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  1. Fireworks Galaxy

    Better check my calibration. I know photo-shop is set to Adobe 1998, but maybe the screen calibration my not be. Mick.
  2. Fireworks Galaxy

    Hi Martin. Thanks for all the info,and had,nt realised i could be damaging the stars with my lengthy subs at 2x2. I must admit i have never been a devotee of binning,as i normally end up with fat stars after i have resized,i normally have to apply a couple of star size reduction passes, but again i,m always looking to see if i,m damaging the image overall. I process very minimally. Mick.
  3. Fireworks Galaxy (NGC6946)

    Very nice indeed Alan,amazing and colourful detail you have here. Think my effort now belongs in the bin.(LOL) Mick.
  4. Fireworks Galaxy

    Thanks Matt. Yes your right, the 414 is,nt suited to binning at 2x2.Just trying to save time because of the pesky clouds. Thanks for the comment. Mick.
  5. Fireworks Galaxy

    Thanks very much guys. Mick.
  6. Fireworks Galaxy

    Hi. NGC6946. ED120. 18x600secs in Lum. Bin 1x1. RGB 6x600 secs Bin 2x2. Calibration was applied. I think binning the RGB to 2x2 was a mistake, as my SXV-H9 is,nt suited to this as i believe it has square pixels. However it is what it is. Cheers. Mick.
  7. M15

    Managed a quickie last night before clouded out (AGAIN). Its an LRGB image using 240 sec subs for each colour. 3 subs each then stacked. Calibration applied. Cheers. Mick.
  8. Washington Double Star Catalogue

    Much appreciated for this Martin. You have gone to a lot ot trouble to do this. Yes i was still scratching my head. I will now give this ago. Cheers. Mick.
  9. Help what has gone wrong

    Dave. Somehow the Geographical info in ASCOM had got reversed.Basically it was now saying South instead of North and East instead of West. No idea why. Mick.
  10. Help what has gone wrong

    Found the problem. Mick.
  11. Hi. Came out to-night to start imaging, but big problems have ocurred.The scope is run through EQMOD and has been fine, but when i issued commands to goto a star in the East the scope from its home position facing due north started to go the other way as in a meridian flip.No matter what i do the scope is not responding correctly.Also i have noticed that when parked in the home position the Declination in ASCOM is reading -90.( Its pointing to-wards Polaris.) No idea whats gone wrong. Any ideas? Mick.
  12. Nebulosity Ascom camera driver

    So it is. I looked on that page as well. Need to get some new specs. Thanks a lot. Mick.
  13. Hi. Can anyone point me in the direction of the Nebulosity 4 Ascom Camera Driver Download. Also the manual if poss. Many thanks. Mick.
  14. APT and All sky plate solver (Disaster)

    Ok i will look at that. Appreciate your help. Mick.
  15. APT and All sky plate solver (Disaster)

    Funny you should ask that,because i dont think they do, after slewing with CDC and i check its RA/DEC i think they are different to APT.Is thi what you mean? Mick.