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  1. Long story short I was luckily only 20 meters from the shack when I heard a Leopard growl in the bushes ahead of me, then once I was inside it proceeded to walk around the walls and scratch at them. I know it was the wrong thing to do but I ran like a little girl when I heard that first call
  2. Thanks! It was indeed gorgeous to look at. Actually I was nearly mauled by a leopard in order to get to the location to take that picture (true story) but I think it was totally worth it
  3. Hi everyone, been a while since I posted in here but I just got back from a trip to the South African bush and couldn't resist taking a tabletop portable EQ mount with me. This was the result: There is some warping due to my light pollution filter not being on straight and there is also some trailing as I think my polar alignment was off by a smidgen (I have never aligned to the SCP before and I found it pretty tricky). The shot details were as follows: Canon 450D on a portable motorised table top tripod 4 panes of 10 x 30 seconds (with about 10 dark frames) 50mm @ f1.8 + 2" Astronomik light pollution filter Hope you like it!
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm thinking to keep this monochrome and just add a lot more Lum subs the next time I get the chance
  5. Hi everyone, I thought I would take a shot at this fine target the other night. This is just 7 x 600s with a Luminance filter and my 80ED (with focal reducer): That's alot of stars!
  6. Thanks Richard! Yes I used QG Video, and the trick was to turn off the advanced noise reduction in the options - that almost doubled my frame rate
  7. Thought I would have a go at imaging Jupiter with my QHY5 instead of the toucam, this is what I got: Taken with a skymax 127 and 2.5x barlow at about 27fps
  8. I thought I would have another go at a mosaic while the moon was up at a decent time last week. This was taken with my Skymax 127 and QHY5 with 1024 pixel panes @~17 fps (2000 frames per pane): Full size mosaic: http://www.samiransa...moon_mosaic.jpg Stills: Seeing wasn't all that great due to these being taken from the heart of central London. Also next time I will certainly try and use a red long pass filter to help with the clarity. As always, I'm open to any feedback
  9. Thanks guys and girls. I'm going to hopefully add more data to these when the weather fixes itself again
  10. Hi everyone, here are my attempts: M81: M82: Both were taken from my roof in the heart of central London, I'm quite happy with the result considering all the excess light pollution we have down here (as if there wasn't enough already) from the Olympics. Here are the image details: 17 x L - Bin 1 - 10mins 4 x R - Bin 2 - 5mins 4 x G - Bin 2 - 5mins 4 x B - Bin 2 - 5mins Thanks for looking!
  11. It's been a good while since I last had a chance to get out and take some pictures but I thought I would just give this one a quick go. Unfortunately I only had time for: 6 x 500sec - L bin1 2 x 500sec - R bin2 2 x 500sec - G bin2 2 x 500sec - B bin2 But this session was mainly just a test to see if it was even possible to image this target from Central London. I plan to add atleast another 3 hours the next time the sky is clear (which could be a while!):
  12. Thanks Rob. Yep the red channel was over exposed but this was just my attempt at lifting the gain high enough to over come the onion ring affect. Maybe it's the gamma I should have raised instead so it didn't clip the highlights.
  13. It's an improvement but still a lot to improve on. This was done as IrRGB and is around 1500 frames taken from 4000. Any comments and/or suggestions will be much appreciated!
  14. Thanks for that Dror but I think I may have to come back to winJupos further down the line when I have better planetary photos to work with as I'm very limited from my current location.
  15. Yep this really isn't working out well for me at all. Essentially I keep getting this:
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