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    Not that bothered gazing at the smudges, so getting my feet wet in astrophotography. Currently studying 'Make Every Photon count' and 'The Astrophotograpy Manual'.
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  1. Agree with all points above - one extra suggestion. i added an extra SSD to my system, only a little 128G one, and use it solely for my pixinsight swap file, and the image files Iam currently working on. Speeds things up massively. Bit of an Bottom to move things afterwards, but my goodness, it doesn’t half get it processed quicker...
  2. did you get it working with SGP? I'm now highly tempted to use the arduino I was given a while ago to add motor focus to my WO66. I've got a moonlite on the 120ED, but not willing to shell out for another 'real' focuser...
  3. thanks guys - i've been away for a fortnight - will have a go at all these tips tonight... I've also re-made my serial cable so will give it a go! thanks for the offer whipdry - i may well take you up on that, nice to know if the unit has packed up, rather than just the handset. jim
  4. Hi all, I'm having some real dramas with my G11 not playing ball. It's Gemini 1, and currently the hand controller won't work (this was preceeded by the menu button stopping working a couple of months ago). I've got around it by using C2C, but not the mount won't connect to the PC through the serial cable. Meh. Any ideas? Do you think it could need an EEPROM update? Or failing that, is there anyone in the UK who will service/tune it/repair it for me? Pulling my head out, especially with all these clear skies atm... Jim
  5. Chaps/chapettes, Quick heads up - I'm classic all the gear, no idea, so looking for help with the following... SGP atik camera shiny new quark this is early warning that if any of you are using any of this kit, I will be all over you like a tramp on chips this weekend... oh and I can't use my G11 either. p.s what are these star things you speak of?
  6. Off to Maplin's in the morning. I don't have a real dew controller, so do you need phono male or female??
  7. Do I win a prize for submitting the first emergency Maplin order of the weekend?? My master interface box isn't working, so I'm off to buy a hub. If anyone needs anything shout up before about 9am! will get dew shield components, as I'm sure we'll use them
  8. I might have a phono socket in my pile of bits, sure we can rig something up
  9. I've heard whisky is good for colds...
  10. Chanced it and got parole early. Base camp established! Happy to lend a hand to anyone who needs it, just shout up, I'm down the end with some Leffe
  11. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00K67LU9W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TpYdyb5TN1ADP I use one of these - pretty good
  12. Will be a good spectator sport when I throw my toys out of the pram!
  13. I'll have a full set up of tools too. My mount is playing up, so we may have a live demonstration of a G11 strip, clean and reassemble on my pitch
  14. Really good fun. It's expensive though, after Gary Palmers talk I walked out with a Quark from the widescreen centre
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