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Hi I have set up a webcam for my telescope.


The problem I have is on my laptop the view is a small circle due to the tunneling effect.


It' that small it' hard to see on my laptop.


Is there a way to fix this or is it a case of cropping/zooming once I've taken a image.


As you can se from my pic I've just aimed at a light in the house and this is how big my pic is on screen 


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Its a basic hd webcam with a webam telescope adapter I took the webam apart and removed the lense.


The adapter has a built in filter.


I then placed the webcam into my barlow.


Soon as I do this my screen pic shrinks like I'm taking a pic down a tube.


My telescope is a mede 60mm


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With that combination the Moon should fill the entire image.

Try using this field of view calculator . Select your telescope from the pull down lists or enter the focal length and aperture in the boxes. Also select an appropriate camera and object (solar system) and then press "Add to View". An image of the moon will appear overlaid with a box showing the field of view.

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I misread your original post. With the webcam's lens removed you should only see a blank grey image until it is inserted into the barlow, the webcam can't form an image without a lens. If the lens is attached the camera will see down the tube of the telescope (tunnel effect). It appears that the lens is still on the webcam.

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