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Star Party 06 SGL pics


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Here's some pics from this years SGL Star Party!

Camera was mounted on a Static tripod and exposures were of 1 single 30 Secs shot at ISO 1600 using the Canon 300D.

Conditions when clear were as close to 10/10 as i have ever seen..


A moody shot of Jupiter in some early evening mist before the BIG clear skies came.


Cassiopeia and a Meteor to the right!


Lyra through a Dewed up Canon lens :D


A nice view from the Camp site :D

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Thanks Rog,

There was just so many Stars :shock: next time i'll have a driven mount and i imagine some spesh images could be for the taking :D.

I think i observed more with the Naked eye than at a scope or binos's just awsome to see!


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Certainly was Rob.

Friday was 360 degrees wall-to-wall stars!!

Cracking pics James - missing the skies already!! Last night was clear, stuck my head out and it really struck me how little I could see! :D :D :D

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sob, sob....waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh i wish i had gone

blumming ex-misses, y did she have to pick that weekend, the c*w

you guys must go back so i can some with u.

No seriously it looks fantastic, tell me though got the purposes of those who went to neither this or the last one, is there a group piccie, so faces can be put to faces


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