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  1. Thanks adam, if you look at one of the light frames you can see lots of red and blue pixels but I dont know why they are in my image
  2. Thanks Adam, it was only a test of my camera and I only managed 25 subs, would more subs stop the red and blue pixels ?
  3. Here is the link to my dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aj8u1tleokryulp/AAARZXn5lWqK0sS69bfCefnUa?dl=0 The top file is where all my lights and calibration frames are in.
  4. If you zoom in to the image you can see lots of red and blue pixels, I had a friend of mine who run it through Pixinsight and he could see the pixels in the image. I streched the dark frames and they looked ok. I did not dither either. I have all the FIT files in my dropbox which I can send you if you like.
  5. I stacked just the light frames and they are still in that image.
  6. I done my flat frames aiming for a value of 28000 ADU i used a tablet, i have tried stacking just the lights but still no good.
  7. Hi all Can anyone help. I just purchased a ASI294MC Pro camera, I tried it out for the first time on my Redcat and a UV/IR filter, from my very light polluted garden (Bortle 8-9) I shot 25 x 180 second exposures at 120 gain and -20, I also shot 20 dark frames at the same settings as my lights i also done 20 x flats and dark flats at 2.5 second exposures gain 120 and at -20. I ran them through APP creating master dark, master flat and master dark flat files also a bad pixel map, once APP done it thing the final image had lots of red and blue pixels in it, I tried stacking them
  8. Hi All, I want to make the jump from a Canon 600D to a dedicated cooled OSC Camera, but i dont know what ZWO Camera to get, i have the following Telescope and Lenses. TS Optics Triplet 480mm Focal Length William Optics Redcat 250mm Focal Length Samyang 135mm F2 Lens What is the best ZWO Camera to get ? Thanks
  9. Hi All, I am trying to make a list of targets i can image through the year with my Samyang 135 lens and a unmoded Canon 600D can anyone give me some targets i can go after please. Many thanks
  10. Hi all, I am looking at getting a new scope, after days of searching on the internet, i have narrowed my search down to these scopes, what are peoples thoughts on these, i will be using the new scope just for imaging with a Canon 600D and next year a cooled ZWO camera, the scopes i have been looking at are: William optics ZS103 doublet FPL53 710mm focal length Altiar 80ED-R doublet SFPL53 555mm focal length Altair 80EDR-T triplet FCD100 480mm focal length TS-Optics 80 triplet FPL53 480mm focal length Is there really a big difference between a good doublet and a tr
  11. Thanks Adam, Which scope would you go for between the ZS73, ES80, 80ED-R or the 80EDT-R
  12. Thanks for your reply Adam, I am not that bothered about portability, just looking for a better scope which will get me better images, I spoke to our guy who runs my local astronomy club he said to go for the ZS73, like you said the ES80 could become prone to losing colimation, the build quality of William Optics are excellent. I was also looking at the Altair 80ED-R, but can not find any reviews on this scope.
  13. Hi All, I am thinking of getting either the Explore Scientific ED80 F6 Essential or the William Optics ZS73, the Explore Scientific is a triplet and the William Optics is a doublet, both will cost around £800 with the flatner, can anyone give me some pros and cons regarding these two scopes, also would the image quality be better on the ED80 as it is a triplet, my imaging camera is a unmodded Canon 600D. Thanks
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