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  1. My ZS61 saw far more action as a spotting scope than it did pointing at the skies on a recent trip to the Isle of Skye. Small scopes are great for to use as spotting scopes indoors or in the garden, but I wouldn't want to use one as a regular spotting scope. The latter are a lot more rugged and generally have some level of water protection - plus they don't have sharp, knobbly bits that dig into you back when you are walking around!
  2. There are someADM Losmandy dovetail plates in stock at FirstLightOptics
  3. It's worth noting that the 8" EdgeHD comes with a 1.25" visual back and diagonal, so 2" eyepieces may require replacement of both of those as well.
  4. So...you could buy direct from Orion (UK.telescope.com) for the same price, and if you went through topcashback you could get a discount. The problem is that Orion have the xt8i and xt10i listed as no longer available on their website. If you bought through Amazon you would still be buying from Orion (not Amazon direct), so you may have missed the opportunity to buy new. The xt12i is still available.
  5. Looks like it will be shown on CNN (presumably US only) on 20th November. https://realscreen.com/2021/11/01/cnn-films-acquires-the-hunt-for-planet-b-ahead-of-nasa-mission/
  6. Is the camera attached to a USB hub? When I got my ASI533 I had what sounds like similar problems - it turned out the devices on the hub drew too much power when they were all active and one of the devices (normally the camera) would drop the connection. I put the camera on its own USB port and everything has been fine since.
  7. Assuming you have the same model I do (Hi Tec dew Controller) I use two of these cables for powering my ZWO cameras . Note the connectors on these cables are quite short and are not long enough to stay in the sockets of my battery pack or mounts so may not be suitable for your kit.
  8. This open evening seems to be a weekly event at the Chesterfield Barnett Observatory - Barnett Observatory You might want to check the events map on the go stargazing website to see if there is anything else relatively easy for you to access Go Stargazing Events Map
  9. It's worth noting that Svbony tends to be cheaper on ebay than on Amazon - even when the seller is the same. This is the 20mm 68 degree eyepiece at £30 on Ebay and £40 on Amazon. The only difference is if you have Prime on Amazon you can get it delivered a bit quicker, but delivery is free on both. 20mm Amazon 20mm Ebay edit: just noticed Sunshine is in Canada - price difference is certainly true in the UK
  10. Forecast is looking good for tomorrow solar wise... and probably some clear skies for a change too! https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/3-day-forecast
  11. £29 and in stock on the Opticstar website - Messier guide
  12. I think it depends which version of the software you are running, but it should be something like Settings, and then in the next dialogue box there is an option to 'clear centre of camera'. That should then let you do the calibration process again.
  13. Title says it all really - not sure how well a book like this works on a kindle reader, but if you use kindle on a tablet or PC probably more readable The planets - kindle edition
  14. The Glendale app (and website) are a good source of current activity - people post weather and any sightings of aurora. You can also have the website send you alerts so you never miss a chance to look up at clouds aurora again
  15. Good to hear you got it fixed! I have yet to get out with any telescope since the nights started drawing in - and the forecast is for clouds again all week!
  16. What mount are you using it with? There was an issue with the Celestron GPS module which required a bit of boot up time (and I recall being finicky about splitters and/or ports used on the mount) - this was fixed with a patch. Could this be causing the issue? Worth checking the firmware version of the handset.
  17. And what do you do if something happens to your NAS? Even if the drives are fine, you may well find you can't just transfer them to a new NAS as it uses a different algorithm for reading/writing to disks - You've still lost all your files. In our household, the PCs back up to local external drives, and also to a server (which also has an external drive) and the server itself is backed up to the cloud (Backblaze). The local hard drives provide rapid access to data with the server and cloud providing extra resilience and file versioning - but none of that helps unless the first action of any workflow is to back up the files - and when I am capturing images, I use a laptop which isn't connected to anything except mount and camera. My simple suggestion is just to improve the chances of data recovery in the case of accidental file deletion.
  18. It would be worth partitioning your hard drive and saving all the images to the separate partition. This would avoid any accidentally deleted files being overwritten by windows temporary files and increase your chances of recovery should you have the same mishap in the future.
  19. I have this bag - the internal dimension of the main pocket is 54cm (at a squeeze). It's not clear from the pictures but the end of the bag is a separate zipped pocket for bits and pieces (with a couple of velcro dividers). It accommodates by EdgeHD 8" with dovetail, clicklock and Celestron focus motor attached, but will not zip shut with a finder attached to the OTA.
  20. I haven't heard of Denkmeier before and I can't find a UK supplier, although it is available in Europe. Pricewise it is three times the cost of the MaxBright, and still more than double after allowing for glasspath corrector and short prism diagonal from Baader. I've been reading some reviews of the Binotron-27 and like the power-x system which would save some money on duplicating eyepieces. It's a bit outside my price range at the moment though!
  21. Does your laptop use a USB-C connection for charging? I use a £30 powerbank to extend the battery in my laptop. It might take a bit of comparing, but you can find 20mAh+ batteries at this price point which will output 19v on the USB-C port. I can't give you a link to my exact powerbank as it is no longer available. The ZWO asiair is great if you want to buy into the whole ZWO ecosystem, but if you already have an electronic focuser/filter wheel or other brand camera (excluding DSLR), then it can get quite expensive to replace everything. Astroberry and Stellarmate are alternatives in this regard although I have no experience of any of these devices. Edit: Here's one on Amazon for £33 (via a voucher) that will output 20v and would be suitable for charging/powering a laptop Powerbank
  22. Thanks for the info - especially current lead times! I had misread the expected due date on FLO (60-90 days) but it sounds like that might be a bit optimistic if there are a lot of back-orders to fulfill once stock arrives. I can't see it in stock anywhere else. If I decide to go for the Maxbright it sounds like it won't be this season!
  23. Having read various experiences on here, I am keen to give binoviewers a go. Both the Baader and Orion work out around the same price once a glasspath corrector is taken into account, while the Bresser works out slightly cheaper. I will be using with an EdgeHD 8" and a Skywatcher 80ed (with Baader Steeltrack fitted). I also have a ZS61 but will consider it a bonus if the Baader works on that rather than buy another corrector at this point. Is there any difference between the Bresser and the Orion binoviewer? The Bresser is nearly £100 less, and I've seen some speculation that the Orion has better coatings that reduce the reflection on bright planets but nothing definite. I'd be interested to hear if people who have tried both types have a particular preference - I like the idea that the Linear binoviewer will work with any of the scopes, but I should be able to achieve the same with the Baader for around the same price and I believe this will let me use lower power /wider eyepieces. I'd also be interested in any suggestions for eyepieces - the budget doesn't stretch to a couple of Hyperion zooms. I was thinking of trying with some of the Svbony zooms which seem to get good reviews or alternatively a couple of pairs of BST starguiders. thanks.
  24. I removed the counterweights from my AVX before removing the OTA (8" EdgeHD). As the tube started swinging around, I put my hand out to stop the OTA hitting the tripod - which worked but only because my hand was caught between the two. Very bruised and painful but thankfully no damage to the tube - and I've learnt to double check the sequence in which I do things.
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