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Hi from Cloudy South Wales


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Hi all and a happy new year.


I'm fairly new to the hobby (Neowise got me)... started off with a superzoom bridge camera and tripod and its been an adventurous learning curve since.  moved onto a MSM startracker and now the Skywatcher EQM-35 pro mount, Lumix S5 ff camera and 70-200 f2.8 lense, 2x tele. other equipment aquired along the way celestron 60LCM telescope,  114mm reflector telescope, ZWO ASI224MC camera. 


I'm hoping to eventually automate all my imaging sessions with N.I.N.A, learn from the more experienced members and share my findings and hopefully pick a few of your brains regarding my equipment


All the best. flip

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Hi Flip, welcome to SGL from a fellow South Wales member. You will find plenty of threads about imaging that should assist in your AP journey along with many experienced and willing members.




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You will also learn a lot about weather on this site - clouds being the most prevalent!! When you do get to see some dark clear skies let me know please !! I think I have forgotten how to use my telescopes and will need advice too!!!!

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