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  1. perrin6

    200mm F6 backpack scope

    optimized for contrasty images
  2. perrin6

    Non Astro

  3. Have had great views of Saturn, moon & double stars with this high contrast scope. Interestingly, although 100% field of illumination is only 8mm & light fall off is steep outside this, I had a v. good view of the great nebula in Orion, lots of contrasty knots and detail (using orthoscopic & RKE eyepieces) despite observing from North Adelaide. .23mm-wire spider & 22.5mm diagonal produces about 2.8% obstruction of main mirror by area and faint diffraction spikes only on stars & planets brighter than 1st magnitude.
  4. Have since added an in-lightpath kydex baffle.-not ideal as this reduces contrast but only option with this design. Left with brother-in-law in Perth (Australia).
  5. Although this had a good mirror and an undersized secondary, the design compromised contrast due to lack of effective baffling. Went into skip as I had to leave the country & didn't have time to dispose of otherwise !!
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