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Found 30 results

  1. Loads of eyepieces for sale - I really need to have a clear out. All prices are for posted in mainland UK. All are either in bolt cases or original boxes. Celestron X-Cel LX 7mm £45 Celestron Omni plossl 6mm £20 Celestron Omni plossl 12mm £20 Meade 4000 26mm £25 Revelation 40mm camera projection eyepiece £30 The following eyepieces are, I am pretty sure, all GSO. They are all the same design. An opportunity to put together a good range at low cost. 6mm £20 9mm £20 15mm £20 20mm £20 Finally, a digiscoping afdapter. Can be used to hold any camera with a standar tripod thread for digiscoping. Like this: https://www.telescopehouse.com/universal-digiscoping-adapter.html £20 Payments to be made by PayPal or bank transfer. Jon
  2. I was wondering if any of you have used Vixen PL eyepieces before? When I buy my new scope ( either a 130p/150p dob) I was looking to purchase some of these eyepieces to use instead of the stock ones as people tend to say they aren’t great at best. The eyepieces looking to get are the 25mm ones and 10mm. Is there a big difference using these then using the stock ones. Or if not the vixen eyepieces any alternatives that are in that price range. Or is it worth just keeping the stock EPs for a while. Just want to get the best possible views from the get go. Many Thanks
  3. Hi there guys, a friend of mine do have several GSO eyepieces from his deceased father and is willing to part with them, are they any good?, how much should you pay for a 2.5X 3 element Barlow? and for a 15mm lens? Some of the pieces do have the inscription "Taiwan" on them some others does not, are there any difference between them? Also there are some Barlows made out two and others out three pieces elements, what are the differences between them? Lately have been reading in forums about Meade 4000 eyepieces too, which ones are better, GSO or Meade 4000? For my readings, i have come to the conclusion that eyepieces made for Meade, (not the 4000) Orion and Celestron, are not of good quality, am i right? Good eyepieces (brand) to buy w/o breaking the bank (or getting divorced) ???? I do use glasses all the time, is there anything to be concerned with the eyepieces use and the glasses? Thanks for any help you can give.
  4. I am looking at improving my EP collection. I have the kit 25mm and 10mm supplied with my Skywatcher Explorer 150P reflector along with its X2 Barlow. I also have a 40mm Meade Series 3000. All are 1.25 inch. The clarity of the Meade is an absolute joy so I want to start upgrading the kit I have. I am unsure whether to replace either of the kit EP's are go for an intermediate such as a 15mm EP. What is a good EP for £75 or so and what would YOU choose if you were upgrding? Thanks all. Matt
  5. Hi I will buying a Celestron 11" HD cassegrain and to save I need to buy most of the needed equipments since they are 2x -2.5x price in Asia and i would not want to end up with things I dont need. For eyepieces will a combination of Ethos 13, 17, 21, Nagler 31, Panoptic 41 or William swan 40 and a TPO 50mm. Any suggestions please? Im not really well versed yet with filters for planets and deep sky and other than sky viewing I will be using a Nikon D5500 for astrophotography and maybe buy a simple webcam. Any suggestions? Im also considering getting a JMI dual speed motored focuser....Any suggestions? I hope with your suggestions I can gather most of what I need since I will be bringing them home to Manila Philippines where there no astronomy stores. Thanks in advance.
  6. My telescope is the Skywatcher Explorer 130P GoTo Is it worth getting a 2.5mm EP for my telescope or a x3 Barlow lens. I'm asking because i would love to see mars and Saturn closer up for finer detail.
  7. Hi, a few years ago I received a telescope, a vivitar 76700. I have a 2x barlow, an erecting eyepiece, a 20mm lens and a 12.5mm lens. When I try to put it together, nothing quite fits. I can get the lens into the erecting eyepiece and the barlow into the telescope, but I cannot fit the erecting eyepiece either directly into the telescope or the barlow - it's too small and therefore doesn't perfectly line up which is preventing me from seeing anything. Am I missing any pieces? Am I doing something stupid? Any help appreciated
  8. Mangleworsle

