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Itching to try these --------

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My aunt (who developed fairly severe sight problems due to diabetes & glaucoma, she was in fact registered blind) had a pair of these, they enabled her to watch TV. I thought they looked interesting & managed to borrow them long enough to get a peek through, the optical quality was somewhat appalling, they're Galilean design with a very limited field of view and don't even seem to be achromatic. They were also very uncomfortable to wear (& I'm a long term speccy).

So, for improving the life of the near blind, good; for astronomy, awful. A decent pair of opera glasses would work better and also be a lot more stylish (IMHO).

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I have only one thing to say about these:

Should have gone to Specsavers...

As a quirk of fate, I have received a free eye test offer from them this morning !

Thanks for the input , looks like I had better give them a miss , especially as my beloved would probably either disown me or have me committed ! :D

However head mounted low power bins seem a good idea , maybe I'll have to design my own. :D


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Cosmo Smallpiece , 'knickers knackers knockers' if I remember rightly......

Ah yes, that was his name. Obviously it's something which will be lost on our younger/non-UK members!

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