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  1. Am I correct in thinking it's the corrector or sensor, could it be the other side, inside the OTA ? could it still be either of the mirrors misaligned ?
  2. Ok, I have a 1000 px wide jpg. Ahh that works thanks, Had a look at the image train and can't figure how it's out of alignment. Could it be the corrector lens is tilted inside its housing, or the sensor misaligned in the camera ? Any way to tell which is more likely ? both were 2nd hand, the camera from Daz on here and the corrector came with the scope from a local marketplace on facebook, it has a couple marks on the lens and theres a securing ring holding the lens in, is it worth trying to remove it and see if theres anything stopping it seating correctly ... it would
  3. Thanks Michael, that does make sense, I'll have a look but I'm sure it's all screwed in properly, there must be something either in the corrector itself or the camera. Can't get the image to display in that op ... does it need to be jpg to display it or is there a different way of attaching it to have it display ?
  4. I've just finished setting up the back focus for the reducer/corrector on my Nexstar 6SE and I can't seem to get a decent image out of it. I'm getting a strange smudge on stars at the top of my image seeming to radiate out from towards the bottom of the frame. The lower left and right corners the smudge is near horizontal towards the edge and the upper corners it smudges at 45 deg toward the corners. Is it collimation ? or does it look like a problem with the back focus, or something I haven't considered ? Thanks for looking ... Edit: Added unprocessed tif ... should be easier
  5. Hi, I'm still fairly new to imaging but I've recently gone through setting up and tuning Astrotortilla to plate solve quickly. Not sure if it does no.2, but Sharpcap rapidly solves and re-centers to Stellariums initial slew to command pretty accurately and I believe a second solve and goto can give more precision. https://www.lightvortexastronomy.com/tutorial-setting-up-and-using-astrotortilla-for-plate-solving.html This guide was very thorough and easy to follow for its setup, It seems everyone has their preferences for software, we all find our own and what works with other softwa
  6. I've recently posted it in the welcome thread, but I'll post my 1st DSO here for posterity. Just 5x 3min subs with 3x darks kindly processed by a more experienced friend since I'm just getting started on this next learning curve
  7. In my brief experience so far, trying to get handset to offer me a star I could actually see, never mind being below horizon ! and trying (yet failing) to avoid spending big chunks of money. I was trying to use what I had camera wise, however it turned out the high Mp little Nikon 1J5 was unable to tether and the Canon 350D I could have on permanent loan from my Dad was too old to tether without a special cable that adapts the shutter release to USB. So the main barrier to putting a laptop in seems to be whether your DSLR is modern enough to allow remote shutter and image transfer via US
  8. LandyJon

    Hi folks

    Jon here in Runcorn, UK, been setting myself up over the last 9 months or so to get some good deep sky images and with a lot of help and advice from my mate Stu and the very helpful Steve @ENS Optical, on top of information gleaned from your very knowledgeable discussions here on the forum, I've got myself up and running with a Celestron Nexstar 6SE with F6.3 Reducer/Corrector, ZWO ASI183MC, Altair GPCAM3 385C3 and a William Optics guidescope mounted on a NEQ6PRO. It's been a long journey from first buying the OTA on its Goto mount, through having the main board catch fire on the mount wh
  9. PM sent ... forgot to mention including the guide rings pls, thanks.
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