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  1. A good watch, just had a look out at Mars - it's amazing that it's up there on the surface ! andrew
  2. Just had a look at Mercury 5.15, it's bright naked eye and in binoculars earlier on. Nice crisp night here. andrew
  3. I had a brief look at the comet last night in 10x50s between the clouds. It was brighter than I thought it might have been, and in comparison with M3 I felt it was as bright. It's still a good binocular object. Andrew
  4. I had another view of Comet Neowise tonight in 10x50s. It is still well visible and brighter that I was expecting. Messier 3 is a good comparison to the north and it's of very similar brightness. Good to catch up again with this famous visitor. Andrew
  5. It's still a naked eye sight and wonderful in 10x50s, with a long tail. Though lost a bit of it's sparkle, Comet Neowise is putting on a great show! One from the garden around 10.50 last night. Andrew
  6. I took some images last night, 16 July around 11. At the front of the house there's an old fashioned street light, which lit naturally the foreground shrubs in a 10sec exposure. Andrew
  7. A magnificent night here! Comet Neowise still an easy naked eye object with the tail still showing well in a darker sky. Had my first view in the ST80 at x16 and the nucleus was breathtakingly intense - very beautiful. Looking wonderful in 10x50s, also took some photos. Another memorable night. Andrew
  8. Caught some glimpses around 11, tail still naked eye and a great sight in 10x50s - close to two stars in lynx. andrew
  9. Well I've never been on this section before, but I have a photo ! Comet Neowise from tonight. Andrew
  10. Had a glorious few hours with Neowise tonight. I decided to go down the bottom of the road, with a clear northern horizon. From just after 10 till midnight, a lovely sight again, still a thrill on first view - unmistakable naked eye and alive in 10x50. I took a tripod with me and took some photos, I'm glad I did to have a record of this glorious visitor Comet Neowise. Andrew
  11. Gosh, some of natures finest spectacles on view - what a great night and images. andrew
  12. It's come into view again, it just keeps taking your breath away. The tail clear against a darkish sky naked eye and framed by tall trees - a spectacle in binoculars. andrew
  13. Yes, I've lost it behind a tree - great to have seen it morning and evening. andrew
  14. Just saw the comet, it's dark enough to be a lovely view with flowing tail in 10x50s - it's 10.50 andrew
  15. You should takes kids along Stu, will be worth it. A memory for life... andrew
  16. I had a stunning view of Comet Neowise this morning from 3.15 onwards. It was an easy naked eye sight in crisp clear conditions. In 10x50s it was just spectacular - the nucleus sparkling and breathtaking with the tail pointing straight up and filling half the field. I could see it fanning out with a dark split in the middle, in fact my first impression was it looks like a photograph. I think it was around +1. The ISS passed overhead, it was a memorable morning! Andrew
  17. It's a great sight in a lovely predawn sky - Comet Neowise with it's tail filling half the binocular field. andrew
  18. Just been looking at comet Y1 Atlas it’s much brighter tonight. In the ST80 at 16x it was very obvious. andrew
  19. Just had my first view of comet t2 panstarrs in my ST80. Seeing was good but only visible as a faint hazy patch. Seen at 30x but better at 40x. andrew
  20. Not moved far from last night - quite near a 7 mag. star, best view at 21x tonight. Its pretty high up though! andrew
  21. Just been looking at Y4 also John, in the ST80. It's a little easier than a few nights ago, but still a hazy diffuse patch. The sky for me tonight had a little more glow and it was best at 32x. The triangular group with Rho Uma marking the spot ! andrew
  22. I managed to see the comet C/2019 Y4 atlas tonight in my ST80 as a diffuse largish glow. At 16x provided perhaps the best view but also 32x in average seeing. Hopefully a good binocular object under dark skies. andrew
  23. Great night Neil. I had no joy, at least not definitive with my ST80 - conditions not very transparent. Right up by by Bodes galaxies so looking forward to seeing some images. andrew
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