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  1. Ah.. Googles brought me here... Did you ever get to the bottom of this?.. Seems I've stumbled on this one too now. I run the Obsy on auto with ACP. EQMod V2.00i with an EQ8. I've been tracking down some odd glitchy guiding issues & noticed they smooth out when PEC isn't running. I see that PEC is automatically enabled when EQMod loads even though I've disabled all options I can find & removed it (pressing the red X) in the PEC tab. At the moment I have to do that each time it loads to disable.. a pain on an automated obsy logging in every night!. Now.. when I hit the load button the path indicates the pec.txt & peccapture files are still there.. I'm admin & enabled hidden files etc but can't see them from windoze. Even if I remove the PEC directory they still show up in that path in EQMod after shutting down & restarting.. I wonder if they are linked somehow to somewhere? I don't see them in a file search. See below.. I've tried deleting & recreating the PEC dir. EQMod still thinks its there after the dir is deleted & its relaunched ?
  2. I’ve been using the Atik 314L with my RC8 & AP 0.67 at about 1.22”/pix and I’d say the resolution is lacking really at that. I’ve also been wondering about one of the CMOS cameras, but they don’t bin. Well they do, but it’s done in software so I believe you have to up the gain to compensate. So I think a bit more investigation of the pros & cons of those at longer FL might be needed there.
  3. Ah mine failed on the tailgate last weekend in the cold. Unfortunately my wife was using my car in the dark. Opened the boot turned to grab shopping from trolley not noticing it was stuck halfway! End result a lot of blood from thankfully a small head wound.. gave me a fright when she got home looking like a scene from “Carrie” !!
  4. Universal "Serial" Bus is a misnomer.. I spent many hours in the 70's & 80's running serial cables up 'n down lift shafts from the "computer room" around multi-story buildings that worked perfectly as long as it was well screened
  5. Yeah a bit nippy.. around -7 at the Obsy last night. You should set yourself up a remote connection to the warm house
  6. I’ve always thought I should use my obsy for something more than “pretty pictures”. Having invested time & money getting this far with the automation of it too. Although my skies are not that good. Any pointers on doing stuff like this properly & usefully?
  7. Cheers for the comments. Yes, I think I’d be running for cover if it were close enough to really see rotation! Especially at 1088 FL. ? It’s certainly moving quick though & pretty bright for 20 secs bin1.
  8. I thought I'd have a look for this one tonight in between imaging runs. Here's a quick 60 x 20secs raw subs thrown into a gif using Blink & ffmpeg in PixInsight. It's certainly moving & I'm sure I can see the rotation as if it's tumbling in these frames. I'll see if I can clean the subs up for a better view in the morning... err later today..
  9. Nice resolution with that combo Steve.. The esprit 150 is very tempting. I was thumbing through your new book this morning (dropped through my letterbox yesterday) & this looks like a good example to go with the Sharpening & Noise reduction chapter. Its not something you can easily see in printed examples due to the nature of print but I knew exactly what you were talking about looking at this. I've tended to very quickly overcook things, especially NR & sharpening, having only worked in PixInsight for the last 3 or so years. So I think I'll be going back to re learning PS with your excellent book as a reference.
  10. I guess they finally blew the budget going out to Oz.. I wondered how long they'd keep it up
  11. Yeah I can’t look anywhere near bright lights the older I’m getting the more sensitive my eyes. I do have solar glasses & solar scope. The effects sound very similar to the symptoms I see ( or don’t see actually) when I get a migraine & interesting I have to remove my glasses to improve my vision when I get them. Another interesting use of adaptive optics technology though.
  12. Yup use an IDAS on all my rigs plus the clip in with the cannon
  13. Brilliant, you’ve really made a great job putting the effort in. So much sharper yet not overdone. Nice detail and you went with all PI in the end too. I gave mine a rest, it’s just too easy to be nearly there & then oops it’s overcooked. Pleased you cracked it in the end.. gives me some hope ?
