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  1. Oooh, it'll cost ya. Apparently it has quite a provenance Genuinely surprised you're guiding with a colour camera though. Do you need to make any allowances for colour, or does it "just work"? James
  2. Thanks. I'll look into that, but possibly not this evening as the Sun is about to set and we're forecast clear skies for the next four or five hours James
  3. Hmmm. You shouldn't be able to save a raw colour image as a TIFF, so hopefully it's actually been converted to RGB48. Could you email me the TIFF file directly so I can have a look at it myself? Thanks, James
  4. Can't help with the Pyrenees I'm afraid, but for some reason the above sentence just reminded me of this James
  5. I'm surprised by the US plug, I have to admit. I thought the law now required that consumer electrical devices were either fitted with a UK plug or a conversion kit fitted by the vendor. Perhaps it doesn't count as a "consumer" device Or perhaps I'm just wrong. James
  6. The ZWO boxes have gone a bit upmarket since I last bought one James
  7. Just had a try at the same solution for the HEQ5 alt-az pin as Alex, but no dice. Even cut down to 25mm, which is probably as short as it can go, the rod connector still fouls the inside of the mount casting. I think there must just be a bit of variation between the castings such that it works for Alex and not for me. Hey ho. I think I can lock the threaded rod in position by itself, so I'll file some flats and just use that for the time being. If I'm bored some time next century perhaps I'll find a bit of steel or brass and turn something neater. James
  8. Since you have the kit, I see no major issue using a 3x barlow with the MN190 to start with. Yes, more aperture can give you better resolution, but I spent several years enjoying planetary imaging with a 127 Mak before getting my C9.25 and perhaps not having to swap scopes around would be quite convenient. James
  9. Thanks for that. They look very useful. James
  10. Do you have link for the anchors in the top concrete block for fixing the pier adapter? I have another job where that sort of thing might come in quite handy. James
  11. Interesting design difference between the CQ350 and the CEM60 (which I assume is in pretty much the same target market), with the former having a gap in the RA axis. I wonder why they chose that design? James
  12. Not much happening over the last couple of days, but I have completed finished laying the carpet tiles so that's another thing off the list :) I think the most important thing to get done now is the support posts for the roof rails. I'll try to remember to stop by the local sawmill tomorrow on the way to go swimming to see what they can offer in the way of posts. I ought to think about some sort of stops on the rails so the roof can't roll off completely (the roof can't roll off in the closed direction, but there's nothing other than common sense that stops it happening in the opening direction at the moment). I don't imagine anything particularly clever is required. And I should start getting back to some of the jobs that still need doing but just haven't been that high a priority so far, such as cladding the northern gable. I was hoping to take some star trail shots over the house from the observatory this evening, but it seems the clouds do not wish to play ball, at least for the moment, so instead I am configuring up an old laptop to dual boot Linux and Win7 so I can leave it in the observatory for the time being. I'm going around the Windows "there are updates; install them; reboot; ooh, there are more updates we didn't tell you about last time" loop at the moment :) James
  13. Thank you. I'll add these to my list James
  14. This should be it: Can't check at the moment, as the children have just got back from school and eaten all my bandwidth James
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