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  1. Thanks I only took the front glass of not the lense. Took the lense of works great. Do I still need to use filters as normal
  2. Ok so have uploaded a video maybe someone can explain what I'm doing wrong 20180201_200854.mp4
  3. Its a basic hd webcam with a webam telescope adapter I took the webam apart and removed the lense. The adapter has a built in filter. I then placed the webcam into my barlow. Soon as I do this my screen pic shrinks like I'm taking a pic down a tube. My telescope is a mede 60mm And
  4. Hi I have set up a webcam for my telescope. The problem I have is on my laptop the view is a small circle due to the tunneling effect. It' that small it' hard to see on my laptop. Is there a way to fix this or is it a case of cropping/zooming once I've taken a image. As you can se from my pic I've just aimed at a light in the house and this is how big my pic is on screen
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