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Intrigued from Stoke on Trent


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Hello everyone :)

My names Carl, 40ish years old and looking for a hobby!

I've been nosing around the site after 'jgs001' sparked an interest in the Astronomical side of things on a photography forum with regard to a picture of the Moon that I posted.

No equipment other than the camera at the moment and the only thing I know how to find in the Sky is the Sun, the Moon and Television satellites! (My 'day' job!)

I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to the stuff that you are all discussing here and was wondering if there's any local groups or suchlike who could maybe offer someone like myself the opportunity of a little 'hands on' type experience to get a feel for the equipment used. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

Wishing you all many clear nights and happy stargazing, Carl.

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Hi Carl and welcome to SGL :)

Keele Uni have an observatory and two massive scopes. They often do public open days so watch their website for dates.

Also try here: North Staffs Astronomical Society

and here: Looking for Astronomy Societies? Search Stoke Astronomy directory for Astronomy Telescopes, Observatories and Clubs in Stoke, West Midlands Page 1 | Clubbz

All the best :evil6:

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Hi Carl and welcome to the forum.

Good idea to get some experience in on some of the kit out there. Will really help you to manage your expectations of what's out there.:)

Hope you find a suitable group near you!

Clear skies


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North Staffs Astronomical Group meet in Newcastle every month.

White Peak OAG meet near Ashbourne every month (I'm joining them tomorrow night)

The Macclesfield seems pretty mature (judging by their website, anyway)

There is another group in Crewe / Nantwich I don't know much about and another in Stafford.

Take a look here for a list of astronomy societies registered with the FAS: Federation of Astronomical Societies - Member Societies

Tomorrow's White Peak OAG meet starts at 7:30, take a look at their website or give me a shout if you want details.


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