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  1. Isn't there reason to believe the moon reduces Earth's axial variation and without it the climate would have been more extreme and mass extinctions more regular and damaging ? Also don't we need the moon as a base for future journeys into deep space perhaps as a sort of 'insterstellar Heathrow'. Maybe push it away a bit to reduce the amount of light pollution it causes. Have to admit I do love old moonie.
  2. Have a try for M51 the whirlpool galaxy, I was amazed to see it through 15 x 70s under quite light-polluted sky, although it was quite close to the zenith which was a bit of a neck strainer.
  3. Colour in Jupiter is much more apparent once the atmosphere settles. Viewed Jupiter this morning from North Adelaide which is pretty light polluted and seeing steadied enough to see the disk as pinkish, the bands dark reddish-brown and Great red spot a strong orange. Jupe gets a bit higher here than in the UK, (it was about 45 degrees altitude) which helps. The colours are subtle with an 8 inch although my scope has a smaller than usual diagonal mirror and wire spider, which probably helps as these improve contrast a bit. This morning it looked it's best a little before sunup with the sky b
  4. 'The machine age' title track from 'Bicentennial man'. Builds to a climax and is technological, sciency with an ethereal edge. 'The cloud' from Star trek the motion picture, mysterious and a little spooky & dramatic. Brian Eno's 'Apollo' Mike Oldfield's music has some 'spaced-out' feelings eg 'The songs of distant Earth, 'Tubular bells'
  5. perrin6

    200mm F6 backpack scope

    optimized for contrasty images
  6. Being a 9-stone weakling I've made wooden dobsonians that are lighter and easier to manage than the equivalent metal-monster versions. My present 8inch weighs 12.5 pounds, the Optical Tube Assembly weighs only 11 pounds. Haven't tested it in a strong wind yet but it has a very low rocker box and thus a low centre of gravity Was it not Hamlet who said; 'Who would Fardles bear, to grunt and sweat under a heavy Dobsonian' ?
  7. A reason why it's good to have a small scope that one can 'chuck out' at a moments notice and will cool quickly to ambient temperature to take advantage of those fleeting glimpse nights.
  8. Hello Simona. I'm always concerned about those new to telescopes getting in too deep by buying one that is large, heavy, with lots of gizmos etc and getting quickly disheartened before they've experienced the joy and relaxation that a smallish, simple telescope can bring. I know nothing about astrophotography (AP) which is a great hobby as well as being of real value to science but I wonder if some people miss out on the simple pleasures of just looking. If your budget is tight you will obviously need to purchase a telescope than can be used for AP even if you only initially use it visually
  9. perrin6

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  10. The most distant globular cluster I've seen was in the Andromeda galaxy as a tiny fuzzball making a triangle with two foreground stars. Used a map I found online and a 14inch under fairly light-polluted skies.
  11. Anyone know if there are cotton buds with no abrasive fibres like BPC standard cotton ? I don't like using a cloth to clean eyepieces, it's just too fiddly, especially on very small eye-lenses and field-lenses that are recessed a long way into the eyepiece body..
  12. I would suggest keeping them all and acknowledging to yourself that for some deep biological reasons we tend to regularly reassess our living space and possessions. Perhaps this is a remnant behaviour from when we were always on the move as hunter gatherers !
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