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My first Deep Sky photo: Orion M42


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Hi astropeople,

This was my first Deep Sky photo: Orion M42 (shoot from my window in the city )

I shoot with 550D in prime focus on the focuser of my ED120/900

1 single shoot jpeg with 26seg

ISO 400

No filters.

Mount: CG5 GT with no guiding



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A good start as Russ said, the core has come out very well. See how far you can push the exposure time, and take as many of them as you can. Also, I'd suggest capturing in raw, rather than jpg as you'll capture a lot more detail.

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Wow, I would just be happy to see it like that... I'm researching eps at the mo but I'm not sure even with a big purchase my scope will be capable of viewing such wonders?

Oh well, little steps I suppose, when I have learnt more and mastered my eq mount I shall upgrade.

Great thing about this hobby is that there is plenty of 'scope' for that! Great pics!

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