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  1. Ordered a scope from AA yesterday morning.Arrived this morning. Exerllent service from Altair Astro.
  2. Thanks Michael,i did not take calibration frames,and the chip temp was 21c. Appreciate this. Mick.
  3. This is just a sample of 6x600 secs with my 1100D camera at ISO 400. To-wards the top you can see 3 seperate lines in RGB colour. I took these in APT and is the first time i have seem them. Any ideas what is causing this. Cheers. Mick.
  4. Hi. I grabbed an hour after midnight last night on the edge on Galaxy NGC5907 in Draco. I used my ED 102 F7 with a x0.8 reducer and canon 1100D to capture subs of 120 secs at iso 400. No calibration frames were taken. Skies were clear but not really dark until after midnight. Got a bit tired so packed in around 1am. Mick.
  5. Hi. Has it been Modied. If so by whom. Mick.
  6. Great. Thanks for that. Mick.
  7. Thanks for your help guys. Mick.
  8. Can no one help with this. Mick.
  9. Dark Star 8 inch F6 Dobsonian Hi. This scope has been upgraded my myself to include a newly realuminised Mirror.The Focusser has also been upgraded to a nice Rack and Pinion model. I have fitted a new Ground Board,and installed a Laminated 360 degree circle to help with Azimuth finding.New Teflon bearings have also been added.Declination is achieved via a Wixey type inclinometer. Telrad sighting device. Dew Heater. Leveling bolts are also fitted. Its not getting used as often due to imaging priorities. Asking ony £80. Pick up only. YO25 area. Powertank not included. Mick.,
  10. Hi. I hope someone can help with this. Once my target has passed the Meridian,i instruct the mount to do a flip. I tick the little box in the EQMOD park to home panel,but it just slews back to the West. Even when the target is well passed the Meridian,it still wont flip,the box is still ticked. What am i doing wrong. Cheers. Mick.
  11. Hi Tedbert. I,m glad its worked out for you.I have proberbly been impatient and not willing to learn the correct process. Mick.(Dont know what SIRIL is?
  12. No Not a single one. Anyway its back with the dealer,and i,m nearly a grand better off
  13. Hi. Perhaps it is,but just have no love for this camera,or indeed cmos. Its a shame that the traditional ccd cameras are still rather expensive. Mick.
  14. Hi Guys. I appreciate all your imput,but have binned it,cant be doing with all this trying to sort things. Back to my trusty 314L+ and filters. Never fails. But again thanks. Mick.
  15. Hi Martin. Thanks for all this.I have managed to pull some colour out of it as in my image below. I enclose a stacked 16bit file straight from DSS in Tiff format. Mick. M81a.tif
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