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  1. I was looking at globular clusters in Auriga, and Orion Nebula last night at 11.30 with 8 inch dob class 6 Bortle sky. Decent views but the nebula appeared blue- grey only. The globulars I was looking for are classed as easy targets, but I still found them hard to locate. So dark site, dark adapting, scope cooling should not be over looked. Doesn’t matter what size scope if you can’t find what your looking for. I used my new Rigel finder for the first time, it was very useful.
  2. I’ve got same scope. I’d be very happy with what you’ve got collimating wise. if the views are good, leave alone..
  3. I couldn’t resist tweaking my secondary as well. Ive come to the same conclusion as you. Back off the 3 tilt adjustment screws then turn the central screw to get the secondary where you want it. At this point the secondary holder is wobbly so try to hold it so it’s not tilted, then screw in the 3 tilt adjustment screws a small amount so they just touch the secondary holder. The secondary holder is now not as wobbly. This is where I made tiny adjustments to the 3 tilt screws to get best alignment and tighten the central screw so the secondary holder is held tight against the 3 tilt screw
  4. Just got a Rigel Quikfinder, but typically it’s cloudy so can’t align it yet.
  5. Hi I can let my 8 inch dob go for that amount. Orion Xt8i. Needs collection from south Northumberland , after lockdown 2.0 pm if interested
  6. Try not using the 2 inch focus extender and use the zoom and Barlow as shown above
  7. Probably the laser collimator is not true. Pu it on a flat surface and roll it whilst projecting against a wall. Watch if the projected dot stays level or moves up and down like a shallow sine wave . It dot moves the collimator needs collimating.
  8. Try the shorter 1.25 inch adapter on the right . That’s what my Xt8i came with..
  9. Mars has appeared as a white disc to me as well all week. It’s just too bright. it is recommended to try various filters. I’ve got a variable polarising one on the way to try. My max useable magnification has been around 150x.
  10. Thanks for that info. Ive got same size dob. Think I need to cool scope for longer, and need to go out much later to see what you saw. Local conditions permitting. Mand
  11. Inspirational report. Can I ask what scope and how long it cooled for? Where did you look from, dark sit or back garden, and lastly what time of night? Thanks Mand
  12. Hi Mark It seemed the same across the fov. I think it is definitely atmospheric dispersion, maybe worse due to my local atmospheric condition?
  13. Managed to get a quick look at Mars just now. Not good seeing at all over next doors roof and the scope not being cooled, but I expected that. What I wasn’t expecting was the atmospheric aberration (think that’s what it’s called). Blue fringe on one side, red on the other. Mars was maybe 60 deg above the horizon.. so is anybody else suffering this? Didn’t really notice it much when I looked at Jupiter and Saturn about 1.5 months ago, and they were not as high. Last time I viewed Mars was over 15yrs a go thru my first scope - F10 120mm refractor, now I’m using a F6 200m
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