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  1. Hi folks, good to be back. Here are a few from tonight with different processing in Lightroom showing both 'true color' and B&W. A-Focal single shots. ED APO 66MM refractor, Baader 8-28mm Zoom EP, camera tripod, Sigma Merrill DP3M (70mm equivalent lens) Paul
  2. Wow, excellent. Very sharp, even the proms are visible. What size is the full image?
  3. First Class Universal Service has get out clauses.....remote or inaccessible addresses! Exceptions In rare circumstances, Ofcom may grant exceptions to the minimum Universal Service requirements. These include remote or inaccessible addresses, or addresses that present a temporary safety risk for Royal Mail employees (for instance, due to an uncontrolled dangerous dog on the premises). A full list of exceptions to the Universal Service can be found here.
  4. Great build, looking forward to the next installment.
  5. Unfortunately I'm out too as I will be moving home instead, priorities and all that. I will remain a Star Party Virgin for a while longer. Good thing is it means I can have an immediate clear out of my gear and plan for my new improved observing site at my new home. A 102 APO is beckoning me.... Have a good one folks, I am sure we will meet up at some point. Paul
  6. Phenomenal. Incredible detail and simply beautiful.
  7. Welcome to the 'Big Newt on a Swivel Club'
  8. I had planned to bring my 10" reflector, my Tal 100RS and a little 66mm ED APO, but will now be moving house that week so have had to cancel. I will be there in spirit and will have to contend with viewing the eclipse from my new back garden. Have fun everyone and I hope to get to an event later in the year.
  9. 'Quality' and 'inspirational' are the words that spring to my mind. Great work.
  10. Hi Jules, thanks for the side by side test, interesting read. I have just been out tonight and guess what I picked up? A 100RS courtesy of Fleabay to go on my SkyTee 2. It is the one with the 2" Crayford and blue coatings. Unfortunately the night sky has done a runner in Lancashire so I have been unable to test. Paul
  11. 66mm ED APO Baader 8-24mm Zoom Sigma DP3M Single shots are never that sharp but the seeing was quite good tonight. The 66mm ED APO is turning out to be quite a good little scope. Paul
  12. With a very suspicious £1800 BIN and with the same image as the scam ones from a while back? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Astro-Physics-AP130EDFGT-Gran-Turismo-Apochromatic-Telescope-Refractor-/291368941478?pt=UK_Photography_Telescopes&hash=item43d6f137a6 http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/156390-looks-dodgy-astro-physics-ap130edfgt-on-ebay/ Can somebody ID this? Paul
  13. If we can muster 50 of us to send 20 questions each they may take it seriously when they have to deal with 1000 questions in a clogged up in-box that will impact on their business. Sometimes this is the only way! And there is nothing illegal about it. Does anyone know people in the press who will run this story, especially with he interest in the eclipse amongst the public. 'Chinese want to blind us' would be a good headline.
  14. Still up, I contacted both the seller and ebay. They also want to ruin your camera now! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Astronomical-Telescope-Camera-Adapter-Bracket-1-25-T-Mount-M42x0-75-Tracking-/400841759491?pt=UK_Telescope_Mounts&hash=item5d5407db03 If their ads are still up tomorrow I would suggest a mass hit on them via 'ask seller a question' Paul
  15. Excellent sharpness and control of contrast. I would be proud of that image. Paul
  16. I use the Baader zoom and to my mind it is a good eyepiece for the price. Where it excels is that once an object is found you can zoom in to see if the view improves without having to change EP's. I have found this very useful on Nebula where you can immediately see if you get an increase in contrast. Paul
  17. Exactly. I only bought my first scope 5 years ago and since then have been 'scopeless' 3 times, the last period for 2 years. Some people may get caught in the 'Japanese Tourist' syndrome with astronomy and I am sure there are many out there. I also think that modern astro-photography gives people unrealistic expectations as to what can be seen with the naked eye. This and the fact we can go for months with bad weather are probably the main causes for people quitting. I blame Damian Peach and Olly....
  18. As this 'hobby / interest' has so many facets I find it strange that people actually say they are 'quitting' as though astronomy is akin to smoking! Paul
  19. I wish you more success than me. The OTA / Mount / EP combination I have is great but the LP where I am is terrible and this combo is too big and heavy for a grab and go. I have just got back into visual and have obviously forgot why it was that 3 years ago I got a C8 and concentrated on the Moon and Planets. As this isn't a go-to mount and the sky is so washed out I spend more time looking for stuff than actually observing it. I am sure the Giro and the 250PDS will be a good combination providing your skies are better than mine. Paul
  20. I too would not bother with any EP 'kits' I find with my 10" Skywatcher that I use 3 EP's. a Celestron Panaview 32mm for wide field, a 7mm Japanese Orthoscopic for planetary and my Baader 8-24mm zoom when I want the convenience of just one EP. I would not worry too much about collimation, it is not critical for visual and you will soon pick up the basics. Also budget for a good Right Angle finder. Paul
  21. Hi Derek they are 1.75" legs, all Skytees are fitted with these. It is the same tripod as the HEQ5. The head can be bought individually. With a 30Kg rating they are more than sufficient. The standard dovetail saddles are not good and I would only trust them with a light scope. ADM saddles make a big difference but it all adds to the cost. Paul
  22. AS to your question I think the big fast newts are good for visual. Yes you will get some degradation of view towards the edges without a coma corrector but I think a bigger problem is choice of EP. Having said that I got this setup as a light bucket and can put up with the optical shortcomings. Fitting a 10" F4.7 OTA on a Skytee II did it for me. Comfortable and useful height for viewing around the ecliptic with the tripod at minimum. You could easily get another foot in height, and the Skytee with a counterweight handles the 16Kg load without issue. I can take more photos and measurements if you require them. Paul
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