  14. Well, I take it back.. good move Atik on the realistic pricing. Perhaps there's been some attention paid to comments over on the Horizon thread..
  15. Yeah.. thats what I do , you do have to keep tweaking the parameters of CW anyway as the year moves on. The temperatures that indicate a clear sky change quite a lot over the year.. (sry to bring the thread down to earth.. had a moment of lucidity there.. as you were)
  16. Yeah.. I was looking at 2" carousels earlier for my existing wheels & came across the (new to me?) SX Maxi wheel. I've got an SX Mini wheel which is great but I nearly choked when I saw the price of the Maxi. Almost 3 times the cost of a Mini!! So if thats anything to go by.. prepare yourself! I've got a few wheels including the EFW2 which is as said, a beautifully made piece of kit. However, to get at least 7 slots for large filters its going to cost... and while you're in there popping out the kidney you might as well have a very good rummage around for a few other organs. If that doesn't finish you off the shock of how much it will cost to actually fill them up certainly will... Astrodons, Chroma... dig very deep!
  17. Yeah it's quite low & it doesn't get that high for me.. The trees aren't mine, I can trim the ones growing closer each year but there's rather a lot further back.. it's a bit of a woodland area so not a small job & they'd grow back soon enough. I'd need to get into the tops & I really don't fancy getting caught swinging around with a chainsaw
  18. Hmm.. My personal experience of TWC was poor/ignored communication so I struck them of my list just about as long ago as this thread! Have you tried phoning them too, just to make sure there's no issues with Emails etc? If you're not getting anywhere with them I'd contact your Credit Card company & discuss with them.
  19. Pinged them yesterday.. very quick to respond. Quoted the same to me so I'll be sending it down to them when I get a chance. Got one of my "spare" ones hooked up last night so back in action at least with reporting -10 as usual.. not a problem to reach up here.. maybe you'd like to send yours up for a holiday to realise it's dream of reaching -10 & beyond
  20. Looks like you're getting there. I've had very similar experience on my Bubble so far too.. just doesn't look sharp enough. I used a very similar setup aswell. RC8 314L+ & 5nm. I've only used PI on it so far.. following Warren's NB processing workflow. I do feel drawn towards delving into PS though. I seem to almost get near & then its just overcooked. Your Bubble itself is showing some good detail. I'm struggling to pull much out of mine.
  21. Brilliant.. thats good going, Better results than I was getting out of my C9.25. I like these. I always fancied going deep on this target but sadly it doesn't clear the trees around the Obsy enough anymore. They seem to have put a growing spurt on the last few years!
  22. Yes been through all the usual. It doesn't seem to be responding to any cool down or warm up instruction. Artemis reports the temp as unknown. That will also be using a different driver to the one I use with Maxim too. I have rechecked again with Nebulosity which also reports the same issue using ASCOM or the Atik Universal driver so I'm probably looking at a hardware issue. I might try a firmware re-flash. The subs actually look ok from the last couple of nights where its been intermittently reporting odd temps. I'm pretty strict with "change control" on the obsy puter so its been stable for quite some time now. It's backed up daily so I can roll back to previous state if needed. I'm going to take the laptop out & hook it up to test it out when I get a chance. The last thing will then be to swap it out with one of my others.. I'm very lucky I have accumulated 3 of these over the years although this ones the newest. As I've several projects on the go it'll be a pain realigning & getting new calibration sets to match with different sets of subs. There's always something to thwart us. This is the longest run I've had though so should be thankful.. at the end of last season the old focuser literally cracked & started to fall to bits.. Maybe it didn't like operating at -60
  23. I thought it was too good to be true. The obsy's been running the better than ever before over last few months & as soon as I post my first image in absolutely yonks I've cursed it.. Just noticed the last few subs from last night had some wild temp reporting.. looks like something amiss here then No its not -60 out there.. yet!
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