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  1. I'm going to move to solar observing because as I get older staying awake is just too hard
  2. That's amazing. I always planned for a roll off roof obsi, but putting a small desk in the existing shed and the bird house idea looks brilliant!..... until I upgrade to a 16" dobsonian
  3. That sounds strangely familiar!!
  4. That's a great start! Not least because I can only recall about 3 clear nights in the last two months!
  5. I think it would he hard to have a general no go on classifieds as everyone's circumstances are different. I agree there should definitely be no collection only items as this is irresponsible on that part of both seller and buyer. Couriers have a responsibility to make sure they take precautions, which most seem to be. Any insurance issues will be down to the buyer and seller making sure they have appropriate cover. I think it's important to try as much as possible to keep the economy going, to a lesser extent the second hand market has a smaller role to play, but a role none
  6. Nice image. I had a play the night before last. This one was over exposed, but when I looked at it I kinda liked it.
  7. Yup. Definitely venus. Hard to really get a good look at when it's dark as it's so bright. Always best to look at when dusk. Well done getting a photo of it.
  8. Just had a skywatcher 150mm newt and EQ3-2 dropped off. Currently on loan until I've finished with it (indefinitely). Nice cheap way of making sure I can get into it without spending too much. It's got no EP's so I have just bought a couple of stock ones off eBay for now. It needs a good clean, although the mirrors are dust free and it will almost certainly will need collimating. I will bow to your greater knowledge when you say the EQ3 isn't sturdy enough, the thing weighs far more than I expected and would otherwise be hard to believe it isn't a rock! looking forward to gett
  9. After help with my last post I'm swinging between the Skywatcher Evostar 102 and the Bresser AR 102/1000. I am currently favouring the latter having read some reviews on here. At the moment I will be using it for visual and I am on a fairly tight budget. I do plan to set up a small observatory in the future and will look at upgrading to something like an NEQ6 to support the extra weight or even a whole new setup altogether. I'm in no rush to do this as I want to learn the skies and enjoy observing for now. My question is, for an interim mount for frac of this size would an EQ3-2 (Exo
  10. Starting to get a decent shortlist. Would it be worth adding the evostar 90 with eq3-2 mount? Small aperture, f10, seems like it would be good for viewing planets. The eq3-2 should be good enough to cope with any reasonable upgrade in future. Bare in mind this will always be my portable set up. My permanent one I can go far bigger and invest more money when I'm ready. I live in a dark location anyway.
  11. Either that or bite the bullet for something like an eq3-2? Over budget by a long way, but is it worth it?
  12. Skymax 102 on an eq2 mount is why of £250. Eq2 any better than the eq1?
  13. Thanks guys. Just to clarify I'm not fussed by seeing DSO's at all for a portable scope. I will save that for when I get a proper imaging set up. If it's an all rounder, then great, but planets and lunar would be the main use. As for portability i do want small. A 200 reflector is probably at the limit for size.
  14. Hey all. I have a plan for an observatory in the back garden, hopefully starting in a year or two. That will be set up mainly for imaging. But I need something to keep me going until then In in the meantime I would like to get a fairly basic telescope for viewing. I won't be imaging with it. I want something portable, so when I have the obsy set up I still have something small to take to friends houses. I also want it basic enough to teach a young child with Price wise i am I am looking at the couple of hundred pound mark. I don't want to spend much more in case I d
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