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  1. yea, i think the ones i got with the scope are very similar to them ones. They screw in front of the focuser. I got 3 in total slightly different sizes, so i might even try to use them all and mix and match the tubes
  2. Thank you steve i have never used that sharp-cap but i will install it and give it a try and see what results i get back. Also never thought of playing about with the gain levels myself as theyre set to auto when i plug it in and never knew what they really meant to be honest but i think i do now. Thanks again.
  3. What kind of extension tubes? I got 3 with the scope when i got it that screw in front of the draw tube/focuser and i also have some T-2 extension tubes coming tomorrow that will screw on the back of the OAG in front of the camera. Or should i try both/combination?
  4. Hi guys, if this has already been asked i apologize but i need to ask it. I was out last-night for the first time with my gear to see if i could get an image of any stars as i have been having problems since i got all my gear. I am a newbie at AP. My gear consists of Explore Scientific ED102 cf refractor, ES iEXOS 100 PMC Eight, ZWO asi178mc none cooled, ZWO OAG, ZWO asi120mm mini. Software i use is Nebulosity / APT, PHD2 ]The problem I am having is that I cannot see anything in live view on any of the programs, so what i have done is slew to a bright star, looked at it through an eye piece to make sure i am on target, which i am, put the camera back in, and nothing! Just a black screen. So what i have done is disconnect the asi120mm and closed down PHD2 to eliminate a mix up/confusion off the cams and it is still the same. Do i need to change any settings on the cameras even though it is all set to auto? Has anyone else had this problem? if so could you please help me out. Any help would be appreciated. Clear skies. PS. Im not sure why this feed has these deft white boxes so I apologize for it.
  5. doesnt matter now i have managed to sort it out.
  6. Hi guys, this is my first post and i apologise in advance if this topic has been discussed before. I am having some issues with my explore scientific iexos 100 mount, i cannot seem to get it to line up with whatever star or other object i am looking for. For example I sent it to look at the moon last night, being December 29th, when it had finished slewing to what the mount thought was the correct coordinates for the moon, the mount was facing far away from it, so i tried to do 3 star alignment and every star i sent it to, it was facing nowhere near where it was meant to be facing. Does anybody use this mount or has used it before, could you please help me out with this issue please. Thanks.
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