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  1. Yeah its all coming back to me now.. I read through Steve's version of the manual when I first got mine. Section 5. Calculate the rotation centre might be worth checking. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/user/manuals/polemaster_user_manual_english_UK_northern_hemisphere.pdf
  2. You're not missing anything... scrubbed for 24 hrs..
  3. Ah cool...thanks. Looks like its set for 16:59 pst (00:59) now.. That app only seems to show up as available on the phone. Don't show up as available on ipad in store
  4. Lovely.. partial to these longer FL targets myself. Must keep saving up for some Spanish Skies..
  5. Ooh is it left... haha.. I used mine for first time in ages at w/end to set up a grab n go & couldn't remember so pointed it down.. seemed to work well enough
  6. Kaliska is this on all stars across the sensor?. I just got a new camera (ZWO1600) I'm checking out with one of my Esprit 80's I've not used for a while. I saw the same diffraction pattern on bright stars towards the corner whilst tweaking the distance to flattener. Not sure I kept the subs as cant find them right now. So is it possible its a spacing/tilt issue? I think mine have gone away after adding just 1mm, although not had good enough skies to confirm yet.
  7. Cheers... I don't normally do much RGB as a bit too near the capital sky glow but I'm finding longer FL a bit easier with gradients. Having lived down in the Borders years ago I know what I'm missing too! Thanks Olly, I do find them appealing to seek out. There's probably more in the data but my processing skills have a long way to go yet. I crave more resolution & would have had the QSI on this if it hadn't been out of action (hopefully that'll be getting sorted soon thanks to Sara's (swag72) helpful advice). Meantime.. I've a ZWO1600MM Pro sitting in front of me I'm just setting up to have a play with
  8. Yes so much easier to deal with.. after using one & going back to separate spacing issues with camera-FW-OAG you really appreciate it. Incidentally, I know I'm going OT but as I mentioned it as part of my previous post.. My 1600 arrived today. Coupling up to an Atik EFW2 I think I'm measuring less than 13mm from AR window surface to Filter. Thats less than the backfocus of the Horizon on its own... jus sayin..
  9. and so the journey down that long slippery slope begins... with AP there's the "black hole" to eat up your finances to contend with as well... I've 3 mounts so far. If you can afford to it's best to keep AP & visual separate. A lot of the time if I'm actually outside imaging (I'm normally indoors, remotely imaging from my Obsy these days) I'll just use a pair of Binoculars to have a good look around, its a great way to find your way about & learn star hoping etc if you've never tried.
  10. As said.. I wouldn't do AP with the SCT on the mount. Not with an HEQ5.. I didn't notice flex when I had it on the EQ8 in the Obsy but outside the wind won't help either. My portable imaging rig normally consists of my HEQ5 & Esprit 80. Thats a nice combo. However to get back to the OP's question. An 8" SCT & a small frac mounted on top would be a nice combo I think. Possibly a Mak but I can't remember TBH how good the views are in comparison with a Mak having been years since I last looked through one. My 9.25 SCT with top rail & saddle I made up myself. Velco is from when I had it imaging in the Obsy, for attaching cable tidy's etc.
  11. SCT + frac My C9.25 is my first choice for visual but last for AP, I'd recommend a frac starting out with AP... soo... Put a rail on the top with a saddle. Aside from acting as a handle to mount it, you can stick a small frac on there for the wide field views. Thats what I do. There you go.. sorted. Remember, N+1 scope is never enough.. they get lonely.. so you need to start off with 2
  12. This is promising news.. It would be such a waste for QSI to just disappear, they are a thing of beauty. I'm almost drawn to stroke it, as its so nice. However mine died, I can still admire & stroke it.. but it no longer purrs ... maybe there's hope I'll be able to get it fixed "Locally" now... to purr once more Having also had 3 Atiks for some years now & only suffering my first failure with one just before Xmas, the score is Atik 2.95 & QSI nil with me at the moment. It also only has to go "down the road" to get fixed. Ooh & yes.. I drive an eleven year old Micra.. before that I had Audi's. I just realised that a single service cost for my last Audi (which was 2 & a half years old at the time) 11 years ago, was the same cost as the last 4 years of servicing & MOT's for the Micra!! Got conformation earlier (Thanks FLO) of shipping for my ZWO 1600MM Pro to hopefully allow me to finish some of my projects started with the QSI. It would have been an Atik Horizon if the price had been competitive & the backspacing had a chance of working with 1.25 Astrodon filters. I don't think brand snobbery will protect any company in the niche amateur astro market?
  13. Huh.. it's a 4 series!... I've still got 3 of the 314L+'s on the go.. plenty life in em yet !!
  14. Mine live on a permanent setup in the Obsy. The cool down/warm up is controlled by MaximDL / ACP, basically its scripted to cool down in stages so as not to form ice or shock & the same with the warm up. Other than that I run a dehumidifier in the Obsy. I think if its a portable setup you're using then you'll want to cool down slowly enough that ice doesn't form & then warm up gently enough to avoid thermal shock, over a few minutes should be enough. I'd have thought storing in a low humidity not necessary a warm environment would be sufficient. If its soaking wet after use then yes you'll want to dry it out first.