    Eyepiece Help

    I need help. My wife has offered to buy me an eyepiece for my birthday and has given me a budget of up to £100. My equipment is a SW Startraveler 102 with goto mount, 6, 10, 20, 40 mm eyepieces. I was thinking of getting a 15 mm eyepiece and have been looking at the TeleView 15mm Possl. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice about this eyepiece or recommend any other good quality eyepieces in the price range (I might be able to add a bit more for something really good). Jim
  9. Hello! So I have been an amateur astronomer since last few years and now I see that so many people have asking me about general telescope suggestions. (Guess the next step will be helping to set up small observatories...Ah dreams!) We don't have many telescope brands available. The major brands that are available here are Meade, orion, celestron and skywatcher. The confusion starts to rise when the other party is interested in little larger scopes like 8 inch sct or 12 inch reflector with eq mount or dobsonian mount. Would like to know overall experience that you guys have had with these brands like optical tubes, mount, eyepiece etc. Sort of like "this is good, this is not so good" type. For e.g. I have used celestron 6 inch sct, 12 inch (sort of) sct and 102mm short tube refractor. Although I love their optics, I haven't had good experience with their mounts. Meade : Used their 8 inch sct with fork mount (and liked it). Used their 90 mm refractor and didn't like it much. Skywatcher has given balanced performance overall. Decent mount, decent optics, decent supplied eyepiece etc. Also, on the same topic, I am quite confused with how much importance does having a good telescope dealer has. As in we do have many dealers here, but many times I have experienced things like overpriced scopes, no decent guidance etc. If I suggest just one dealer with whom I hadam good experience then it looks like biased opinion.
  10. Hi I've been thinking about investing in a better short focal length eyepiece for planetary and other high magnification work. I currently use a 7mm Baader genuine ortho, but this suffers from a couple of issues: first, I can't bring it to focus with my 250PX f/4.7 Dob whilst using my Orion precision centering adapter (which is great, btw); and second, it's got a pretty small apparent field of view which makes for a lot of shoving the Dob around to keep targets in view. Has anybody got any recommendations, or thoughts on ideal focal length? I'd want something that works well with my other 2 scopes as well (6" f/10 Celestron SCT, 4" Skywatcher f/5 achro refractor). Interested in views! thanks
  11. Hi. I have a baader zoom ii and 32mm plossl which i use loads with my c8. Just for visual and 1.25. A WO dialectic diagonal just because it was really cheap second hand and a Barlow which I never use because the magnification is high enough with a focal length of 2000mm. Is there anything I'm missing that might be really useful? I'm thinking about the 6.3 reducer and or a 40mm plossl, but I'm not really sure if I'm going to feel the benefit or not. Advice welcome please. It's so easy to own seldom used kit in this hobby. Thanks TimB
  12. hey guys, im reallly new to this, and ive bought a celesron astro fi 130mm newtonian telescope. but i really dont know what should i buy next for making the observation more clear? any advices? thank you so much.
  13. Hi astropeeps Can anyone explain why the view through a 21mm celestron ultima duo eyepiece frames the moon perfectly, but when I attach the camera it acts more like a 18mm eyepiece and a third of the moon is out of frame? Do I need an extender of some sort or a better camera? I have a LUMIX G7, micro 4/3 mount. Cheers The Nut
  14. Has anyone used russel optics eyepieces? what is your opinion of them?
  15. Sirius Starwatcher

    Recommendation for 8 mm EP

    Would anyone care to recommend an 8 mm EP to complete my collection. Will be used with the 200 Dob and primarily for Planets. I really like my WO 6 mm but they don't make the 8. The Vixens are fine but again no 8 I am not a great lover of Barlows.
  16. View2

    Bresser kit

    Have you seen the Bresser 70°-Series 6-piece Eyepiece Set for 250 bucks? I am after a 35mm EP, and the set has 2" 25, 30 and 35mm for less than any decent 35mm I have seen...what gives,? are they poor eyepieces? The 15mm would also fill a gap that I was planning to purchase a 14 mm for. Seems to good to be true, like when I found out about the 3-6mm nagler zoom with its yellowing effect,small field and not recommended for focal lengths over 900mm. The set has my interest.
  17. Knighty2112

    EP's to attention!

