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  1. astro mick

    Celestron Omni XLT 102 F9.8 OTA

    Opps well spotted. Have just sold the skywatcher,and got the photos mixed up. Corrected now. Thanks for pointing that out. Mick.
  2. Hi. I have for sale a lovely Omni XLT 102 F9.8 Refractor OTA. Just a couple of small cosmetic marks on the tube. It gives exerllent images and collimation is spot on.(With these scopes you can adjust collimation) It will come with a 2 inch Diagonal Tube Rings and Dovetail Bar. Asking £100. I would prefer pick-up,but can post if needed. I would have to get a postage price,but i am willing to share half the costs. This is a long focal length Achromat scope. Cheers. Mick.
  3. astro mick

    Tripod extension pillar for an EQ3-2 Mount

    Thanks John. Mick.
  4. Hi. Does anyone know if such a thing exists. Cheers. Mick.
  5. astro mick

    SH 2-132 The Lion Nebulae

    Wow. Thats a lot better than mine. Well done. Mick.
  6. astro mick

    SH 2-132 The Lion Nebulae

    Hi. Found this lurking on the borders of Cepheus and Lacerta. Imaged with my ED 80 and a Canon modded 1000D. This is 36x300 secs of total imaging time,although the image was quite faint in the camera.Sensor temp was between 18-23c. It is nicknamed the Lion,my image does,nt really show it well,but googled images are better. Calibrated with Bias and Darks. Cheers. Mick.
  7. astro mick

    Skywatcher 120 F8 Evostar OTA

  8. astro mick

    Skywatcher 120 F8 Evostar OTA

    No Probs. Mick.
  9. astro mick

    Skywatcher 120 F8 Evostar OTA

    Hi. I live in a place called Beeford, Yorkshire East Coast. I would post,and share half the costs. Or drive a reasonable way,if not too far. No worries though,if its not what you want. Mick.
  10. astro mick

    Skywatcher 120 F8 Evostar OTA

    Hi. The scope is still for sale. The only reason i am selling it is because it does not get used enough. I am mainly an imager in my obsy.I had the idea of setting up a visual scope whilst the camera was doing its job. However the trials of imaging just kept me mostly in the obsy. Also i would have to know the sky was going to clear for several hours.if i was to set up another scope out side. Not easy in the UK. I bought an EQ5 mount to go with the scope,and was advertised as well,but that has been SOLD. So yea just sat not getting used which is a shame. It is absolutey mint virtually new, and thats not a sales pitch,it just is. Hope this info helps. Mick.
  11. astro mick

    Skywatcher 120 F8 Evostar OTA

    Hi Gus. 100 cm. Mick.
  12. astro mick

    Skywatcher 120 F8 Evostar OTA

    Will get back to you Gus. Still for sale. Mick.
  13. astro mick

    Skywatcher 120 F8 Evostar OTA

    I will Patrick. Thanks. Mick.
  14. astro mick

    Skywatcher 120 F8 Evostar OTA

    Yes Jeff it is. Mick.

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