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Now - I don't do planets so...


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... be gentle! It looked like being one of those hazy nights last night so I decided to get around to something planetary. Me actually *planning* a planetary session is like the teletubbies planning a brewery party. Never done one in anger, and only did last night as I said, not clear and not too much time allowed after Kielder :D

Started when it was still light - sat.jpg is a stack of 185 frames taken about 8:40... after which it really got too cloudy for much else. Watched the ISS go over about 9:25 or so but it was cloud-dodging.

Bit later I took 1000 or so frames and used the best 400 for sat-bw.jpg... actual size :D

Then, it began to clear! Holy poo - I only have 15 minutes before I have to pack up and the skiy's as clear as I've seen it in ages! Ho hum. sat-2.jpg is about 1200 frames from 1400, turned out nice!

Details then. All with the ED114SS and 2" Rini 4x barlow with Toucam. EQ6 kept the target dead centre for the whole session with only a small adjustment when the clouds went away.

Last one (sat-2) was captured at 5 fps and 1/25th second, gain 45%. Can't remember the other two :D




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Great stuff Arthur. The b+W is showing up the best contrast and detail imho. 3rd one is a better size though and not going fuzzy at this mag - bit yellow though. The scopes working well for you :D

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