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  1. astro mick

    Dusty Taurus

    Yes i agree with all the above. That is one lovely image. Mick.
  2. astro mick

    IC5146 Reworked

    Hi John. I just use AstroArt to capture. Registar to register. I use only Photo-shop CS2 for processing. Cheers. Mick.
  3. astro mick

    IC5146 Reworked

    Its just the original post reworked. 4hrs Ha/1.5hrs RGB. mick.
  4. astro mick

    IC5146 Reworked

    Yes i totally agree,it seemed to look ok when i re-worked it,but soon realised i,d hashed it. I would have deleted it,but it still leaves the the message. I would,nt have responded to it either.(LOL) Mick.
  5. astro mick

    IC5146 Reworked

    Never really happy with my first image,and could,nt leave it alone. This is my latest effort with the same data. I,ve tried to tighten up the stars and bring out more of the blue in the Nebulae. Maybe i have pushed too far. Mick.
  6. astro mick

    Thor's Helmet HOO

    A lot of hard work and patience to get this Carole,so well done. Nice image indeed. Mick.
  7. astro mick

    M78--at last

    Nice image Rodd,even though it is just a tester so to speak. Mick.
  8. In very good clean and nice condion,not used that often. Optics are clean and bright.No marks on the tube. It comes with rings/dovetail/diagonal.(Not all shown). It would make a good guide scope,or wide field visual. Asking £50 posted. Mick.
  9. astro mick


    Thanks simmo. Feel a bit better with another stab at it. Appreciate the comment. Mick.
  10. astro mick


    Had another go. Mick.
  11. astro mick


    Thanks Peter. But really i think its rubbish,dont know really why i posted it.I thought i,d be on to a winner with the data i have,but no. I think my processing does,nt help,its the weakest part of my set-up.(LOL) As to the gradient,yes its there,but for some reason Gradient Exterminator wont open. Anyway thanks for the comment. Mick.
  12. astro mick


    Hi. Thanks for the comment. Really appreciate it. Mick.
  13. astro mick


    Hi taken last night with my ED 80 and Atik 314l+ ccd/320E It is a Ha-RGB image. Approx 4hrs Ha with the Atik 314l+ and 1.5 hrs in RGB with a spare Atik 320E coupled to another scope. Alighned in Registar,and fully calibrated. Stacked in DSS and processed in Photo-Shop. Cheers. Mick.
  14. astro mick

    The Iris in RGB

    Amazing Peter. Mick.,

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