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  1. The Sun Through Sahara Sand

    Yes. Just seen the Sun now in East Yorkshire,not often this colour so high up. Mick.
  2. First DSLR image

    Yes your right,i wish i had looked at this set-up a while ago. Thanks for the comment. Mick.
  3. First DSLR image

    Thanks Guys. I have sold the Atik 414 ex to fund the purchase of a lovely Feathertouch Focuser to replace the Crayford one on my Equinox 120 ED.The focuser was slipping even though the lock screw was tightened down.I have never liked crayfords for imaging. I still have a SXV-H9 mono ccd camera that is cooled. Cheers. Mick.
  4. First DSLR image

    Hi Folks. Recently just bought a second hand 450D to have ago at DSLR imaging.I usually image with a cooled camera. Got some time last night on M31. This image is 15x240 secs at ISO 800. Used BYE To take the image,and stacked in DSS. I also took 15 Darks. Quite pleased how it turned out. Cheers. mick.
  5. Just bringing everyone up to date. I have bought a Feathertouch focuser. Just hope it will justify the cost. Many thanks all. mick.
  6. Hi. For sale is my lovely Atik 414ex Mono ccd camera, and is in exerllent condition throughout. It comes with USB 2.0 lead,Mains power 12v Transformer lead also 12v power lead with cigar type fitting. It also comes with the installation CD(Newer software can be downloaded through Atik website).CD works fine right out the box. Spare Dessicant tablets. All you need. Asking £765 to include insured posting. Cheers. Mick. Better quality pics can be sent to your email. Please ask any questions.
  7. Imaging with a DSLR

    Cheers Marci,but given up on this. Will use BYE instead. Thanks anyway. Mick.
  8. Imaging with a DSLR

    Hi. Yes i have been to this site, but again it only seems to you let download an update, and not the full package. If you can find anything different please let me know. Cheers. Mick.
  9. Hi John. No need to feel off the pace, your views are shared by many others in different forums.Indeed FLO praise these units imensely.(As do other dealers). Imaging does present certain strains on the focuser that dont present themselves when viewing through the eyepiece. The stock focuser of the Equinox i find quite good,but can shift slightly, hence the thread.I,m just getting opinions on these let me say fairly expensive items. Let me add i dont relish the expense as i would have expected the stock focuser to be up to the job,these Equinox scopes are,nt cheap, at least not for me. Highly value your opinion John. Mick.
  10. Imaging with a DSLR

    Hi Dave,thats very kind of you, if i cant download, i will get back in touch. Mick.
  11. Imaging with a DSLR

    I will have a look for Michael, but all i found was the ability to download an update, but not the main software.Will look again. Mick.
  12. Imaging with a DSLR

    Thanks everyone,thats a great help. Much appreciated. Mick.
  13. Imaging with a DSLR

    Hi. I am about to jump in to using a Canon 450D DSLR for astrophotography.I normally use a dedicated ccd,but thought i would have ago a using this camera. Total novice with DSLR cameras. Looking at using a software called Backyard EOS.Is this a good start? Would i need certain drivers for this camera, and where would i get them.The canon site does.nt seem too friendly. Tried to download their EOS Utilities,but its only an updater,and i would need a disc(which i dont have)to load the full programme.Hence BYE. So basically whats the best way to get started. Cheers all. Mick.
  14. Thanks for replies guys and gals but now more confused.Was really set on the moonlight, but now unsure. Really should have expected this.Forums will always have different opinions. About the Badaar i cant see any finderscope bracket, and also can these these focussers be collimated. Mick.