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  1. Thank you both for your coments, I will try also to use a barlow next time. Kind regards
  2. Very sharp and Great detail in the spots! scope was the ED80?
  3. Hello everybody, Today and for the first time, I got some time to get a photo of the SUN. It was 4.00 p.m. I took my achromat 100mm f10 in my EQ5 without motor. I´ve used the EOS 350D in primefocus (without barlow or other), just used filter IR/UV, and took 2 photos JPG, one in color and oNE in P&B. The photo JPG in COLOR - PRIME FOCUS: CANON 350D v 1/640 seg. The photo JPG in P&B - PRIME FOCUS: (the last image shows the Sun spots detail in real size 100% of the B&w photo) CANON 350D v 1/400 seg. Was my first experience in the SUN
  4. Cool !!! Took my first photo to the sun in the same day far away in Portugal ! Regards,Luis
  5. What a great animation ! with the moon shadow on jupiter and the others around. Congratulations !
  6. Great capture on m16. ( I also have a Skywatcher ED120, and they are great for deep sky ).
  7. UAUUUUUU !!! INCREDIBLE DEFINITION and COLORS ! The INTES MK-69 makes great job as well .
  8. Fabulosa Paulo ! It´s a SUPER image as usual from you. Regards, Luis tele
  9. The tal 100 makes high quality Moon images. I had was a great scop on the moon !
  10. Good tonal rendering in the prime focus image !
  11. That´s another FANTASTIC IMAGE ! Its almost 3D !!! Abraços, Luis
  12. Thank you all ! First I was thinking imaging the moon from 1 to 15 august to make a true sequence, and resulting in an high definition animated gif , but I was with family on vacations, and couldn´t get the time to do it. Anyway it gives an ideia.Greetings, Luis
  13. Nice ! iso give some noise, but still nice capture
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