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Hello from Bicester


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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

I have had a passion for astronomy for some time. Since many years ago my father bought a telescope and I remember, distinctly, seeing Saturn and Jupiter for the first time with my own eyes. I don't think I shall ever forget that and from that day forth have always considered getting my own kit so that I can image some of the amazing sights the universe has to offer.

For now I am limited on time and with a home extension being built next year my wife would kill me for spending any of our savings on expensive shiny kit! I do however plan, maybe at the end of 2017 or early 2018 to start thinking about building a small observatory shed at the end of the garden. We are lucky enough to live in an area with minimal light pollution and a decent size garden!

My ultimate aim is to have a remote set up from inside the shed where I can take images in the warmth. I don't have any specific desire to specialise in DSO or planetary so will be aiming for a setup where I can get the best of both. As well as adding perhaps lunar and solar imaging at some point.

For now the imaging can wait until I can afford the kit to really go for it. I am however tempted to get a scope and mount it on a fairly simple alt-az mount for viewing, similar to what I used to use with my dad. The simplicity of those manual mounts appeals to me as a way to learn the skies and I feel that for me at least its important to master that before 'cheating' with a computerized mount and then guiding.

Seeing as I will eventually be mounting the scope on something like an NEQ6 sheltered inside a roofless shed I was thinking of something like a Skywatcher 250pds. I feel this would meet the longer term plan as well as being perfectly useable on a simpler mount until then. I haven't made a decision yet. Having read these forums on and off for some time, like many other hobbies there are so many choices and so many contradictory opinions that it only goes to increase confusion at times. That's only with the scope, when it comes to guide cameras, imaging cameras, lenses it gets worse!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, introduce myself and hopefully over the next 12 months learn a lot more and maybe be able to contribute to the forum.

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