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  1. Just an update, the last time I used it was far more successful. The difference being that I was more precise with the Polar alignment. So, it seems, you still need to take some care when getting set up for the evening.
  2. Thanks for the help chaps. The software is from November last year. I have looked at doing the update, but find the lack of instructions on the Celestron website a slight concern. As it is, persevering with it again tonight, I finally achieved some success, having taken more care with the Polar alignment, i.e. getting dead centre. Okay, it didn't put things quite dead centre in the EP, but I'll take it as a victory for now! I managed to get a couple of hours outside with the only frustration being the light pollution from all the new street lights.
  3. Just got a StarSense, with the new CG-5 AUX splitter, from FLO. Unfortunately, I'm not having much success with it, though. Having got it all set-up, time and location put in, mount roughly polar aligned, off it went to complete an Auto-Align. A few minutes later it tells me that it has completed and is ready, so I ask it to find Vega. Off it goes, slewing round until it eventually stops and I peer through the eyepiece expecting a bright star somewhere within the eyepiece. No such luck! Not anywhere within the FOV. In fact, it was so far out that I couldn't find it by slewing the scope with th
  4. I had a look at my problem lights today and found two had had the back part of the lens painted black and one had had the internal baffles fitted. Somehow, I doubt any of these measures will be sufficient to stop the glare and light flooding into my garden.
  5. Funny - I had one of those the other day and was not shy of letting my feelings be known - I hate the new lights!
  6. I'm still waiting for SSE to fit shields to the THREE lights that surround my property, although there may well be others in the street that cause problems. The lights are so bright that, like others, I can read by their light when in my garden. I'd love someone to try a legal challenge via human rights and the need for darkness in order to be healthy.
  7. You need to adjust the focus. I had exactly the same trouble when I first got one.
  8. So, the only course of action is for them to supply the CGE mount to go with the tripod and swap-out the CGEM. Seem silly to send a bolt! I'll certainly be interested to hear how the mount goes and compares the the CG5.
  9. I have also found that blinking helps me to 'see' some DSOs better, albeit in brief bursts.
  10. Good one! I'm looking forward to having a try when it comes up at a more social hour!
  11. Sorry, OP, but here's a little trivia: The whole 57 varieties things was made up. Heinz just thought it would sound good! Mind you, 57 EPs the size of that would be quite something to lug around!
  12. Seen about 4 or 5 this evening, along with 5 Chinese lanterns!
  13. Maybe it might be the software then? Not used WcCtrl or Firecapture.
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