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  1. Thanks both, as I say it will not be used often, so a 1.25 will probably do, still might go for a dielectric, not sure what the practical difference is between 92% and 99%. One further connected question. I have seen finder scopes with diagonals, are the diagonals available on their own or do I need a new finder.?
  2. I'm looking for a cheap diagonal for my SW ED 80. Usually it is supplied with a 2" diagonal (i bought just the OTA). Given that all my EPs are 1.25" and I only want to have a quick squint when star aligning or a quick look at the moon can I get away with a 1.25" diagonal? What difference will there be over a 2".
  3. Thanks all for your help, this is my third 'restart' with astronomy, after a couple of breaks enforced by illness. Polar alignment still escapes me, but with some decent skies I shall crack on and get it sorted, practice makes perfect!
  4. It has a clock face with gradient markings and Cassiopeia. Just waiting for clouds to clear and then will attempt polar alignment again!
  5. Thanks for your reply, you are right about putting 6 at the top but there is also a diagram of Cassiopeia to help alignment, this is in completely the wrong place.
  6. I have one of the new type skywatcher polar scopes. When looking through my polar scope with the mount in the home position the display is upside down compared to the illustration in the manual and the graphic on the synscan innit app. The instructions say to rotate the RA axis to put the 0 displayed in the polar scope eyepiece to the highest (I.e.12 o'clock) position. This is impossible as the mount cannot rotate 180 degrees in RA. My fist thought is that the polar scope is upside down. Am I missing something and what do I unscrew to fix it. There are 3 or four Allen bolts plus a couple of little screws.
  7. Thanks both, new about raw/jpeg, just had brain malfunction too much information going in recently!
  8. Quick silly questions about my Canon 450d SRGB or Photoshop RGB (will be using Photoshop for processing). Should I be using noise reduction or does this lose too much signal. I know I've read the answers to these somewhere but I've done so much reading recently I can't remember where!
  9. Thanks all, going to have a look see tonight and see how well my mount tracks.
  10. Thanks David, I realise that conditions aren't the best for the next few months but the scope was a birthday present that I have been staring at the Flo site for a year or so I am itching to use it, plan to spend the summer months making sure kit works fine and improving basic skills such as polar alignment etc, just need a target to practice on so I can see if I am improving. I agree that's why I'm considering it, just wondered what would be best for my kit. Thanks both for your advice.
  11. While I wait a week or two for the clouds that came with my new imaging setup to clear, trying to get everything sorted. Not sure what to use as a first target. Looking for something that I can return to that will enable me to improve both imaging and post processing over time. I will be using a SW ED80 with a Canon 450D on an EQ5 unguided to begin with. I have ok skies but am in the middle of a new build housing estate overlooked by windows on three sides best views are from South to West. After consulting Stellarium I am thinking of either Bode's galaxy or the Pinwheel at the moment, does anybody have any other suggestions?
  12. Greetings from mid Norfolk.
  13. On Tuesday I received a nice parcel from those lovely people at FLO, a nice new SW ED80 DS Pro. Not been able to get out due to commitments but the sky has been nice and clear. Today my second hand Canon 450 arrived at about 12:30 and the clouds immediately started to roll in. Checked clear outside and it's going to be cloudy until Monday at least. Should have thrown the empty FLO boxes away! Seems to have taken a few days for the clouds to escape
  14. Every Photon Counts. Not put it down since it popped through my letter box at lunchtime, thought this was pushed too much on this forum, maybe due to the author being a member or maybe because it only seems to be available from FLO, the forum sponsor. I was wrong! Great read .
  15. I have come across a few on various astronomy store websites here is one at FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/telescope-bags-cases-storage/artesky-padded-carrying-bag-for-sky-watcher-eq5-heq5-eq6-az-eq6-az-eq5-mounts.html And various cases from RVO https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/telescope-eyepiece-cases.html
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