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another David from Kent (well not from Kent.. but i live here now)


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Hi all

I hope all are well and the sky's decloude really really soon (its most likely my fault as took delivery of several new scopes last Thursday)

Always had a fansanation in the night skys - comes from having had to navigate by them once or twice and the story telling capabilities of my Scout Leader.....

So what I am doing here...... well some of my Explorer Unit have decided that they'd like to start stargazing (the Unit is very scienfic ie they are alll radio amateurs etc any way) so I'm (very reluntantly - shame theres no emotion to text - i'm actually jumping for joy inside) having to learn with them! (yay!)

I'll most likely be a lurker - but hello to all.......

(FI I live just outside Tonbridge)


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all radio hams then ?Hey David join the list

enjoy the the forum and come in and pull up a chair its much nicer than lurking!

we've got all sorts of folk on here mate I ain't been registered more than a week and am besotted with the members on this forum it ranks as one of the best


Radioactive aka m1dnv

dah di dah

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:shock: :shock: :shock: Several new scopes!!!!! Don't you dare go skulking around in corners, :nono: come out into the bright open spaces of Stargazers lounge and send us some reports, as well as lots of questions.

Welcome to the forum David :lol::(


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