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  1. Great Footage. Thanks for posting,glad I,m on dry/wet land. Mick.
  2. Always good to see a cluster.Striking image. Mick.
  3. Loads to look at there Steve. Exerllent. Mick.
  4. That is something really special Martin,should be real proud of this. Mick.
  5. Wow that is good,must try hubble sometime,though don't think my efforts will match this. Mick.
  6. Thanks Simmo and Martin.Nice of you both to comment. Mick.
  7. Thanks guys,glad we got there. Mick.
  8. Thanks guys,appreciate the comments.Thanks for the feedback on the spikes.Here is a slightly cropped image without. Mick.
  9. Hi. Last night turned out to be a good night for imaging,if a little windy where i am.Anyway turned to the popular M82 as not too near the Moon. This is a HaLRGB image of around 2.5hrs for the LRGB each,and 4hrs with a 12nm Ha filter.Unfortunately my scopes don't have a long focal length,so the image is a bit small.I added the spikes,but don't know whether they suit this image.Please let me know if you do or don't like them. I did,nt really want to crop the image so left as is. Fully calibrated. Mick.
  10. Wow that is good. Mick.
  11. Rather good Adam,always like something different. Mick.
  12. Very nice image indeed. Mick.
  13. Very nice image Carole,to see it enveloped in so much dust is refreshing,most people tend to go with deep rich colours when imaging this Nebulae.Nothing wrong in doing that at all,but think this is proberbly what you may see,if you could view it up close. I can only really see subtle changes from your original post,so I don't think you were too much off the mark with that one. Mick.
  14. Thanks Olly.Appreciate the comments,will have a look at the green. Mick.
  15. Thankyou Steve,much appreciate the comment. Mick.
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