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  1. I use a Huawei media pad t5, cheapest tablet I could find with the minimum required RAM. Works well with the ASIair and works well as a tablet. I did come across a number of posts while looking for a tablet myself that suggested that you could get away with less RAM. But I decided to stick with the minimum specs myself. Looked into second hand tablets but in the end the price was right with the Huawei. It does everything I expected it to.
  2. Don't know to be honest I am a noob as far as guiding is concerned. The Asiair app needs the FL of the guidescope. Thanks Prusling, so from your results it looks like 180mm is nearer. I will attempt to plate solve and see what happens.
  3. Trying to work out the FL of the SW finder scope when used as a guidescope as I am using an Asiair Pro I need to input the FL of the guidescope. I have unscrewed the ep from the finder scope and attached a Zwo 120mm using the appropriate adaptor. I have read through a number of threads about the focal lenth of the finder scope and there seems to be some discussion as to whether the FL is 160mm or 180mm. It makes sense to me that the FL would be 180mm with the ep and 160mm with the camera. Can anyone confirm this please.
  4. You need to be careful about wifi range, not great on the asiair Pro and if it is attached to the scope tracking can cause the asiair to move out of range, or be blocked by scope. I have found much better performance after attaching the asiair to the mount on the side closest to the tablet. There are various little camera ball head clamps that enable this.
  5. No problems plate solving, very fast, polar align in under 10 minutes on a bad night using the inbuilt routine (platesolving). Not tried guiding with it yet, got a asi 120mm ready to go but not had a clear night and opportunity since I got the camera. Don't envisage any probs though
  6. Use my Asiair with a cannon 450d with no problems, not sure about powering the camera but controlling it is no problems as long as its on bulb setting as StevieDvd says, you are restricted to Zwo hardware for everything else but we'll worth it for ease of use IMHO. One quick tip, the focusing part of the ASIair ap doesn't work well with DSLRs so just stick a focusing mask on the scope and zoom in using the preview function to achieve focus. Got to say best bit of kit I have bought. Highly recommended.
  7. Clouds aren't scheduled to clear till midnight and I've got to be up at 5.30 to take the other half to work. Can't moan she's an NHS worker. They need all the help they can get at the mo.
  8. Bought a second hand 450D for £80, couldn't be happier, good to learn with until I get a dedicated astro cam and when it comes to getting it astro modded I won't be stressing out about it like I would be if it was a new camera.
  9. Thank you so much for your clear explanation johninderby. Been mulling over these for a couple of months and getting nowhere. Now just got to find one in stock.
  10. I would like to dip my toe in solar observation/imaging. So far I have come across three different types of 'clip on' filters with very little explanation of the difference between them. They are Bader Solar film Black polymer solar filter Type 2 glass solar filter Can anybody provide a simple explation of the differences. I'm using a 4" frac if it makes any difference.
  11. Thanks for your prompt reply. I was aware of this, just wondered by how much, i.e. will there be a noticeable effect and given my setup whether it was worth spending £200, or do I put the money in the piggy bank towards a better mount or a dedicated astro cam.
  12. Money is tight and I've been down many a wrong road persuing this wonderful frustrating hobby so I want to make sure I'm getting bang for my buck so to speak. I've got a couple of hundred quid to spend on astronomy and one of the items on my 'to buy' list is a reducer for my SW ed80. Currently using an EQ5, Canon 450D, ZWO 120mm through supplied SW finder scope for a guidescope all run from an Asiair Pro. Not too bothered about FOV at the moment (well not bothered enough to spend 200quid). Not too bothered about edge distortion (photshop crop). So given my current setup what practical difference can I expect between f7. 5 and f6. 37?
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