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  1. Hi all, I am looking at getting a new scope, after days of searching on the internet, i have narrowed my search down to these scopes, what are peoples thoughts on these, i will be using the new scope just for imaging with a Canon 600D and next year a cooled ZWO camera, the scopes i have been looking at are: William optics ZS103 doublet FPL53 710mm focal length Altiar 80ED-R doublet SFPL53 555mm focal length Altair 80EDR-T triplet FCD100 480mm focal length TS-Optics 80 triplet FPL53 480mm focal length Is there really a big difference between a good doublet and a triplet using the same glass ? The guy who runs our local astronomy club said not to get a triplet due to the issues i may have with it (Pinched optics, cool down times) and he said that if he showed me a picture from a good doublet and compared it with one of the above triplets i would not tell the difference. Has anyone got these scopes if so can you tell me what your thoughts are on them. Thanks
  2. Thanks Adam, Which scope would you go for between the ZS73, ES80, 80ED-R or the 80EDT-R
  3. Thanks for your reply Adam, I am not that bothered about portability, just looking for a better scope which will get me better images, I spoke to our guy who runs my local astronomy club he said to go for the ZS73, like you said the ES80 could become prone to losing colimation, the build quality of William Optics are excellent. I was also looking at the Altair 80ED-R, but can not find any reviews on this scope.
  4. Hi All, I am thinking of getting either the Explore Scientific ED80 F6 Essential or the William Optics ZS73, the Explore Scientific is a triplet and the William Optics is a doublet, both will cost around £800 with the flatner, can anyone give me some pros and cons regarding these two scopes, also would the image quality be better on the ED80 as it is a triplet, my imaging camera is a unmodded Canon 600D. Thanks
  5. Thanks Adam, when spending nearly £1000 on a camera I want to get the right one, like you said I think the 183 is more suited for my ZS61 and ZS73.
  6. Hi, sorry I forgot to mention that I would get the cooled version and I prefer the colour version.
  7. Hi all, I am upgrading my imaging camera from a Canon 600D to either a ASI 183MC Cooled or the ASI 1600MC Cooled but I do not know which one to go for, my scope is a William Optics ZS61 which ihas a focal length of 360mm but next year I will be getting the william optics ZS73 which has a focal length of 430mm, I also use a Samyang 135mm F2 lens and a Sigma 50mm Prime lens, can anyone tell me what is the best one and why. Thanks.
  8. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what cables I need to power my Heq5 pro and my laptop from a Halfords Lesiure battery please, also if I need a inverter. Thanks
  9. Hi Adam, The reason I want a colour camera is purely the time it takes to shoot a image also the extra money needed to buy the filters.
  10. Hi Here is my image of the North American Nebula. Details: Location: Hayling Island Bortle: Class 5 Moon Illumination: 61% Camera: Canon 600D Lens: Samyang 135mm F2 @ F3.2 Mount: Star Adventurer Exposures: 50 x 120 Second @ ISO1600 Capture Software: BYEOS Editing Software: Pixinsight
  11. Thanks Pete, How do you connect all the cables to the Leisure battery ?
  12. Hi All, I need to replace my Celestron 7AH powertank with a rechargeable battery that will last at least 4 to 5 hours, it will be powering my HEQ5Pro, my laptop, guide camera and in the winter dew heaters, can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks
  13. Hi Adam, I have made my mind up and going for the ZWO183C, like you Saud the smaller pixels will be better suited for my ZS61.
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