  15. Nice.. this target is too low from my obsy as it gets obscured by trees now. I’d love to get a close in shot of the leaping leopard
  16. Cheers for the comments folks. Happy New Year & clear skies to you all.
  17. vdB 142 / IC 1396 The Elephants Trunk Nebula in Cepheus, some two & a half thousand light years from Earth. For my last (& infrequent) AP post of the year, a shot of "The stuff Stars are made of".. A close in on one of my favourite targets, a beautiful area of gas & dust creating a stellar nursery, a Celestial Fireworks show to see out the old year. Imaged over several nights from 29th November - 17th December, I collected as much usable (I threw a fair few away) data as our temperamental skies would allow. I ended up with over 12 hours in total of Red, Green, Blue & Ha filters to create this HaRGB image. I'm still hoping to get enough Lum on this for an LRGB but with it becoming an early evening target disappearing into the murk & behind the hoose, I'm not holding my breath this season. I've pushed the saturation a wee bit as I'm not one for the "Salmon Pink" it so desperately wants to be! RC8 & Atik 314L+ with AP 0.67 reducer 25 x 300 R 25 x 300 G 27 x 300 B 23 x 900 Ha (astrodon 5nm)
  18. Sorry to hear & not a nice thing to come back to. I’d urge you not to make hasty decisions before you’ve had time to dry it out & check over. Most kit is more robust than we think. Even electronics if it’s dried out thoroughly.. although corrosion damage later on may have an effect. Perhaps if you give it a bit of time to take it all in it may not seem as hopeless as it does right now. There are folk on here who have suffered the same fate. Anyone attempting Astronomy in the UK surely must be resilient at heart you know ?
  19. .. Naa.. tell 'em like it is.. Nothing in AP is cheap.. we just get sucked down into the continuous drain of adding this ,upgrading that... until.. we realise the sky needs upgrading. So we either move, rent someone else's sky... or... hmmm... .... buy a metal detector?
  20. Yes another +1 for Pixinsight and I also have Registar which I haven't used for ages as PI has been meeting my needs. Registar is brilliant at what it does but thats all it does. I've not found anything used for astro processing an "easy" learning curve though. The general directions have been either layer based ie. Photoshop etc.. or a more math/script approach such as Pixinsight. Generally, people tend to use more than one to get to the final result. I started out using DSS & Nebulosity.
  21. That's something I love about SGL.. the speeel checka is a human...
  22. Brilliant.. kirkster501 it takes a bit to post both sides of the story Yup.. it does deserve credit.. when you think of all the variables the guys have to code for. ie.. if you've got control over the software/hardware base.. Apple, HP, IBM, Sun ( RIP.. ).. etc.. then you have a chance.. but (dare I say it) Microsoft had this problem too.. there are so many externals.. that you are on a hiding for nothing.. and in the case of astronomy softwares.. there's not really gonna be a fortune to be made in it? Lets face it.. we like to be a bit "bleedin edge" with diy automation... I found (& invested in) SGP pretty neat & still use it on my grab 'n go lappy.. (rarely these days I admit) .. although I have to say I gave up waiting for the promise of dual camera support.. with dithering.. (tall order) & went over to the brilliant (but yes.. much more investment) ACP for my needs some 3 years ago & have not looked back. BUT... there are many who use SGP to control remote obsy's and it is clearly working for them. I had quite a few peripheral issues getting ACP to run unattended & they are the same issues I would have had with SGP. We have to recognise that at the end of the day the support of the developers is to be commended after all they must have started out just like us.. and yes... I am in awe every time I login to my obsy web cam & just watch.. but of course.. at the end of the day.. it's just "a bunch of scripts"... still cool tho..
  23. I hate not nailing root cause.. gotta be some windaes permission thing or EQMOD retaining something somewhere else. Anyway, I deleted the PEC directory & then applied the latest v2.00k EQMod.. overwriting the v2.00i. Nothing significant in release notes between i & k but it's recreated the PEC dir and I see nothing in there but EQMod still thinks the 2 files are in there. However, my startup scripts, ACP etc are happy & EQMOD starts up & tracks sidereal only now. So without PEC applied. I know I should be posting on the yahoo grp but Yahoo is such a mess these days..
  24. Nice... Hmm yes.. I've been collecting some close in data on this one ..since .. well before you got the e-Eye setup going.. and I'm still at it! Love the colour, nice ever so slight fadeout to turquoise into the outer dust, (on my screen anyway) works very well, don't change anything.. I've always wondered about "the general rule" of stripping out all of green in everything. I do tend to try several settings with SCNR before I'm happy. I used rubber on my Obsy roof.. seriously glued down. It's weathered several Gales.. being on a hill we get a fair bit of weather so I tended to over engineer the Obsy anyway, the current weather alarm trigger is 35mph.. (average) before I start to check the subs
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