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  1. daveangie0110

    EQmod Latitude & Longitude Help

    Pete, Thankyou so much for your help.
  2. daveangie0110

    EQmod Latitude & Longitude Help

    Thanks Pete, Sorry mate, i am even more confused now, how doses coordinates 50.776915 N -0.943054 W end up being 50 46 36.6 N 000 56 37.7 W.
  3. daveangie0110

    EQmod Latitude & Longitude Help

    Thanks Pete, Sorry to be a pain in the a**e, how would you enter these coordinates : 50.776915 N -0.943054 W Thanks
  4. daveangie0110

    EQmod Latitude & Longitude Help

    Thanks Pete, How do i enter a minus figure -0.943797 W, i tried using the minus sign but EQmod said invalided entry. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I have just downloaded EQmod and i want to add a few places where i go to image, can anyone tell me how to enter these coordinates on EQmod so i can save them please as one of the coordinates starts with a minus. 50.776839 N -0.943797 W Thanks
  6. Hi All, I am setting up my new HEQ5 Pro mount, can someone help me with how i enter my coordinates which are: Latitude 50'47,56N and Longitude 1'05'28W, when I enter these coordinates it says 105deg Longitude ? Thanks.
  7. daveangie0110

    HEQ5 Polar Alignment Help (Newbie)

    Hi Gav, Would you be kind enough to give me a idots guide on how you set your mount up please.
  8. daveangie0110

    HEQ5 Polar Alignment Help (Newbie)

    Hi, I did purchase a cable from FLO so i could control my mount via my PC but it was not a Lynx one, is the Lynx cable used for the EQMOD program ?
  9. daveangie0110

    HEQ5 Polar Alignment Help (Newbie)

    Thanks Gav, So when the hand set asks about Polaris do i just ignore it ? Also when i do my 3 star alignment, i dont have a eyepiece for my ZS61 i only have my DSLR is this still ok to do the 3 star aligment ? Thanks
  10. HI All, Sorry for the thick question in advance I have just taken delivery of a new Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro mount and a Polemaster, the HEQ5 Pro is an upgrade from my Star Adventurer. I assembled the mount and i noticed there are two green dials one around the polar scope and one around where the counter weight shaft comes out of the mount, what are these and do i need to use them as i am using a Polemaster ? Also when i go to Polar align my mount, can i skip the instruction on the handset when it says about polar aligning, as i will be using the Polemaster. Thankyou.
  11. Hi All, I have just purchased the New Skywatcher EQM35-Pro Mount as a upgrade to my Star Adventurer, i will be using my William Optics ZS61 scope with it. Can anyone give me some help on what to do when i go to do a 3 star alignment using just my Canon DSLR as i have no eye pieces for my scope, i also have BYEOS. Thanks
  12. daveangie0110

    Skywatcher EQM-35 Pro

    Hi Michael, What sort of exposures are you getting from your EQ3-2 ?
  13. daveangie0110

    Skywatcher EQM-35 Pro

    Hi All, I am thinking of purchasing the new Skywatcher EQM-35 Pro Modular Mount as a upgrade from my Star Adventurer, this will be my first equatorial mount, i will be using it with my William Optics ZS61 scope, what are the pros and cons of this mount ? Thanks
  14. daveangie0110

    Ioptron CEM25P or HEQ5 Pro

    Hi All, I am looking at taking my imaging to the next level and i want to purchase a "Goto" mount, i have a budget of about £800, i have been looking at either the Ioptron CEM25P or the Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro, i have a William optics ZS61 scope at the moment but later may upgrade this to something a little bigger. Can anyone give me some pros and cons on these mounts please. Thanks
  15. daveangie0110

    My First Real Go At Orion & Pleiades

    I have been to old Winchester hill, but during the day, i will have to give it a go, Hantsastro is not bad, they use Butser ancient farm (not Butser Hill) they use there car park and have use of the toilets which is always handy.

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