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astro mick

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  1. astro mick

    orion nebula

    Very good capture indeed,especially as the Moon is playing its usual havoc. Nice detail,and you have have kept the colours slightly muted,which i like. Mick.
  2. astro mick

    finally a break in the clouds - ngc 2683

    Very nice indeed,makes a nice change to mingle with the Nebulae. Yes nice capture. Mick.
  3. astro mick

    DSLR M63 with ED80 (Sunflower Galaxy)

    Very nice indeed Adam,especially for DSLR cameras.
  4. astro mick

    IC443 a bit of Jelly Fish

    Yes thanks. I know i need a lot more subs to bring out further detail,but i dont spend more than one night imaging a target.If its a good night thats great. Mick.
  5. astro mick

    IC443 a bit of Jelly Fish

    Thanks Dave. Its just nice to get out and do something. Always one eye on the sky. Mick.
  6. astro mick

    IC443 a bit of Jelly Fish

    Hi. Been clouded most nights recently,but a clear patch opened up on a very windy night. I feared for my obsy roof as i opened it,but took a chance. Anyway managed a few subs with my DSLR before cloud returned again,and put paid to the session. Using my ED 72 and my canon 1000D i took about 12 450 secs at ISO 800. I did calibrate using Bias and Darks. As i say,a bit of the Jelly Fish did show up + a very bright Eta Geminorum. Cheers. Mick.
  7. astro mick

    Iris nebula with Skywatcher 72ED

    Yes that is rather nice. Mick.
  8. astro mick

    What an idiot

    Good fun is,nt it. Mick.
  9. astro mick


    Thankyou everyone. Deeply appreciate your comments. Mick.
  10. astro mick


    Imaged this the other night with my usual gear. It is the sum of 30 600 secs subs,fully calibrated with darks flats and bias frames. It was a narrowband image consisting of both H-Alpha and Oxy111 filters. Using two scopes i imaged with both filters at the same time,and alighned in software. The scopes had different FOV and had to crop a little. Cheers. Mick.
  11. astro mick

    Lenovo Thinkpad

    Thanks for all the input guys,it was really helpful. In the end i did a full system recovery,and re-installed windows.By doing that it has cured the problem. It was not as drastic as it may seem,as i only use this for the obsy. Just re-installed my software and drivers and i,m away again. Was i bit worried at first though. Mick.
  12. astro mick

    Lenovo Thinkpad

    Hi Mike. Highlighting is fine,but i dont have a right click menu to enabling copying. I will try your link. Cheers. Mick.
  13. astro mick

    Lenovo Thinkpad

    Thanks Mick.
  14. astro mick

    Lenovo Thinkpad

    What a good idea. Had,nt thought of that. Thanks Steve. Mick.
  15. astro mick

    Lenovo Thinkpad

    Hi Steve. I just see a microsoft store,what am i looking for. Mick.

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