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  1. I do like a guy that can make up his mind!!!!!
  2. Yes i agree with Wim.A lovely lot of detail there,and nicely framed,just a little too sharp for my liking.But still a very good image. Mick.
  3. One amazing image.So much detail.Hats off to you. Mick.
  4. That is very very good. Mick.
  5. Very nice image Andy.The Ha regions showing nicely. Mick.
  6. Nice image Steve.Well done. Mick.
  7. Plus also i took my co-ordinates from a catalogue source.May have a discrepency.
  8. Hi. Thanks i will check that. Mostly things are dead centred,after platesolving. However!!! Mick.
  9. Hi Blinky,yes i did. Good luck with the image,i,m looking forward to seeing it. Mick.
  10. Do you think so. Well i,m chuffed. Mick.
  11. Hi. Plate solving found the Nebulae by the input of its co-ordinates.This is where it showed up after i exposed for about 5 mins.I tried to do a manual shift to the centre,but even on a 1-2min download i still could not see the Planetary.I suppose thinking about it now i could tried binning 2x2. So i just accepted the original plate slove position. Mick.
  12. Hi. This is a very faint Planetary Nebulae in Lynx,especially so for a ED72 at F5.8. This is an LRGB image taken with an Atik 314L+ ccd. Fours hours of Luminance + 1.5hrs each in RGB.(All 1x1 Bin) The Nebulae could hardly be seen on a 600 sec sub even with the Luminance filter. Found it quite difficult to tease it out,without blowing the stars,especially in the Blue. It may respond better to Narrowband Filters. Cheers. Mick.
  13. Hi Philip,sorry for not getting back to you. It turned out it was caused by the display settings in CDC.I must have altered something when i was messing with it. Seems to be ok now. Thanks for responding to the message. Mick.
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