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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum. The mount is the foundation of an AP setup. More important than the scope! You never want to push it to it’s weight limit really either. As a general rule with AP the majority of your budget should go towards the mount. Personally I wouldn’t be considering anything less restrictive than an Heq5 Pro really. Yes there are lighter travel setups but you may find it frustrating working at tighter tolerances if you are starting out with little experience. You haven’t indicated the type of targets and I’m assuming DSO rather than lunar/planetary. The other thing you mentioned is guiding. You will very quickly realise that at over 400 focal length without guiding you are very very limited to exposure length & that will quickly frustrate you too. So, let’s work on the type of targets you want to go for and an idea of the budget so we can get you off in the right direction.
  2. Are you going to use it for imaging? I've had my EQ8 Pro in the Obsy since 2014.. never use the freedom find encoders.. ok not comparable to the Renishaw. The point is, if imaging with it then once the balance is sorted for the offset motors & encoders are disabled, then it guides fine. The new ones have re positioned motors so I'd hope they're easier to balance. Personally if I were looking to change it & I was looking at the load capacity & a 6 grand budget... for Obsy based.. I'd be looking at the Mesu. I can't see what the extra 2 plus grand would do for me. Probably why there's been very little discussion!
  3. Oh my!! That is really starting to look very very nice indeed. I love this.. I do like a good Ha monochrome but this is starting to leap out! I didn't expect you to come back straight away with such a teaser.. no way you can stop now!.. Is that with all Chroma 3nm filters?
  4. Wow.. that's nice to see.. puts things into perspective.. well done for sticking at it.... You'll be looking forward to adding the colour then..
  5. Yeah it is possible.. I guess it depends if you are wanting to automate the imaging process or just checking each time you change filter.. temp fluctuations etc.. bahtinov mask would do you for manual perhaps? There's some interesting stuff going on here... Just for Canon lenses so far. https://astromechanics.org/ https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/astromechanics-ascom-aps-c-m42-to-canon-lens-controller-mark-ii.html and the Samyang 135 F2 thread is a great read If you've already got some nice lenses why not try them first anyway. You could rig up a motor & belt drive fairly cheaply.. less than investing in a scope.. to see if it suits you. https://www.motionco.co.uk/pulleys-belts-c-25.html There's a rather expensive pre cooked one for the Redcat here..(bearing in mind you also need the controller) but you get the idea.. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/focuser-controllers/starlight-instruments-redcat-electronic-focusing-system-si-rcef.html
  6. NIce one!.. This is the classic target that got me into AP in the first place.. sadly I can't get to see it from my obsy
  7. After trying a few hubs in the obsy I went over to Startech a few years ago. I've got a few.. 4, 7 & 10 port & they've been great.. very stable. I also use various Lindy active extensions. If you're not aware already, as its not really documented, if you are providing external power to the hub (and you really should) there's a jumper in the hub that allows you to select whether the power for the USB ports is passed through from the computer USB port or not. By default it is, however I disable this as I power the hubs with the obsy regulated & conditioned 13.8v supply. I've found this much more stable than relying on the dubious quality of the various computer ports I've used over the years. My obsy setup also allows me to remotely cycle individual hub's power. Having the USB pass through disabled this has the benefit of simulating unplugging & re plugging a cable should a connected device lockup or disappear, my EFW2 has had a habit of doing this & it's saved me a few journeys out to the obsy just to unplug and reset a cable!
  8. Hmm.. looks like it's heading towards 10 years since I finally gave up the lurking & had to register as no one was asking the questions I wanted answers to!!.. I don't usually like having to stick my head above the parapet but SGL is a safe harbour. I remember, I was very proud when Helen pinned one of my early threads in the DIY Obsys section . Congrats Helen, may there be many many more anniversaries to come.
  9. Mick you didn't say which one, but just to add. My 2 Esprit 80's have been fine. Never worried about them with the QSI on the back & I have stuck motors on both. I've had to swap focuser's on a few of my other scopes.. with the RC8 it decided for me, split & fell to bits.. dumped it's self on the obsy floor. Luckily I'd already removed the imaging train in time. But yeah, never worried about the quality of the Esprits. Pleasant surprise as I had expected to change it when I got my first one. The 150 is on my wish list if I get around to recommissioning the obsy this year.
  10. Gosh, when I think back to watching Apollo as a kid this is amazingly clear coverage & in colour
  11. Thinking about it. If you also have flats, darks etc. You’ll have to manually load them as such by selecting the relevant file type as PI would normally try & read this in the fits header if it were a .fit file. The .xisf is default file type output for PI now. But can be changed to what you want. Ie I still save mine as .fits.
  12. I’ve not used PI with dslr raws but that naming convention means it’s a light frame binned at 1 ie no binning. Kind of what I would expect as my ccd files are the same. If they were darks it would say dark, bias flat etc. Have you tried running the batch process to see if it works?
  13. Well I found it informative.. didn't realise it was the last one launched from the west coast either.. thanks..
  14. Yours does sounds as if its tighter than usual then. I havn't been at the point of extreme force to adjust my NEQ6 or HEQ5 & I wouldn't force them either. The other reason we have "put up" with them is the fact there wasn't anything else available at this price point that does the job as well as they do.. certainly not for AP. Next one up is the EQ8 which is fine in this regard.. after that its 5k Plus really.
  15. It is sad to see yet another thread on this age old bendy bolts issue. I refrained from changing out to harder bolts on any of my mounts as I’ve seen too many stripped thread & even cracked mount “Threads” on here. As said before if you want to adjust fully loaded then loosen off both bolts and grab the shaft & scope & ease to general position. Then adjusting both bolts at same time tweak gently. It is a good idea to loosen the bolts right off, grab the unloaded head & move up & down to make sure it feels smooth & you have no binding elsewhere first of all. At my altitude the lower bolt is up against the polar scope so a right finger jamming pain. Also the top bolt can jam against the counter weight lock screws if they are in the centre & not checked for clearance as the arm swings past!
  16. The too close or too far away example half way down in this post is always a good reference..
  17. Its still a buzz to watch.. not as grand as the Saturn V when I was a kid but I never get tired of thinking what went behind it for those few minutes into space.. enjoyed that.. thx..
  18. Haha.. the wife just came in & said.. "oh got my wrong specs on.. just pause it"....
  19. .. 3rd Hendricks & Tonic here..
  20. See if they get past T minus 4 this time
  21. I've been tweaking a new Camera/scope setup. I've got CCDI but found the Pixinsight abberation inspector / spotter scripts useful. You probably need a more dense star field to be sure but they look pretty good. Id get a few images going... when the clouds head off AA70Q_Atik_1_corners_AbberationInspector.fit AA70Q_Atik_1_corners_AbberationSpotter.fit
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