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  1. Hi All, Just wanted to thank all those who attended the Wisbech Star Party. Bad weather aside we had some great laughs. It was fantastic putting faces to names and certainly feel i made so excellent friends there. Thanks in particular to Andy Lee who helped with the raffle, and Andrew Dumbleton who assisted with the organising when i had to leave. Also Thanks to Just Looking for providing some ace catering. Certainly planning another one or two at some point in the future. Once again many thanks to everyone for making it the ace event that it was.
  2. it is looking very promising, I was up till 3:30 am last night building an XP laptop hoping the toucam and the DSLR will work from it, we can only wait and see. Kit is ready other than that,some shopping to do tonight then lets see! Eitherway it'll be a screem i am sure! Clear Skies all.
  3. I have some beginners charts which i have prepared for people. There will be a nominal charge for them to cover cost of producing them. But they have South, North, East, an Western Sky plus the path of comet hartley I will be there with my green laser (this will be early on so as not to upset main stream imaging) to point out constellations and teach the art of star hopping. Other than that i have a beginners scope ppl can play with. Should be a gooden peeps, look forward to it. clear skies!
  4. I can see these being banned soon, damm it. A fine tool for showing people the stars, even using as a finder, but we will lose to these idiots. They should stop selling them and only have specialist astro dealers sell them under license. Rant over
  5. Its an obsession for me too i think, a way of life now. you know your hooked when you dream of events you've missed like the occultation of the Peilades (spelling!) Astronomy is just that, my wife calls it my second marriage. Some guys worship football, others cars or electricals. Me its the stars. Simple.
  6. There is a pub in the site, not sure what the hours are though. I'm a lager man myself, so will likely bring some holsten pils thats more my tipple these days. As Bill said though there is the small matter of some observing to do, i was a little ratted at previous SP, and remember its not the best way to be. So it will be coffee for me if clear (with one or two bevvies later) If not it will be bevvies. Chipping in for a keg for yourselves sounds an idea though.
  7. Ah, excellent, are you volunteering Bill? lol Thats very nice of you.
  8. Haitch, that burner will still be useful though i think, if you dont mind please bringing it. Colin is also taking a twin hot plate just in case :-) I will be taking a nice jar of jelopinos too! cant have a chilli without them now can you! yum yum
  9. to clarify i have asked Malc and Chez to do this as i fear that as nice as the site food is, there are limited arrangements for the night time. At least it gives people a little sustainance after a long drive or just before or even during a nights stargazing I for one look forward to some :-)
  10. Thank you to all those who have pm'd offered of Help. Haitch - Great idea, yes please bring it, see if we can fill it with mince or something Chez/ Mal - will call tonight to discusss the idea you have. Wisbech has also said they will keep their shop open for a while longer for breakfast for those who want it Unlike the weather, its looking good. :-) Thanks again to all the above.
  11. hi all, I have tried to keep threads on Wissy to the minumum, but catering is something which needs to be discussed. There is an on site takeaway which is available, it runs for much of the week day, but closes early at weekends. There is no restaurant as such but a communal area where food can be eaten and of course its bought to your tent. I did ask about a BBQ and NO charcoal ones are allowed. They have some ethanol fuel on they allow instead which small scale BB's can be rented for the stay. These are a little small to cater for a rally like this. What i've tried to do to remedy the issue is pm'd someone on here who i believe might be able to sort something, if not please volunteer if you can. I have emailed the campsite asking if they can keep their takeaway facility open a while for people to order some lunch at least. There is an ASDA nearby where food can be bought, but clearly on a sunday its going to close early (4pm) As for myself i am bringing all i anticipate needing foodwise. If anyone has ideas other than the above i am open to them. The suprise as i pointed out is the robotic telescope facilties kindly provided by Andrew Dumbleton and myself. I have booked the Faulkes Telescope for Friday afternoon and Sunday morning for those interested. I also intend to stream it live if people from SGL are interested. There is also a talk on Robotic Astronomy (subject to change), but there will be a talk, that or jupiter me thinks as its visible in the night sky. Raffle - yes there will be one prices will include Eyes on the Skies book and DVD 15 years of hubble and DVD cosmic collisions and hidden universe Plus a planetary ep, kindly donated by Alan Wilson of Skies the Limit tickets will be sold as £3 per strip of 5 or £5 strip of 8. other than this not much else to report, can;t give all the suprises away. :-) As for beginners (i have a few things for you ;-) Look forward to seeing you there. the FB group has more info if people would like to join that.
  12. updated for Haitch! and Steve C's son, i have also edited Ibby to Ibbo, apologies for that. Paid up and confirmed Haitch - 2 nights - without electric SteveC Son - as with father. Ibbo - 3 nights with electric - Payment Recieved Just Looking - 2 nights with electric - payment recieved! Paul Songer - 1 night not electric - payment recieved John and Mick Robinson - 2 nights with electric - payment recieved Andrew Dumbleton and wife Carole - 2 nights with electric - paid via Paypal Mr and Mrs AstroTiger plus AstroCub with leccy - paid Dreek plus 2 others with electric - cheque recieved with thanks Sailer with electric - 2 nights with electric - payment recieved with thanks Martin Hall with Leccy - payment recieved with thanks Steve C with leccy - Payment recieved Ann Bonell (Leicester Astronomical Society) - 2 nightswithout leccy payment recieved Nigel Garner - Cheque Recieved with Thanks Colin Golder - Pitch with electric - Payed for 2 nights - via paypal- received with many thanks Andy Lee - Pitch with electric - 4 nights - payment recieved via paypal - with thanks Bill Cowley - pitch with leccy - 2 nights - payment recieved via paypal - with thanks Phil Fargraze - pitch no leccy - 2 nights - payment recieved - with thanks Keith Moore - 2 nights will leccy - many thanks And that it booked for now folks, heres to a great time and many thanks to the above, look forward to seeing you there! Those who are arriving early, not a problem, i've spoken with the campsite, they have names and know to expect you. I will be there on the 7th October so will be around as needed too :-) clear skies for it all, promises to be a good one i think.
  13. ps, the main things to do now are collate all your camping kit to avoid a last min rush in the morning when your packing away. Ensure all your kit works, set it up as you would if you were camping in the back garden. If you have a power pack, can you run everything from it? How long will a charge last for? How long to charge it back up. I would also ensure you have a nice thermos mug for your beverage. If you are taking children, you can get gel warmers from Tescos these are safe and easy to use, and will keep your kids hands warm (or yours for hours) A tea cosy hat is also going to be helpful. Red torches as well are ideal, preferably head torches. No green lasers, goes without saying. also as i advised in FB group, if people have any astro brick a brack, to sell, bring it along :-) The event is close now, and i can tell you, i cannot wait!
  14. This is the thing, don't worry about anything, we have the best part of 20 pitches booked for this (all booked out now!) I will be there with a friend from the 7th, others are arriving earlier. Just to let all know that unlike conventional camping, you are encouraged to mingle, circulate. There will be talks and events to being all together, but the aim of this is to network, learn and have fun :-) I will update the new list if attendees as soon as my son lets me lol Many thanks to all for their support :-)
  15. This was one of the Google winners for funding. Khan Academy It is not strictly speaking pure astronomy, but those taking or intending to take advanced astro courses might find the maths videos of some use. Wish there was something like it when i was at school.
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