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  1. Thanks Alan appreciate the comment.To be truthful Alan I have never been successful at narrowband,its only because of the moon that I did this. 12nm in both the o3 and s11 just does not cut it. I like imaging,but think I,m really missing the sights that are up there visually.Hours sat just twiddling your thumbs whilst the camera is working.Then only a mediocre image. Mick.
  2. Hi Folks,this was meant to be a Hubble narrowband,but had endless trouble with the camera losing connection whilst taking the S11.My USB length is I think at its max. Anyway settled for a bi-colour,but even my 0111 was so faint I could hardly see it.I,m beginning to think any of the narrowband filters other than the astrodons,are,nt really up to much,especially when the Moon is about. So taken with an ED80 and Atik 314L+ a total of around 4 hrs in Ha + O111. Calibrated with Bias and Flats. Cheers. Mick.
  3. The Helix is really nice Alan,and with proper flats it would lift it no end. Mick.
  4. Thanks Tooth. Just the ticket. Mick.
  5. This gives a great 3D effect Rob,its like looking through a hole in space to another Universe. Exerllent my friend. Mick.
  6. Hi. I have acquired an older Atik 314L+ camera,that does,nt have the external desiccant chamber.I assume the tablet is inside the body of the camera.On removing the cover I can see a largest Knurled flat scew head which I assume if removed exposes the tablet. On first try the screw is very tight and does,nt want to undo,however before I apply some gentle force I just want to make sure that I am right in my thinking,and that removal does indeed gain access to the tablet. Anyone encountered this tablet removal from the camera? Cheers. Mick.
  7. Hi Rodd. Not qualified to add any advice,but a lovely image all the same. Mick.
  8. I don't Adrian,but I will shortly. Mick.
  9. Thankyou Rodger. Mick.
  10. Thankyou Adrian I will certainly look into that,as I am Photoshop only. Mick.
  11. Very nice indeed Richard.Thats quite a capture from a constellation that does,nt get a lot of attention. Mick.
  12. This deserves credit,it is a lovely image,and you have devoted quite a bit of time on it already. On my screen the background could do with being a bit darker,but the Nebulae is stunning. Mick. it
  13. Well done,what a nice image,and the claw definitely stands out.You have given a lot of hours to this,and it shows. Mick.
  14. This deserves comments.This is exerllent Bryan.The Nebulosity is amazing. Well done and carry on. Mick.
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