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  1. New equipment guarantees at least 2 to 3 weeks of solid cloud.
  2. Hi and welcome. Clear nights are a rare and precious thing in the UK. Which is why many of us spend so much time on here talking about astronomy.
  3. I don't think we are anywhere near the limit, or even if there is one. Technology is advancing at an amazing rate and quality equipment is increasingly affordable. What is cutting edge now will be widely available in a few years time (adaptive optics technology for example). By then, something else will be cutting edge. New materials will become available, computers will become more powerful, software will become better and better. There will of have to be changes and there will be problems to overcome. Starlink et al will make long exposure imaging more difficult, increased light pollution etc. How long will it be before the first amateur astronomer takes his Takahashi up with Bezos or Branson for a better view?
  4. How about one of these? Askar FMA180 f/4.5 Astrograph Lens & Reducer | First Light Optics
  5. Yes I have, but I can still re- take darks and bias frames. Fortunately it is 19deg here at the moment which is exactly what it was the other night when I took the images I want to re-process.
  6. Right, I'm off to take the all again - properly this time, and then to have some fun re-processing.
  7. That will be it then. No cap over optical viewfinder. A Rookie error. Many thanks Vlaiv.
  8. Thank Steve. I was puzzled as to why a session I did the other night was so noisy. I'm off to take another sequence of darks with the camera zipped inside a bag. It was my first go at taking flats, using a light drawing pad. I set the pad to it's lowest light, set the camera to AV and took the flats. Is that the correct method?
  9. Thanks Vlav. Yes, a DSLR. Canon 1100d. Please find attached .Tiff of Bias MasterOffset_ISO1600.tif 200mm_ISO1600_119s_20deg.tif MasterFlat_ISO1600_200mm.tif
  10. Hi I would welcome some advice about calibration frames. Do these look right to you? Master Dark - 30x119sec Master Bias ISO 1600 x 50 Mater Flat ISI1600 x 50 Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.
  11. They aren't called UFOs any more. They have been re-branded to UAPs. Only nutters chase UFOs. Scientists study UAPs.
  12. I saw a very bright one the other night when I was out imaging. It was silvery, and not greenish like the other bright ones I have seen. It reminded me of a fishing lure being spun through the water, as if it was tumbling. Heading North to South and about 30 deg above the horizon. I saw it for 2 to 3 seconds before it went behind some houses.
  13. It's a bit more money than I'm hoping to pay for a tripod. I like that it is tall without the centre column and thus more stable. I will bear that in mind.
  14. I am thinking something that I can strap onto a backpack. Like this. It looks like there is plenty of choice. Just need to decide on specs and price.
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