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Skywatcher Heritage 130p

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59 minutes ago, Louis D said:

Neither does my Dob without the CC.  I would imagine the 130p would reach focus with a GSO CC.  Who would use the 130p-ds without a coma corrector when taking astrophotos?  Thus my point, if you're using a CC anyway, it allows you to reach focus, so you might as well use the 130p.

Except that the cc is optional on the 130p-ds that telescope is designed to reach focus with a dslr hence why the separate model to the standard 130p 650mm. In order to reach focus with my heritage 130p I need to drop the trusses about 1 inch whether using a webcam or dslr.

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41 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

The Skywatcher CC seems not to affect focal distance, plus you don't get a Crayford focuser with a 130P.

The Skywatcher CC has a 55mm backfocus requirement while the GSO CC is 70 to 75mm.  This could account for part of it.  The other part is probably that the GSO is a mild barlow at 1.1x while the Skywatcher is a mild focal reducer at 0.9x.  Barlows add to back focus while focal reducers eat up back focus.  Plus, there's the issue that the Skywatcher has what looks to be a nonremovable flange preventing insertion below the level of the focuser to intercept the focal plane earlier.  The GSO CC is smooth, so it can be inserted below the focuser like a barlow to intercept the light cone earlier and project it back farther.

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4 minutes ago, happy-kat said:

Except that the cc is optional on the 130p-ds that telescope is designed to reach focus with a dslr

I just wonder why anyone would use a Newtonian for astrophotography without a CC.  Perhaps for planetary imaging dead center?

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The 130p-ds is a cracking telescope at a great price for starting imaging, it goes against selling opportunity if you need to buy a cc to use it at nearly the same price as the telescope. Making it optional means it can be added later as funds allow.

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Hello & bumping an old thread, sorry 🙃... We have a stupid beginner question 😶

We have this iPhone mount but the thread is “female” as is the scope thread where the focus wheel goes in. So we need a Male to Male threaded adapter… What is the thread size in here... Looks about 45mm OD?





EDIT nevermind we realised the phone mount is a push fit OVER and not INSIDE the hole. We are v. stupid 😆

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