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  1. Hi, Can you help me solve this mystery, please? I have a 2020 Celestron 8" Edge Evolution Ltd Edition 60 Anniversary model. The OTA is carbon fibre and some of the artwork is different but for in tents & purposes it's a standard 8" Edge Evolution The Problem The problem is, when the mount is switched off. the telescope will not maintain its calibration between Star Sense (SS) camera and the OTA. Please not I am not talking a SS alignment here - I'm talking about the calibration between the SS camera and OTA. This is what happens - I will do a SS Auto Alignment and
  2. Hi, I need a Lumicon 'Short' SCT Visual Back part number LA1066 Overall length is appx 1.5 inches I'm in USA Thanks!! Siouxsie
  3. Hi, I would like to ask you if you have any advice, comments or thoughts on my storage proceedure that I propose to use for Cubble, my CPC1100. My overall golden rule, and I think it is for most telescope owners, is to try and avoid large shifts between OTA (although being a CPC it's OTA + double fork arm assembly + motors) temperature and that of the ambient / outdoor temperature. This applies especially in the summer, avoiding bringing the OTA from an air conditioned house (EG ~ 70f ) to the outdoors where it can be 85f - 100f where I live. That amount of temperature shift is e
  4. Hi, Just thought I'd share this in case you haven't seen it already. A recent (September 2020) article added to the Celestron 'Knowledge Base' on collimating SCTs. I don't claim to have seen all articles on collimation, but this is defs one of the best that I have seen. https://www.celestron.com/blogs/knowledgebase/sct-edgehd-collimation-guide Siouxsie
  5. You can test / prove this is happening inside without having to align the telescope outside. Just power up the telescope indoors, and check that 'Cordwrap' is set to 'Off'. Level the OTA, point it to north (although you don't have to - the telescope just assumes you are pointing north for 'Quick Align' although the Star Sense manual does not tell you this) select 'Quick Align' and then you are aligned. Check 'Cordwrap' and you'll find it's been reset to 'On'.
  6. No bugging here What seems to happen when using the Star Sense controller is this - you power up your mount, do your time / date / location checks and even check that 'Cordwrap' is set to 'Off'. After the alignment though, the hand controller gremlins reset 'Cordwrap' to 'On'. The good news is that when it's switched back to 'Off', it stays off, at least until the next alignment. I haven't yet checked to see if this issue also happens when adding an Alignment Reference (IE following the main alignment and having switched 'Cordwrap' to 'Off') I hope not, but I'll check next time I'm out.
  7. Tbh, I know someone who has wrtitten a few books about Celestron telescopes and he's been bringing known faults to Celestron's attention for years now and has been largely ignored. Same with the Star Sense manual - people have been telling Celestron for years now that there are fundamental errors within it but Celestron have not updated the manual. Which makes their more recent update of the Star Sense hand controller to now include 'Peripherals' alll the more remarkable. For me, I'm just relieved that I now know why Cubs was taking the long route for so many gotos. It's just anothe
  8. The Cordwrap issue is nothing to do with changing hand controllers nor updating them I'm getting the issue with Cubble, my CPC1100 for which I never use the Nextsar handset. But I'm also getting the same issue with Celeste, the 8" Evolution when I use her Star Sense hand controller.
  9. Oh, you have the 60th Anniversary limited edition, too?! I think it's the best looking, most elegant telescope every produced by anybody! I raised exactly the same issue with Celestron. In the end, I had to purchase a separate Nexstar hand controller (as it didn't come with one) just to be able to access the Peripherals menu. Well done for getting that done!!! I must have missed the 20244 update by literally days., I try and check for updates about once a month. Thanks to you, I've just updated both Celeste's and Cubs' hand controllers! It will be a lot easier now being able t
  10. Oh yes, firmware updated and checked regularly. No, Cubs and Celeste have their own handcontrollers. This is defs not an issue restricted to my hand controller as Celeste's Star Sense hand controller does the same thing, plus Ian's post below. For a long while I just accepted it as an idiosyncrasy of the OTA but it's great now knowing what the real cause was. I estimate I may have wasted as much as half an hour each session in total time waiting for Cubs to take the long way home.
  11. Hi, Now, I know that Cubble likes to keep fit. I try to keep all of my telescopes healthy and feed them only the best planets and DSOs. But - why is that Cubble just LOVES to go all around the houses on some of his GOTOs?! Talk about taking the long way home!!! I could have sworn that I had 'Cordwrap' set to 'Off'............. I have set Cubs up with a totally cordfree / wire free system and therefore find this going 340 degrees around to an object that is 10 degrees away incredibly annoying and time wasting. Well, I think I may have found the answer today. Some of you
  12. Thanks, yes it is, I am very lucky. I live in a valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains and am treated to some very special views all round.
  13. New and improved version, now with 4 heat strips so that I can have all my eyepieces and filters in one place. You can see the USB female ports in the upper part. The control cables plug into those and each cable has a 3 setting heat sle;ction. The male jack from that cable then plugs into the battery. The Celestron Lithium Power Tanks have 2 USB charging ports each, so it works out well, I just need 2 batteries and they last for at least 4 hours on full heat. I don't know if you can get the heat strips that I linked to in my original post above in the UK but if you can, seriously,
  14. Hi, So this is my solution for keeping my eyepieces an reticles warm and free from misting and fogging. I basically have two generic bags of a kind used for keeping prepared food warm. Heat reflectice inner lining and zip round tops, the usual thing. I then have a strip of cardboard (for rigidity / solid base) covered in foil. Installed over the top of that I have two heater strips. 17" long, 2" wide and each have a 3 way heat control. They have a USB cable for power. I use my Celestron Power Tanks as each tank has 2 USB power ports. These strips wree only $20 each and I
  15. Hi, I'm here to bug you again with questions! Using an F10 2800FL SCT I cannot obtain an image let alone focus anything. I have only tried in the daytime thus far - as I thought that would be an easier snecario to learn in. I CAN get focus in my F5 Newtonian and I know for sure the camera is working. I am going straight through on the F10 (Cubs) just using a 1.25" visual back to insert the camera nose into the OTA. I've been advised to - Select easy target like the moon - use a 30 - 40mm eyepiece. Focus that. Take out eyepiecxe, install camera. S
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