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  1. A very nice simple to use set-up. Enjoy. Mick.
  2. astro mick

    M16 Modified Hubble Palette

    Ok Rodd. Your obviously very passionate to produce your best. Nothing wrong in that though. By the way a cracking image. Mick.
  3. astro mick

    M16 Modified Hubble Palette

    I dont know why your really worrying, i really dont. Mick.
  4. astro mick

    A quick M92

    Hi. Imaged M92 last night with my ED 80 and Atik 314L+. Took nine 100 secs in RGB. No calibration was done. Bit of processing in photo-shop. Cheers. Mick.
  5. astro mick

    COMPLETED - Atik 314L+ Mono ccd camera

  6. This camera is only 3 months old and in mint condition.Bought new from FLO.Am going down a differnt route hence the sale.Comes with all cables,Booklet,CD Rom.Will also include a 12v AC mains adaptor.Will put pictures up shortly.Asking £750 to include insured shipping. Or near offer.Cheers.Mick.Can provide photos to anyone interested.
  7. astro mick

    WDS and Cartes du ciel

    Thanks Michael. All sorted now. Mick.
  8. astro mick

    WDS and Cartes du ciel

    Ok Michael. I will give it a go. Thanks for your help. Will let you know how i get on. Mick.
  9. astro mick

    WDS and Cartes du ciel

    Hi Michael. Thats exactly what i did! Where did you download from? Mick.
  10. astro mick

    WDS and Cartes du ciel

    Hi. I,m trying to download and install the Washington Double Star Catalogue into Cartes du Ciel. I,ve unzipped the files into Ciel, but it obviously isnt being recognised.In set-up, catalogue, there is an option to download extra catalogues and this is where i have been pointing to WDS. I am doing something wrong here. If anyone has done this successfully, please let me know how. Cheers. Mick.
  11. astro mick

    Inchworm Cluster

    Very nice indeed. A lot going on in there. Mick.
  12. astro mick

    Galaxies in Bootes

    Hi. Centered around the faint Galaxy NGC5689 can be found the Galaxies NGC 5682/5693. A nice grouping imaged with a dual set-up of a 80ED + Atik 314+ mono and a second 80ED + Atik 320E. 18x600 secs Lum. 6x600 secs RGB. Images aligned and resized in Registar software. Full calibration frames applied. Cheers. Mick.
  13. astro mick


    Cheers Steve. Mick.
  14. astro mick


    Thanks DP. Appreciate it. Dont think i will post for a while. Mick.
  15. astro mick


    Hi. Usual set-up. 12x600 secs in the Luminance. 6x600 secs in RGB. Calibrated with Darks/Flats/Bias Frames. Processed in Photo-shop. Thanks for looking. Mick.

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