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  1. Would this work

    Thanks Guys. Mick.
  2. Would this work

    For a Dual Rig. Atik 314L+ for mono. Atik 320E for RGB. The cameras have a different pixel size,but the same FOV if the 320E is used with a x0.8 reducer. Please dont suggest alternatives,as this is my budget. Mick.
  3. Dual rig ccd cameras

    Oh. Thanks for the info. Mick.
  4. Sorry guys. Too much of a bargain. Mick.
  5. Enables DSLR narrowband imaging. These filters are in mint condition.These filters have been hardly used,as i have concentrated more on my new set-up. Asking £90 each posted. I wont split. Mick.
  6. Dual rig ccd cameras

    If you use the software registar you will.Its a great piece of software that does all for you. Mick.
  7. Dual rig ccd cameras

    Thanks to eveyone else who commented. Mick.
  8. Dual rig ccd cameras

    Hi Carol. Yes i have two of those discontinued Celestron ED 80 F7.5. These are great scopes with R/P focusser, image never shifts no matter what the weight.I believe also they use FPL-53 glass.(crude but efective) Mick. Mounting piggy back.
  9. Dual rig ccd cameras

    Hi guys. Am setting up a dual rig comprising of dual ED 80 F7.5 scopes. One for mono and one for RGB. Already have an Atik 314L+ possibly for mono. To keep costs down looking at the Atik 420E for the RGB. I know they are different sized chips,and the 420E is more suited to fast scopes. Yout thoughts again please. Mick.
  10. M51 and a few fuzzies

    Thanks guys. Yes these Galaxies can look sort of lost when seen against this vast Universe. Mick.
  11. Calling Atik 314L+ users

    Interesting. So you guys leave the camera permantly installed on the scope,if in an observatory. Obviously no issues seen here. Mick.
  12. M51 and a few fuzzies

    Hi. Taken with an ED80 and a Canon 450D. 9X600 secs. No calibration frames taken. Showing a few fuzzies in there. Mick.
  13. Calling Atik 314L+ users

    Your thoughts please. Having just bought a new Atik 314L+ i was most impressed by the look and the build of this camera.However on closer inspection i noticed that there were open slots around the circumference of the camera. The PCBs and components are clearly seen.My worries are that damp can penetrate to these boards, and possibly corrode the components over time. Now Atik obviously know what they are doing,and i can only think that the boards will have been sprayed with some form of sealer. Does anyone know for definate. Have contacted Atik,but as yet no response. Mick.
  14. Fish head Nebula IC1795

    Nothing wrong with that Carol. Nice capture indeed. Mick.