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Explore scientific ED140 FPL53 140mm f/6.5

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Hi everyone I am planning to buy the explorer scientific ED140 FPL53 140mm f/6.5 . But can't find enough review or image captured by it. I am planning to use it with the ZWOASI 294MC PRO and the ioptron cem60 mount. Plz can you guys tell me if this is a good setup to go with and if possible plz. Plz send me photos captured using that scope. 

Thanks in advance.


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Hi  Abhishek,

It looks like a nice scope you've chosen. You aren't looking for advice on alternatives so I'll stick to answering your request.

There is only 1 photo that I could find on Astrobin                   

However the information on Cloudy Nights has one person who can't get their ED140 to work well with their camera. Although they don't have problems with the CEM60, so that looks like it's a suitable mount (though maybe with some additional parts). There is a review of the scope on https://astrobackyard.com/explore-scientific-ed140/ but the person there relies on being given stuff, so the reports are always good.

There's three places to look. Good luck

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