  11. Ive removed and reinstalled everything and now its working fine. However its doing it a different way. In the platesolve section there is now another solving plugin abover the 2 that used to be there and that seems to be what its using. Anyway i dont mind what its using as long as its working lol. Cheers for your input guys Stu
  12. I think later when I got time ill try reinstalling APT
  13. Hi Steve. I've always blind solved. It works or did work every time.
  14. Yes. I remember a couple of years ago when I started using it all I had a nightmare to get it to work but can't remember what I did. I think back then I may of removed and reinstalled APT
  15. Last night setup the same as usual and running APT. As normal clicked on blind solve and every where I pointed it just timed out. I even brought up previous sessions images and still timed out. Pulling my hair out as haven't got a clue what's gone wrong.. Help help help. Thanks Stu
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