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  1. Cheers Chris. Had another little play,dont know wether it is any better. Mick.
  2. Hu. Dodging the snow flurries last night here on the East Coast i managed about 3hrs in total on an LRGB image of NGC3628. Taken with my ED 120 and Atik 414 ex ccd. The subs were 600 secs. Calibrated with Bias,Darks & Flats. All binned 1x1. Little processing was done on this image, but what was i did in Photoshop. Cheers. Mick.
  3. Thanks Rodd. Mick.
  4. Thanks guys. Barry had another play to try and get a better colour balance. Mick.
  5. Hi. A quick image of M108 last night. Taken with an ED120 and Atik 414. 6X600 secs each. RGB Binned 2x2. No calibration was applied. Cheers. Mick.
  6. Either way, this is a lovely image, the framing is spot on. Well done. Mick.
  7. Mine came out nothing like yours Carol, so very well done, thats a corker. Mick.
  8. Thanks. Appreciate the comment. Mick.
  9. Very nice indeed. Mick.
  10. Hi. Looking for an image to target the other night i settled on M101 as it was high above and away from a very bright rising Moon. An LRGB image was out the question, so i opted for an RGB. This was taken with an ED 120 and an Atik 414. 12x600 secs in RGB, and 6x600 secs in H-Alpha. Calibration was applied. Cheers. Mick.
  11. You know i never noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out. Mick.
  12. Thankyou Michael. Good advice. Mick.
  13. Just lacking a sharper focus, but really good. Mick.
  14. Very good,loads of detail. Mick.
  15. Very nice image indeed. Mick.