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  1. I like that right angle drive motor....where did you get it?
  2. Here is the comparison at +20C. I stretched the images the same amount and there is very little difference. I was wondering what capture software you use and what was the gain and offset settings. When I look at the stats of a single warm pixel they are typically around 6k ADU so they are not saturated. Good Darks and dithering will produce very clean images. I see no problem with your camera.
  3. Do you have a Dark taken at your desired operating temperature like -5°C or -10°C?. I can take a Dark at 20C to match your 20°C you posted. I will get a comparison posted later this evening.
  4. I compared Shimrod's Dark to my ASI-533 at -5°C and there is little difference. The auto visualization is such a narrow range tends to make it look really noisy. If you check the value of most of the warm pixels they are no where near swamped. the second image shows just a little stretching of the visualization makes almost all of the warm pixels go away. Doing Dark frame subtraction will take care of the warm pixels and dithering is also a good practice. This is a 60 second single image @ -5°C showing the Debayered image and the Raw It would be interesti
  5. This 6" Unitron refractor belongs to the University of North Texas so it is not mine but I wish it was. I dreamed of having the 6" since I first saw the ads in Sky & Telescope magazine.
  6. This image of M42 was made with an un-modded 100D through a SS 150mm F2.8 Hyper Newt. I just got a Ha modded 100D and I hope to shoot M42 again using the same setting for a comparison as soon as the weather clears. We have 6" of snow and a low of -4°F night before last.
  7. The Pixel Shift sounds like Dithering so maybe it will make for less noise and hot pixels
  8. Those are on my short list. John Love CCD-Freak WD5IKX
  9. It is based on true events. John Love CCD-Freak WD5IKX
  10. I have the DVD as well. We watch it when we have a cloudy night at star parties. I also like "First Men in the Moon" John Love CCD-Freak WD5IKX
  11. I am working on my top 10 list but I am surprised that no one has listed "The Dish". It is one of my very favorite films. John Love CCD-Freak WD5IKX
  12. I found this selfie of myself imaging with a 8" f3.8 Newt at the Okie-Tex Star Party a few years ago. I really enjoy the Bortle 1 sky out at the tip of the Oklahoma panhandle. John Love CCD-Freak WD5IKX
  13. I used to do that but the fine focus knob has enough "sponginess" I found I get better repeatability when using the coarse knob. If not trying to do auto focusing there is no problem using the fine focus knob. Just my personal preference. John CCD-Freak WD5IKX
  14. I use the Orion focus motors with a FCUSB control box controlled with Astro Art or the FCUSB focus app and a Bahtinov mask works nicely. John CCD-Freak WD5IKX
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