    OK, a little bored today, so I thought I'd line up all my EP's to attention. Half of them are stock EP's which came with various scopes (1st photo) , and the other lot in the 2nd photo are all EP's I've bought seperately. A quick run through of the guys are as follows (from left to right); 2nd photo; TMB Planetary II 4.5mm - Celestron Omni plossl 6mm & also 12mm - Vixen LV 15mm - Skywatcher plossl 17mm - Explore Scienticfic (2" EP) 25mm - Celestron Omni plossl 32mm 1st photo; Skywatcher stock 4mm and 2x 10mm - Celestron Stock 10mm, 20mm, 20mm erecting EP - Skywatxher stock 2x Super 25mm Plus I have two other stock EP's from a scope in the loft which are also stock Celestron's to at 10mm & 20mm EP's. To be honest I surprised myself how many I was awash with EP's! Hehe! I'm sure other members can outdo this shady mob of EP's too! OK fellas! Stand down now! Oh! With three pairs of the same stock EP's, I'll be in good shape when I buy a binoviewer at some point later on this year too! Edit: sorry the order of the pictures uploaded came up wrong, so edited to reflect that.
  18. I've been hanging onto this mount for a while, but not really bothered using it since I got the NEQ6. thinking of getting a new scope for visual later this year, and will a) need the money and need something bigger than the EQ3-2...so here it is up for sale again. I got it a year and a bit ago from FLO in clearance. It is missing the polar scope cover and doesn't come with any form of dovetail. One of the leg clamps has cracked, but I have secured it with a heavy duty rubber band and it still works fine - I have not had any trouble with it. the legs are filled with sand to aid stability. All the counterweights, accessory tray and slow-motion controls are included. The mount currently has a polar scope fitted and I also have the RA motor installed for long exposure AP - I have managed to push it to over 2 minutes, but that is at the limit. But it is a good mount for getting started with or for widefield photography with a DSLR. It won't get you taking the glorious pictures you see some of the members here coming up with, but it is a cheap way to have a go and see if it is for you or for grab-and-go widefield. It all cost me about £220 so, bearing this in mind, and the damage. Would accept £130 for the whole lot. Collection preferable, but happy to look into postage, although I suspect that will be over £10 easily. Delivery/meeting half-way could be "doable" as well depending on location. Prefer to sell as one lot, but would consider splitting.... tripod and Mount £70 RA Motor £40 Polar Scope £ 25 (again plus postage) While looking for this under the bed I also found a couple of Skywatcher eyepieces (the ones that come free with your scope) - 10mm and 25mm. These seem to be around £6-8 on Astro boot, so would be asking £13 for both including posting, or £6 inc. postage for one. And, finally, I found this Hanhnel BH-40 Ball-Head I used when building a barn-door tracker a while back - don't use it now, so no use to me. It is in great condition and has a screw in adapter on the base to fit thick and thin threads. Think these are about £25 now, so £17 including postage Thanks for looking Mark
  19. Hi. I have got myself an ED80 scope, and have been using the 28mm EP that came with it, but when trying to look at Saturn, it just looks like a bright dot. I would like to see it larger and in more clarity. On doing some hunting around I have read that the Tele Vue Nagler Zoom EP's are regarded as a good quality EP that will last. So the question is, will the 3-6mm EP or the 2-4mm nagler EP's be suitable for my ED80. I got this scope mainly for AP, but I am intersted in visual work as well, so eventually I may get a scope that is a dedicated visual scope, and hopefully the Nagler EP would suit that scope as well. Any advice would be great!
  20. Newbie here with a Heritage 100P, I've already added a 15mm Meade 4000 china Plossl and a Revelation Astro 2.5x Barlow to the supplied Skywatcher MA 10mm, 25mm and 2x Barlow. As it is an f/4 scope I've read that plossls have to be high quality but as the aperture is 100mm and it's a low price scope more expensive plossls seem a bit overkill (not planning to add a 8" Dob for at least 12/18 months). So the question really is do I upgrade my 10mm and 25mm (probably Meade 4000 again) and will I see a significant benefit, believe with my eyesight I'm not going to get any benefit in going higher than a 28mm so unless advised contrary I don't think going beyond 25mm will help me much. As a guide I'm interested in DSO's not just planets Thanks in advance
  21. Hey guys I know that a 2x barlow decreases the light by 2 squared so 4x. The question is: If I have an 8mm eyepiece and I 2x barlow it, how does it compare to a 4mm eyepiece of the same make, range, etc. Is it also around 4x less light?
  22. I have just got a Star Traveler 102 / 600 Goto, and would be grateful if some of the more advanced members could give me some advice on eyepieces. It came with a 10 & 20 mm eyepieces. I can't afford expensive ones, but if you could give me some idea of middle range models that will work well for Deep Sky observation and the occasional Planetary viewing. Thanks Jim
  23. Hi All, I have a 250mm f4.7 Dob and am looking for a quallty eyepiece or eyepieces in the 25mm - 40mm range although I realise that 40mm may be pushing it a bit. Recommendations please, especially from those who have used them with similar scopes. Simon
  24. DougAtDallington

    'Flat' Lenses?

    Item on the BBS News Science & Technology site Flat lens promises possible revolution in optics See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-36438686 Apparently, using chip-fab techncology it should be posible to make super-quality lenses 30 cm dia or more for pence (cents). Big, cheap refractors here we come? Regards, Doug
  25. Explore Scientific 70° 35mm vs. PANAVIEW 38mm 2” 70° Which one do you prefer?

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