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Some pictures with a Canon 40D


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Just to share some of my photos with you. They were taken in July/August (exception of M13 and M33) so lots of heat (usualy 20ºC and up). I will take most of those objects again next year (I've learned something from those hot nights experiences: I need much more darks and ISO must be set at 100 not 800!). Need to study more my AP sessions log. Processing will be much more meticulous too!

I know that the bench mark must be a little bit high now after that M42 POW (which is a problem) but weather conditions and processing was not the same and M42 Raw's have lot more signal to process....which is good :hello2: .

M13 - 4x5min with Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + Canon 40D


Veil - 7x10min with Tak FS60C @ f/6.2 + Canon 40D


M20 and M8 - 8x10min with Tak FS60C @ f/6.2 + Canon 40D


M20 and M8 - 16x6min with Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + Canon 40D (at 27-25ºC :crybaby: )


Bubble and company - 4x10min with Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + Canon 40D


Helix too low in the sky - 9x12min with Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + Canon 40D


Iris - 12x10min with Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + Canon 40D

(that dark nebulosity make me crazy. This one is my top list for next year - HDR with up to 36x20 min subs)


M33 - 12x12min with Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + Canon 40D

(this one is my last for my next AP session - I will try 18x25min subs)


And yes I would like to have a faster OTA with my DSLR.



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Stunning images Paulo, hard to pick the best but they are all amazing, love the Helix and Iris Nebula images. I am assuming your 40D is modified for astro use, your guiding must be exceptional with such long subs.

Thanks for sharing.


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The Canon 40D must have have a very low noise level? I don't think my 10D would cope with 10-20 minute subs ... Even If I had the sky for that is. The longest usable sub frame for me so far have been 8 minutes on a moonless dark clear night.

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Thank you all. I'm glad you like it. Hope to catch some more in a couple of weeks.

Yes I have dark skies, but I would not say exceptionally dark skies. I make my phtos 250 km from where I live at about 325 m altitude but inside, yes inside, a very small village. I "can´t" take pictures at the East side because there is a RAW of Hg and Na lights that kills my dark sky.

Yes my 40D is a modified one.



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Superb Paulo.

Please include as many details as possible about iso, exposures, guiding, mount etc., we love all of that :hello2: These pics certainly show off the differences with dark skies and a top class OTA, but your handling of the data is great too. Is the 40D a 14bit camera? What method do you prefer for focussing it? I see it has a live view screen, but is that enough?

Thanks for the pics.


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Hi TJ,

thanks for the compliments.

About those photos:

Exposure time: in the original post you have that data for each photo

ISO: 800

Canon 40D: 14 bit

Live View: it is all I need (for now)

Guiding tube: Tak FS60C @ f/6.2 or FS102NSV @ f/6.2

Guiding camera: QHY5 mono

Mount: Orion ATLAS EQmod

Guiding Software: PHD

Preprocessing: Nebulosity

Processing: PSCS3

Here some pictures of my gear:

(resting at home :hello2: )


(in the field at work :thumbright: ).

Picture take while I was taking some darks. I was taking pictures with the FS60C this time, so the FS102 was guiding)


(It was done :sunny: ).

The 2nd of August 2008 at 5:20 AM. Note the Orion belt in the right side.




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