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  1. Wanted to try this with the QHY8L that I bought recently but the vignetting was terrible, presumably due to the massive chip size not being illuminated properly by the small exit on the Skymax 127 ? So slapped on the Meade DSI IIIc instead
  2. Love the images I recently bought the QHY8L & used it on Mon night with my SW Ed80pro, 12x5 min subs, no darks flats or bias & ended up with this, though had to crop because the rest looked all wishy washy
  3. Wow , thats top banana
  4. For a 1st try thats brilliant, I've tried a few times & this is my best so far :/
  5. Hi, hope you don't mind, just had a play with your image in photoshop and came up with this
  6. Hi Phil It may be something to do with Quicktime It happened to me with no images showing, I think you need the latest version of Q/T It was a while ago but i'm sure I found the solution by googling S/N6 & Quicktime Hope you get it sorted Greenkat
  7. Hi Gareth Have you gone through the procedure of training the drives? Cant remember how its done as I gave up on the ETX's I had (70 & 90) a long time ago. You could try Mike Weasners website Mike and Laurraine's Home Page which is dedicated to all things ETX After giving up with the ETX I got a Skywatcher mount & took the tubes off the ETX's. Dont do that if you've borrowed it though Greenkat
  8. Also regarding focus : Most camera lenses focus beyond infinity. The thing to do is turn the focus ring all the way to infinity, then back just a notch. Take a test pic to check focus. Hope this helps Greenkat
  9. Hi Lou Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for but here goes... If your husband is only casualy interested in astronomy, it may be unwise to spend your money on a telescope he may only use a few times. With the equiptment he already has, he can already do quite a bit of astrophotography by just mounting his camera on a tripod and taking longer exposures of the night sky. My advise would be to maybe buy him a book on astrophotography and see if he enjoys the hobby. If he does, you could possibly buy him a motor driven equatorial mount at a later stage to mount his camera on to do ev
  10. Hi John I could be wrong, but I dont think it would matter if you flipped the image before processing and might actualy help you process the image better if your seeing it in its correct orientation. Im sure someone will correct me if I am wrong Greenkat
  11. Hi Don Cant help you with that particular filter, but I have a minus violet filter from a company called Sirius Optics. Works ok on my 6" F5 refractor. Greenkat
  12. I dont use the same equiptment, I use a skywatcher mount, a DSI3 camera, guide camera & joystick. I have a 4 port powered USB hub conected to the laptop via a long usb extention lead. Both cameras, Usb-serial mount adapter and joystick all conected to the hub. Hope that helps Greenkat
  13. Cheers for the advice guys Hopefully will be able to try properly when I get some clear sky and get some images to try it on Greenkat
  14. Hi Cat I made a very simple lightbox using the box the EL sheet was delivered in. My diy skills are not very good, so I i can make this simple box, anyone can I tried a variable voltage power supply and it does go dimmer the less voltage supplied. See my thread here http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-tips-tricks-techniques/128700-flats-using-el-sheet.html Greenkat
  15. Just stacked 50 flats in DSS, Auto wb off, set to daylight. Resulting image was very blue, 2nd image is after adjusting in photoshop Getting anywhere near ?
  16. Many thanks Kev, great info , I'll go give that a go now
  17. Hi Steve Thanks for the reply. I havent processed the flat at all, just reduced the image size to post on here, do I need to adjust the levels ect ? Greenkat
  18. Hi all So, I went and bought an A4 EL sheet from Earlmans so I can start trying to do flats. Mounted it in an A4 clipframe with the glass removed, then placed it in the box that the EL sheet was delivered in. Perfect fit Then I cut a hole in the front the size of my largest dewsheild then made some templates to match each smaller scopes dewsheild which can be placed on the front and held with velcro. This lets me place the box over each dewshield nicely when in the park position. It all looks a bit scruffy atm, but will make something neater when I,ve made sure its all ok. I have powered the
  19. Hi John I would say any lens is suitable, thou for astro imaging, prime lenses are better as zoom lenses have more elements in them. But if you will be using it for daytime too, then no reason you cant use it for nightime as well. I have used zoom lenses, but i'm not an expert imager Greenkat
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