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  1. Hi folks, good to be back. Here are a few from tonight with different processing in Lightroom showing both 'true color' and B&W. A-Focal single shots. ED APO 66MM refractor, Baader 8-28mm Zoom EP, camera tripod, Sigma Merrill DP3M (70mm equivalent lens) Paul
  2. Wow, excellent. Very sharp, even the proms are visible. What size is the full image?
  3. First Class Universal Service has get out clauses.....remote or inaccessible addresses! Exceptions In rare circumstances, Ofcom may grant exceptions to the minimum Universal Service requirements. These include remote or inaccessible addresses, or addresses that present a temporary safety risk for Royal Mail employees (for instance, due to an uncontrolled dangerous dog on the premises). A full list of exceptions to the Universal Service can be found here.
  4. Great build, looking forward to the next installment.
  5. Unfortunately I'm out too as I will be moving home instead, priorities and all that. I will remain a Star Party Virgin for a while longer. Good thing is it means I can have an immediate clear out of my gear and plan for my new improved observing site at my new home. A 102 APO is beckoning me.... Have a good one folks, I am sure we will meet up at some point. Paul
  6. Phenomenal. Incredible detail and simply beautiful.
  7. Welcome to the 'Big Newt on a Swivel Club'
  8. I had planned to bring my 10" reflector, my Tal 100RS and a little 66mm ED APO, but will now be moving house that week so have had to cancel. I will be there in spirit and will have to contend with viewing the eclipse from my new back garden. Have fun everyone and I hope to get to an event later in the year.
  9. 'Quality' and 'inspirational' are the words that spring to my mind. Great work.
  10. Hi Jules, thanks for the side by side test, interesting read. I have just been out tonight and guess what I picked up? A 100RS courtesy of Fleabay to go on my SkyTee 2. It is the one with the 2" Crayford and blue coatings. Unfortunately the night sky has done a runner in Lancashire so I have been unable to test. Paul
  11. 66mm ED APO Baader 8-24mm Zoom Sigma DP3M Single shots are never that sharp but the seeing was quite good tonight. The 66mm ED APO is turning out to be quite a good little scope. Paul
  12. With a very suspicious £1800 BIN and with the same image as the scam ones from a while back? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Astro-Physics-AP130EDFGT-Gran-Turismo-Apochromatic-Telescope-Refractor-/291368941478?pt=UK_Photography_Telescopes&hash=item43d6f137a6 http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/156390-looks-dodgy-astro-physics-ap130edfgt-on-ebay/ Can somebody ID this? Paul
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